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Top Bulking Quotes

Bulking Quotes By Jessica Stroup

Circuit training is a great way to go. Keeping the reps high and the weight low, you'll tone your muscles without bulking up. — Jessica Stroup

Bulking Quotes By Lily Aldridge

I think it's really important to mix cardio with toning, so I love boxing and then add in Pilates or ballet to keep me long and lean and avoid bulking up. — Lily Aldridge

Bulking Quotes By Clay Shirky

Multi-taskers often think they are like gym rats, bulking up their ability to juggle tasks, when in fact they are like alcoholics, degrading their abilities through over-consumption. — Clay Shirky

Bulking Quotes By J.R. Rain

I opened the bag of Oreos and commenced my training, bulking up with one Oreo after another. I washed them down with swigs from the bottle of scotch, as a real man should. When I was tired of the Oreos, after about the thirtieth, I took out a cigarette and tried like hell to give myself lung cancer. — J.R. Rain

Bulking Quotes By Susan Morris Shaffer

[T]he pressure to become muscular begins even earlier, as evidenced by the extreme bulking up of male action figures. These popular toys, including G.I.Joe and Star Wars characters, have increased in muscle size every decade since the 1960s; such subtleties can begin to exert size pressure on boys at a young age. — Susan Morris Shaffer

Bulking Quotes By Taylor Lautner

The day I finished 'Twilight,' I came home and started bulking up. For 'New Moon,' I'm 30 pounds heavier than I was in 'Twilight.' — Taylor Lautner

Bulking Quotes By Finn Wittrock

I was playing a defensive guard in 'My All American' who is a really fast runner, so a lot of my training was running. I wasn't too worried about bulking up because he was supposed to be on the small side. — Finn Wittrock

Bulking Quotes By Stephen King

She thought that to children adult motives and actions must seem as bulking and ominous as dangerous animals seen in the shadows of a dark forest. They were jerked about like puppets, having only the vaguest notions why. — Stephen King