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Top Engineering Quotes

Engineering Quotes By Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

Decades of behavioral blunders and ill-conceived marriages and businesses run amok had left next to nothing by the time Leonard was in high school. He'd wangled himself an engineering scholarship to Cornell and then a job with Dow Chemical during a time he referred to, reverently, as the Dawn of the Absorbency Revolution. — Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

Engineering Quotes By Neal Shusterman

He only wishes there were something that would heal the scars in his mind, which he can still feel. He sees his mind now as an archipelago of islands that he labors to build bridges between - and while he's had great success engineering the most spectacular of bridges, he suspects there are some islands that he'll never reach. — Neal Shusterman

Engineering Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

I think of modern marriage as a car strangely fashioned out of an old abandoned horse carriage, built upon the framework of a mule cart. All the original engineering is still there, underneath it all. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Engineering Quotes By Bill Laswell

Engineering producers who don't play and have technology as a background may be the reason why there's a lot of cold non-musical music, for lack of a better description. — Bill Laswell

Engineering Quotes By John Holt

Not long after the book came out I found myself being driven to a meeting
by a professor of electrical engineering in the graduate school I of MIT. He said that after reading the book he realized that his graduate students were using on him, and had used for the ten years and more he had been teaching there, all the evasive strategies I described in the book - mumble, guess-and-look, take a wild guess and see what happens, get the teacher to answer his own questions, etc.
But as I later realized, these are the games that all humans play when others
are sitting in judgment on them. — John Holt

Engineering Quotes By Braam Malherbe

There were endless stories locked into the silent, cool mass of the Wall, so many memories of stories of so long ago, now only to be imagined. What an incredible feat of human imagination and engineering. A real tribute to visionary and tenacious (if tyrannical) leaders who held a nation together with a common goal, from dynasty to dynasty over the many centuries. — Braam Malherbe

Engineering Quotes By Ted Chiang

Yet through their endeavor, men would glimpse the unimaginable artistry of Yahweh's work, in seeing how ingeniously the world had been constructed. By this construction, Yahweh's work was indicated, and Yahweh's work was concealed. — Ted Chiang

Engineering Quotes By Duke Of Wellington

Today when a man gets married he gets a home, a housekeeper, a cook, a cheering squad and another paycheck. When a woman marries, she gets a boarder. To define it rudely but not ineptly, engineering is the art of doing that well with one dollar, which any bungler can do with two after a fashion. — Duke Of Wellington

Engineering Quotes By Hugh Ross

The optimization of cosmic darkness and of Earth's location within the dark universe that sacrifices neither the material needs of human beings nor their capacity to gain knowledge about the universe reflects masterful engineering at a level far beyond human capability- and even imagination. It testifies of a supernatural, superintelligent, superpowerful, fully deliberate Creator. — Hugh Ross

Engineering Quotes By Susan Wojcicki

Let's face it: Engineering companies in general have more men than women. Google has tried really hard to recruit women. On the other hand, we have a standard. Google tries to recruit the best engineers. — Susan Wojcicki

Engineering Quotes By Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

To his and everybody else's way of thinking, you should build a house with your own hands before you start talking about being an engineer. — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Engineering Quotes By Colin Powell

My two Jamaican cousins ... were studying engineering. 'That's where the money is,' Mom advised ... I was to be an engineering major, despite my allergy to science and math ... Those who preceded me at CCNY include the polio vaccine discoverer, Dr. Jonas Salk ... and eight Nobel Prize winners ... In class, I stumbled through math, fumbled through physics, and did reasonably well in, and even enjoyed, geology. All I ever looked forward to was ROTC.
Autobiographical comments on his original reason for going to the City College of New York, where he shortly turned to his military career. — Colin Powell

Engineering Quotes By Thales

I will be sufficiently rewarded if when telling it to others you will not claim the discovery as your own, but will say it was mine. — Thales

Engineering Quotes By Fritjof Capra

Leonardo did not pursue science and engineering in order to dominate nature, as Francis Bacon would advocate a century later, but always tried to learn as much as possible from nature. He was in awe of the beauty he saw in the complexity of natural forms, patterns, and processes, and aware that nature's ingenuity was far superior to human design. Accordingly, he often used natural processes and structures as models for his own designs. — Fritjof Capra

Engineering Quotes By Arthur Erickson

Our engineering departments build freeways which destroy a city or a landscape, in the process. — Arthur Erickson

Engineering Quotes By Henry Petroski

I was always told that I was good in mathematics, and I guess my grades and standardized test scores supported that. My worst subjects were those that generally involved a lot of reading - English and history. So, having good test scores in math and mediocre ones in reading, I was naturally advised to major in engineering in college. — Henry Petroski

Engineering Quotes By Anonymous

Innovation can also increase risk, new things always do; therefore the engineering teams must understand that with freedom comes responsibility, ownership and accountability for the new stuff they produce and/or implement. — Anonymous

Engineering Quotes By Vartan Gregorian

That is the future, and it is probably nearer than we think. But our primary problem as universities is not engineering that future. We must rise above the obsession with quantity of information and speed of transmission, and recognize that the key issue for us is our ability to organize this information once it has been amassed - to assimilate it, find meaning in it, and assure its survival for use by generations to come. — Vartan Gregorian

Engineering Quotes By Thomas Sowell

If you start from a belief that the most knowledgeable person on earth does not have even one percent of the total knowledge on earth, that shoots down social engineering, economic central planning, judicial activism and innumerable other ambitious notions favored by the political left. — Thomas Sowell

Engineering Quotes By John McAfee

I was one of the first practitioners of social engineering as a hacking technique, and today it is my only tool of use, aside from a smartphone - in a purely white hat sort of way. But if you don't trust me, then ask any reasonably competent social engineer. — John McAfee

Engineering Quotes By Srinivas Shenoy

You Don't Deserve to be called as an Engineer, if you feel bored when others talk about Technology. — Srinivas Shenoy

Engineering Quotes By Isaac Asimov

The advance of genetic engineering makes it quite conceivable that we will begin to design our own evolutionary progress. — Isaac Asimov

Engineering Quotes By Bonnie Raitt

Especially girls, but any kids exposed to music programs and arts programs do much better on their tests. They have a better chance of going to college. They can focus better. You know, we're not just automatons learning how to work machines and do engineering and math and science. All of that's great, but you've got to build a whole person. — Bonnie Raitt

Engineering Quotes By Kit Bond

I pointed out on the floor last year, after Hurricane Katrina, we were very proud that one of our National Guard engineering battalions was called to Louisiana. And they did a magnificent job. — Kit Bond

Engineering Quotes By Daniel L. Doctoroff

I believe that Detroit has a terrific geographic position. It still is a hub of one of the most important industries in the world. There's incredible engineering and other talent. — Daniel L. Doctoroff

Engineering Quotes By Marc Andreessen

It's hard to do that with people who think emotionally. A lot of people think in terms of people, emotions, and feelings. That's more complicated. Engineering mentality makes it, in theory, a little easier. — Marc Andreessen

Engineering Quotes By Cory Arcangel

Engineering is a creative practice. — Cory Arcangel

Engineering Quotes By Erik Naggum

A system needs to be alive and workable even when other people than the first enthusiasts start using it. Reinvention and revolution are enthusiast stuff. Invention and evolution are engineering. — Erik Naggum

Engineering Quotes By Cory Doctorow

We don't care about what you did yesterday - we care about what you're going to do tomorrow. — Cory Doctorow

Engineering Quotes By Kathy Reichs

It takes analytical skills worthy of a degree in civil engineering to understand when and where one is allowed to leave a car in Montreal. — Kathy Reichs

Engineering Quotes By James S.A. Corey

She sat at the dining table, a steaming mug of tea in front of her, a distant look in her eyes. Holden couldn't tell if she was melancholy or solving a complex engineering problem in her head. Those looks were confusingly similar. — James S.A. Corey

Engineering Quotes By Douglas Brinkley

Do we pour $40 billion into grandiose Louisiana engineering projects or do we instead put up no trespassing- signs in the areas below sea level? All are hard choices with various merits and pains. The important thing, however, is for America to decide whether the current policy of inaction is really the way we want to deal with the worst natural disaster in our history. — Douglas Brinkley

Engineering Quotes By Theo Jansen

The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds. — Theo Jansen

Engineering Quotes By Henry Petroski

Failure is Central to engineering. Every single calculation that an engineer makes is a failure calculation. — Henry Petroski

Engineering Quotes By Ashlee Vance

Page holds Musk up as a model he wishes others would emulate - a figure that should be replicated during a time in which the businessmen and politicians have fixated on short-term, inconsequential goals. "I don't think we're doing a good job as a society deciding what things are really important to do," Page said. "I think like we're just not educating people in this kind of general way. You should have a pretty broad engineering and scientific background. You should have some leadership training and a bit of MBA training or knowledge of how to run things, organize stuff, and raise money. I don't think most people are doing that, and it's a big problem. Engineers are usually trained in a very fixed area. When you're able to think about all of these disciplines together, you kind of think differently and can dream of much crazier things and how they might work. I think that's really an important thing for the world. That's how we make progress. — Ashlee Vance

Engineering Quotes By Angelo Tsanatelis

I think they are a better race than humans ever were. — Angelo Tsanatelis

Engineering Quotes By George Saunders

I started out in engineering. I was a geophysical engineer. Throughout the course of my life I've done a lot of strange jobs, and the effect has been to make me think a little more skeptically about our capitalist society. — George Saunders

Engineering Quotes By Gerald M. Weinberg

Separation of function is not to be despised, but neither should it be exalted. Separation is not an unbreakable law, but a convenience for overcoming inadequate human abilities, whether in science or engineering. As D'Arcy Thompson, one of the spiritual fathers of the general systems movement, said: As we analyze a thing into its parts or into its properties, we tend to magnify these, to exaggerate their apparent independence, and to hide from ourselves (at least for a time) the essential integrity and individuality of the composite whole. We divided the body into its organs, the skeleton into its bones, as in very much the same fashion we make a subjective analysis of the mind, according to the teaching of psychology, into component factors: but we know very well that judgement and knowledge, courage or gentleness, love or fear, have no separate existence, but are somehow mere manifestations, or imaginary coefficients, of a most complex integral.10 The — Gerald M. Weinberg

Engineering Quotes By Henry Petroski

Engineering, like poetry, is an attempt to approach perfection. And engineers, like poets, are seldom completely satisfied with their creations. They notice, even if no one else does, the world that is not quite le mot juste, or the hairline crack that blemishes the structure. — Henry Petroski

Engineering Quotes By Kit Habianic

Beneath Albright's office, the colliery sprawled across the hillside, red brick buildings scattered as though hurled from a great height, a hotchpotch of mismatched structures spattered on the valley floor. At the bottom stood the winding house, wheels motionless, above it, the engineering sheds and workshops, canteen and bath house. All lay empty. No buzz and hum of machinery. No voices raised in laughter or dispute. Gwyn found it unsettling: his lads had been out a month and a half and already the power had drained from the place. In the stillness, he caught the echo of footsteps. The crunch of boots on gravel. Generations of long-gone Pritchards clocking in and out. He was bound to Blackthorn by the coal that clogged his veins and by a bond of duty. The strike left him as diminished as his pit, day dragging after idle day. — Kit Habianic

Engineering Quotes By L. Sprague De Camp

The story of civilization is, in a sense, the story of engineering - that long and arduous struggle to make the forces of nature work for man's good. — L. Sprague De Camp

Engineering Quotes By Philippe Petit

I am fascinated by the engineering. The science of constructing and understanding why it stands. And I am drawn by the madness, the beauty, the theatricality, the poetry and soul of the wire. And you cannot be a wire-walker without mingling those two ways of seeing life. — Philippe Petit

Engineering Quotes By Theodore J. Hoover

Engineering is the professional and systematic application of science to the efficient utilization of natural resources to produce wealth. — Theodore J. Hoover

Engineering Quotes By John Berger

Malevich, Lissitsky, Kandinsky, Tatlin, Pevsner, Rodchenko ... all believed in the social role of art ... Their works were like hinged doors, connecting activity with activity. Art with engineering; music with painting; poetry with design; fine art with propaganda; photographs with typography; diagrams with action; the studio with the street ... — John Berger

Engineering Quotes By Brian Lawley

Engineering-driven companies falsely assume that because they build it, the industry will magically become aware and be willing to buy it. — Brian Lawley

Engineering Quotes By Theodore Sturgeon

Reality isn't the most pleasant of atmospheres, Lieutenant. But we like to think we're engineered for it. It's a pretty fine piece of engineering, the kind an engineer can respect. Drag in an obsession and reality can't tolerate it. Something has to give; if reality goes, your fine piece of engineering is left with nothing to operate on. Nothing it was designed to operate on. So it operates badly. So kick the obsession out; start functioning the way you were designed to function. — Theodore Sturgeon

Engineering Quotes By Dan Shechtman

My childhood dream was to study mechanical engineering. After reading 'The Mysterious Island' - which I read 25 times as a boy - I thought that was the best thing a person could do. The engineer in the book knows mechanics and physics, and he creates a whole way of life on the island out of nothing. I wanted to be like that. — Dan Shechtman

Engineering Quotes By Jeremy Clarkson

[A Bugatti Veyron is] quite the most stunning piece of automotive engineering ever created ... At a stroke then, the Veyron has rendered everything I've ever said about any other car obsolete. It's rewritten the rule book, moved the goalposts and in the process, given Mother Nature a bloody nose. — Jeremy Clarkson

Engineering Quotes By Noam Chomsky

There are still thousands of people dying every year in Laos, mostly children and farmers, from unexploded anti-personnel ordnance that the U.S. simply saturated much of the land with, especially in the Plain of Jars. There actually is a British engineering team trying to remove some of these things, which are much worse than land mines. — Noam Chomsky

Engineering Quotes By Richard J. Roberts

Modern genetic engineering makes producing GMO food products relatively easy. GMOs can improve crop yield and greatly enhance the nutritional value of those same crops. — Richard J. Roberts

Engineering Quotes By John McPhee

the editor-in-chief of Screw Machine Engineering, a magazine whose name a hyphen would have improved. In — John McPhee

Engineering Quotes By Hideo Kojima

Genetic engineering is a result of science advancement, so I don't think that in itself is bad. If used wisely, genetics can be beneficial, but they can be abused, too. — Hideo Kojima

Engineering Quotes By Larry Ellison

I have run engineering since day one at Oracle, and I still run engineering. I hold meetings every week with the database team, the middle ware team, the applications team. I run engineering and I will do that until the board throws me out of there. — Larry Ellison

Engineering Quotes By Ken Auletta

There's a bias on hiring the best engineers wherever they come from. It does seem like a lot of the non-engineering execs come from Ivy League schools, as is true in much of corporate America and government. — Ken Auletta

Engineering Quotes By Caterina Scorsone

It wasn't the 'miracle of engineering' that is the human body that was filling me with a mad desire to live my days and nights in a pair of scrubs. The hard truth was I did not remotely want to be a surgeon. I actually just wanted to be on 'Grey's Anatomy.' — Caterina Scorsone

Engineering Quotes By Charlie Munger

Proper accounting is like engineering. You need a margin of safety. Thank God we don't design bridges and airplanes the way we do accounting. — Charlie Munger

Engineering Quotes By Aristotle.

Hippocrates is an excellent geometer but a complete fool in everyday affairs. — Aristotle.

Engineering Quotes By Leslie R. Groves

Many of the men we wanted were used to living in cities or near large metropolitan areas and were a bit dubious about the prospects of life in a remote, sparsely populated area. We had somewhat similar trouble with the engineering people, although they were not so concerned at being isolated. — Leslie R. Groves

Engineering Quotes By Francis Crick

Trying to determine the structure of a protein by UV spectroscopy was like trying to determine the structure of a piano by listening to the sound it made while being dropped down a flight of stairs. — Francis Crick

Engineering Quotes By George W. Bush

We may discover resources on the moon or Mars that will boggle the imagination, that will test our limits to dream. And the fascination generated by further exploration will inspire our young people to study math, and science, and engineering and create a new generation of innovators and pioneers. — George W. Bush

Engineering Quotes By Leon Kass

We may simply not be wise enough to do some of the kinds of engineering things that people are talking about doing. — Leon Kass

Engineering Quotes By Christian Cantrell

The fewer moving parts, the better." "Exactly. No truer words were ever spoken in the context of engineering. — Christian Cantrell

Engineering Quotes By Scott A. Minnich

Molecular machines display a key signature or hallmark of design, namely, irreducible complexity. In all irreducibly complex systems in which the cause of the system is known by experience or observation, intelligent design or engineering played a role in the origin of the system ... We find such systems within living organisms. — Scott A. Minnich

Engineering Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

Then it's a matter of troubleshooting, grasping the bull by the horns, seizing the nettle, coping and hoping, damning torpedoes and trying any old thing. — Kim Stanley Robinson

Engineering Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Companies want to innovate. Companies that don't innovate wither on the vine. The connection between STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the financial stability of a nation is what needs to established. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Engineering Quotes By Walter Isaacson

Innovation requires having at least three things: a great idea, the engineering talent to execute it, and the business savvy (plus deal-making moxie) to turn it into a successful product. — Walter Isaacson

Engineering Quotes By Nathanael West

All these things were part of the business of dreams. He had learned not to laugh at the advertisements offering to teach writing, cartooning, engineering, to add inches to the biceps and to develop the bust — Nathanael West

Engineering Quotes By Ann Zwinger

A beaver does not, as legend would have it, know which direction the tree will fall when he cuts it, but counts on alacrity to make up for lack of engineering expertise. — Ann Zwinger

Engineering Quotes By Jewel Spears Brooker

The Stetson passage is an allusion to Frazer theory in The Golden Bough that religion originated as agricultural engineering. Through a grotesque process of literalization, all of the dying gods and heroes in The Golden Bough, along with Christ and the Fisher King, are transferred from mythic to modern consciousness ( Frazer himself was an unabashed positivist) to be made explicable in scientific terms as fertilizer. — Jewel Spears Brooker

Engineering Quotes By Richard Dawkins

The present Luddism over genetic engineering may die a natural death as the computer-illiterate generation is superseded ... I fear that, if the green movement's high-amplitude warnings over GMOs turn out to be empty, people will be dangerously disinclined to listen to other and more serious warnings. — Richard Dawkins

Engineering Quotes By Henry Doss

Policy makers and politicians want more STEM; educators want more STEAM. Both, in ways that are eerily similar, are engaging in social engineering to support an ideology. At the macro-level, in both worlds, it's all about teaching a point of view, rather than teaching students to learn. We seem hell bent on an arbitrarily linear approach to engineering a "useful" or job-securing education, from which we continue to get mixed results. — Henry Doss

Engineering Quotes By Octavia E. Butler

If vampires were a separate species, and they were into genetic engineering, what would they engineer for? — Octavia E. Butler

Engineering Quotes By Donald A. Norman

Too many companies believe that all they must do is provide a 'neat' technology or some 'cool' product or, sometimes, just good, solid engineering. Nope. All of those are desirable (and solid engineering is a must), but there is much more to a successful product than that: understanding how the product is to be used, design, engineering, positioning, marketing, branding-all matter. It requires designing the Total User Experience. — Donald A. Norman

Engineering Quotes By Bill Gates

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. — Bill Gates

Engineering Quotes By James S.A. Corey

It had been the most complex, difficult feat of mass-scale engineering humanity had ever accomplished until the next thing they did. — James S.A. Corey

Engineering Quotes By Ruth Ozeki

By the time we, consumers, are aware of processes like genetic engineering, they're already being done. It's sort of like the war in Iraq: By the time we know about it, it's almost a fait accompli. And that's certainly true with science. — Ruth Ozeki

Engineering Quotes By Peter Shaffer

Worship isn't destructive, Martin. I know that.
I don't. I only know it's the core of his life. What else has he got? He can hardly read. He knows no physics or engineering to make to world real for him. No paintings to show him how others have enjoyed it. No music except television jingles. No history except tales from a desperate mother. No friends. Not one kid to give him a joke, or make him know himself more moderately. He's a modern citizen for whom society doesn't exist. — Peter Shaffer

Engineering Quotes By Dan Ariely

One fall day in Boston, a tall mechanical engineering student named Joe entered the student union at Harvard University. He was all ambition and acne — Dan Ariely

Engineering Quotes By Janet Evanovich

No one expected a first year engineering student to build the perfect bridge. — Janet Evanovich

Engineering Quotes By Elon Musk

The path to the CEO's office should not be through the CFO's office, and it should not be through the marketing department. It needs to be through engineering and design. — Elon Musk

Engineering Quotes By Norbert Wiener

Communication engineering began with Gauss, Wheatstone, and the first telegraphers. — Norbert Wiener

Engineering Quotes By Kevin Lynch

A wide variety of devices beyond personal computers are arriving, many of which will be used to browse the Web ... The Flash engineering team has taken this on with a major overhaul of the mainstream Flash Player for a variety of devices. — Kevin Lynch

Engineering Quotes By K. Eric Drexler

Protein engineering is a technology of molecular machines - of molecular machines that are part of replicators - and so it comes from an area that already raises some of the issues that nanotechnology will raise. — K. Eric Drexler

Engineering Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Science, enabled by engineering, empowered by NASA, tells us not only that we are in the universe but that the universe is in us. And for me, that sense of belonging elevates, not denigrates, the ego. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Engineering Quotes By Richard Hamming

Put glibly:
In science if you know what you are doing you should not be doing it.
In engineering if you do not know what you are doing you should not be doing it.
Of course, you seldom, if ever, see either pure state. — Richard Hamming

Engineering Quotes By Joe Manganiello

I went to a school that's predominantly computer science and engineering. So, there's a real shortage of hot girls, let's say. — Joe Manganiello

Engineering Quotes By Yanni Alexander Loukissas

Aldus Barnes, a structural engineer by training and member of the Advanced Geometry Unit (AGU) at Arup, has formed many successful collaborations and earned a prominent place for himself in architecture by adopting the language and skills of architects. "Talk in terms of texture and density, instead of torsion and shear. That way they don't think you are just another nerd," Barnes advises the young members of his team. — Yanni Alexander Loukissas

Engineering Quotes By Canvass White

The sand should be neither coarse nor fine but of a middling quality or about the size of the common pop(p)y seed. If the sand is too coarse the mortar will be short or brittle ... If the sand is too fine the cement will shrink and crack after it has been used. — Canvass White

Engineering Quotes By Louis O. Kelso

Full employment is a socially hazardous goal. In effect, it aspires to restore through political expedients the pre-industrial state of toil that science, engineering, technology and modern management are pledged to overcome. — Louis O. Kelso

Engineering Quotes By Steve Keen

The fallacy that dynamic processes must be modeled as if the system is in continuous equilibrium is probably the most important reason for the intellectual failure of neoclassical economics. Mathematics, science and engineering developed tools long ago to model outside of equilibrium processes. This dynamic approach to thinking about the economy should become second nature to economists. — Steve Keen

Engineering Quotes By James Lovelock

I suspect any worries about genetic engineering may be unnecessary. Genetic mutations have always happened naturally, anyway. — James Lovelock

Engineering Quotes By Kevin Mitnick

The key to social engineering is influencing a person to do something that allows the hacker to gain access to information or your network. — Kevin Mitnick

Engineering Quotes By Ove Arup

Engineering is not a science. Science studies particular events to find general laws. Engineering design makes use of the laws to solve particular practical problems. In this it is more closely related to art or craft. — Ove Arup

Engineering Quotes By Samuel Florman

Engineering is the art or science of making practical. — Samuel Florman

Engineering Quotes By Janet Echelman

I never studied sculpture, engineering or architecture. In fact, after college I applied to seven art schools and was rejected by all seven. — Janet Echelman

Engineering Quotes By William Gibson

When you want to know how things really work, study them when they're coming apart. — William Gibson

Engineering Quotes By Bill Gates

Software is definitely engineering. It's different in that we take on novel tasks every time. It's not like building a certain bridge that is virtually identical to some previous bridge or some previous building. — Bill Gates

Engineering Quotes By Stewart Brand

Since the soon-to-be outnumber the living; since the living have greater impact on the unborn than ever before thanks to depletion of natural systems, atmospheric disruption, toxic residue, burgeoning technology, global markets, genetic engineering, and sheer population numbers; since our scientific and historic understandings now comfortably examine processes embracing eons; and now that our plan-ahead horizon has shrunk to five years or less - it would seem that a grave disconnect is in progress. Our everhastier decisions and actions do not respond to our long-term understanding, or to the gravity of responsibility we bear. "The — Stewart Brand

Engineering Quotes By Marvin Ammori

A report released by the Partnership for a New American Economy and the Partnership for New York City predicts that by 2018, there will be 800,000 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs in the United States that require a master's degree or higher - and only around 550,000 American-graduates with this training. — Marvin Ammori

Engineering Quotes By John Sandford

copy of an aerial photo from the engineering department. — John Sandford