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Top Center Stage 2 Quotes

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Yay Padua-Olmedo

Anyone who is in Christ is strategically positioned to win the most coveted award in this business called life. He doesn't want you playing itty-bitty roles. He wants bright lights in your dressing room, and the spotlight trained on you as you take the center stage. — Yay Padua-Olmedo

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Cancercenter

The Comprehensive Cancer Center has a few stage one and stage two studies in advancement. We effectively take an interest in clinical trials which gives us access to the most up to date medicates that can be utilized for our patients' advantage. — Cancercenter

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Fred Rogers

A high school student wrote to ask, "What was the greatest event in American history?" I can't say. However, I suspect that like so many "great" events, it was something very simple and very quiet with little or no fanfare (such as someone forgiving someone else for a deep hurt that eventually changed the course of history). The really important "great" things are never center stage of life's dramas; they're always "in the wings". That's why it's so essential for us to be mindful of the humble and the deep rather than the flashy and the superficial. — Fred Rogers

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Sascha Radetsky

I hadn't really thought about doing any acting at all post-'Center Stage.' — Sascha Radetsky

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Lady Gaga

I'm the lady by day, and I'm Gaga by night. And I'm always going to be that way, because it's a testament to your discipline as a musician. I do like to drink, I like to get crazy, I like to go out with my friends, and I like to sing rock and roll. I used to go-go dance! And I like to be inspired by young artists, people like Millie who are outrageously hard, disciplined individuals. But at the end of the day I'm a classically trained pianist and I'm a singer, and that's what allows the girl that goes out at night to also go on stage with Tony Bennett at Lincoln Center. Because I know how to do it. — Lady Gaga

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Zadie Smith

Maybe there will always be men who say the right thing at the right time, who step forward like Thespis at just the right moment of history, and then there will be men like Archie Jones, who are just there to make up the numbers. Or, worse still, who are given their big break only to come in on cue and die a death right there, center stage, for all to see. — Zadie Smith

Center Stage 2 Quotes By John Waters

Sometimes you have to recycle celebrities to make them interesting, and they can be even better the second time around. Case in point: the fabulous and talented Miss Joey Heatherton, star of stage, screen, Vegas and mattress commercials. Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to wake up one day and be Joey Heatherton. On July 8, 1985, it must not have felt so hot. Joey, goddess, was detained in the U.S. passport office at Rockefeller Center for allegedly becoming abusive at not receiving special treatment in the passport line. Supposedly, she threw a tantrum, grabbed passport-office clerk, Mary Polik, tore her hair out and smashed her head against the Formica counter. Oh, well, nobody's perfect. — John Waters

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Kimberlee Roth

Parentified children learn to take responsibility for themselves and others early on. They tend to fade into the woodwork and let others take center stage. This extends into adulthood - adult children may put others' needs before their own. They may have difficulty accepting care and attention. — Kimberlee Roth

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Fred Rogers

I feel that the real drama of life is never center stage, it's always in the wings. It's never with the spotlight on, it's usually something that you don't expect at all. — Fred Rogers

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Franklin Foer

Soccer's appeal lay in its opposition to the other popular sports. For children of the sixties, there was something abhorrent about enrolling kids in American football, a game where violence wasn't just incidental but inherent. They didn't want to teach the acceptability of violence, let alone subject their precious children to the risk of physical maiming. Baseball, where each batter must stand center stage four or five times a game, entailed too many stressful, potentially ego-deflating encounters. Basketball, before Larry Bird's prime, still had the taint of the ghetto.
But soccer represented something very different. It was a tabula rasa, a sport onto which a generation of parents could project their values. Quickly, soccer came to represent the fundamental tenets of yuppie parenting, the spirit of Sesame Street and Dr. Benjamin Spock. — Franklin Foer

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Vernor Vinge

The problem is not simply that the Singularity represents the passing of humankind from center stage, but that it contradicts our most deeply held notions of being. — Vernor Vinge

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Mike Bickle

The Protestant wing of the western church, which is a tiny percentage of the Body of Christ, is nearly completely (98%) unaware that the Holy Spirit is restoring contemplative prayer-center stage-to the church The Holy Spirit is restoring this precious jewel (contemplative prayer) to the body of Christ. This is the God ordained means of attaining the fullness of God. — Mike Bickle

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Zoe Saldana

The biggest battle that I have is being a woman in the world. That takes center stage for me. — Zoe Saldana

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Ray Bradbury

Stage 13 was, then, a toy shop, a magic chest, a sorcerer's trunk, a trick manufactory, and an aerial hangar of dreams at the center of which Roy stood each day, waving his long piano fingers at mythic beasts to stir them, whispering, in the ten-billion-year slumbers. — Ray Bradbury

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Sheila Walsh

You might categorize your own fear as anxiety. But while the reality of fear is different for each of us, one thing remains constant: fear robs us of joy. When fear takes center stage, we find it impossible to live in the "what is" because of the "what might be. — Sheila Walsh

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Cass Canfield

A publisher should always be on the receiving end. He should take an interest in almost any subject and remain anonymous, letting the author take center stage. — Cass Canfield

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Viet Thanh Nguyen

His arrogance marked something new in the world, for this was the first war where the losers would write history instead of the victors, courtesy of the most efficient propaganda machine ever created (with all due respect to Joseph Goebbels and the Nazis, who never achieved global domination). Hollywood's high priests understood innately the observation of Milton's Satan, that it was better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven, better to be a villain, loser, or antihero than virtuous extra, so long as one commanded the bright lights of center stage. In this forthcoming Hollywood trompe l'oeil, all the Vietnamese of any side would come out poorly, herded into the roles of the poor, the innocent, the evil, or the corrupt. Our fate was not to be merely mute; we were to be struck dumb. — Viet Thanh Nguyen

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Willis Earl Beal

I would much rather not be the center of attention, and I'd much rather travel and be writing my novel, rather than standing on a stage and trying to get people to understand something. — Willis Earl Beal

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Kate Christensen

In literature, older women are not often given center stage. — Kate Christensen

Center Stage 2 Quotes By James Trefil

For almost half a century, Fermilab has occupied center stage as physicists have sought to understand the fundamental structure of the universe. The lab deserves a good history, and I'm happy to say that in this book it has one. The authors present a compelling, nuanced, and richly detailed account of the place from its beginnings to the present. — James Trefil

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Chris Bailey

I've already revealed my favorite way to get in touch with my future self: through the Rule of 3. In the Rule of 3, your future self takes center stage. By mentally fast-forwarding to the end of the day and thinking about what you want to accomplish, you activate the planning centers in your prefrontal cortex, while you also step into the shoes of your future self. And you do the same when you plan out your three accomplishments at the start of every week. — Chris Bailey

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Bill Scott

He seems to want confrontation not only with the legislature and with the other elected officials, but he wants constant confrontation in order to be center stage on the television screen. — Bill Scott

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Erin Morgenstern

And yet I cannot be myself. You teach me all these things and then you put me here to pretend to be something I am not, while she is center stage, doing exactly what she does. — Erin Morgenstern

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Taylor Swift

One element of Madonna's career that really takes center stage is how many times she's reinvented herself. It's easier to stay in one look, one comfort zone, one musical style. It's inspiring to see someone whose only predictable quality is being unpredictable. — Taylor Swift

Center Stage 2 Quotes By N. T. Wright

To begin with, you have to grasp the fact that Christian virtue isn't about you - your happiness, your fulfillment, your self-realization. It's about God and God's kingdom, and your discovery of a genuine human existence by the paradoxical route - the route God himself took in Jesus Christ! - of giving yourself away, of generous love which constantly refuses to take center stage. — N. T. Wright

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Michio Kaku

We have learned more about the brain in the last fifteen years than in all prior human history, and the mind, once considered out of reach, is finally assuming center stage. — Michio Kaku

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Steve Largent

This years keynote session is a clear reminder that wireless data technology is expanding its reach beyond that of an alternative to wireline telephony. We have gathered an exclusive group of business leaders to share how wireless is being integrated into their companys business strategies and what it means for their bottom lines. The presence of these telecom, media and entertainment giants on our center stage is a great indicator of the impact wireless data has made on countless industries, — Steve Largent

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Sascha Radetsky

'Center Stage' reached people that, as live performers, we would have never had the opportunity to reach. — Sascha Radetsky

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Marlee Matlin

I began acting on stage when I was 7 years old. My first role was as Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz' at Chicago's Center on Deafness in Northbrook, Illinois. — Marlee Matlin

Center Stage 2 Quotes By Chris Pine

I think the great thing about the Jack Ryan films is that the plot and the story always take center stage. If you've done your job as the actor portraying Jack Ryan, you are present enough to make an impact, but you let the story shine. — Chris Pine