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Besides, I always feel safer when I've got words against my heart. — Zoe Trope

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Sometimes every word i write is 'love' but the letters are rearranged, the sounds are different. all the words are red. — Zoe Trope

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Instead of eating too much, I'm thinking too much and I need to throw up some of these thoughts before something vile happens. — Zoe Trope

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I'm not worried about the future as much as I'm worried about the past. About keeping my memories real and not sacrificing them to match the present. — Zoe Trope

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I think the only necessary conclusion is that we are too beautiful, because being not beautiful at all just doesn't make sense. — Zoe Trope

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Don't you love my idealism? My hypocrisy? My willingness to sound as loving and naive as possible? At least I know that I don't know anything at all. I can admit it. Can you? Can you look yourself in the mirror in the morning and admit that you are no different from every other bundle of bones on this planet? And maybe the only things that make you different are your hands, the way you touch things, and what happens to them. — Zoe Trope

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I still feel like I'm jumping on an elevator
weightless and pulled down at the same time. — Zoe Trope

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If you take off your clothes, you will find more clothes. — Zoe Trope

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I feel like she could drown me in a spoonful of water or crush me with her fingernail clippings. I realize I have no chance. — Zoe Trope

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apathy is a disease and some days i long for it. — Zoe Trope