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Top Worship And Praise Quotes

Worship And Praise Quotes By N. T. Wright

of praise and prayer that has been going on for millennia and across all cultures. Not to try to inhabit them, while continuing to invent nonpsalmic "worship" based on our own feelings of the moment, risks being like a spoiled child who, — N. T. Wright

Worship And Praise Quotes By Fred Hammond

We sing inspirational songs, songs of praise and worship, and about how good and how big God is. We are magnifying the Lord. — Fred Hammond

Worship And Praise Quotes By Martin Luther

At an earlier time there was no pleasure in the law for me. But now I find that the law is good and tasty, that it has been given to me so that I might live, and now I find my pleasure in it. Earlier, it told me what I ought to do. Now I begin to adapt myself to it. And for this I worship, praise, and serve God — Martin Luther

Worship And Praise Quotes By LaMar Boschman

Our entire being is fashioned as an instrument of praise. Just as a master violin maker designs an instrument to produce maximum aesthetic results, so God tailor-made our bodies, souls and spirits to work together in consonance to produce pleasing expressions of praise and worship. When we use body language to express praise, that which is internal becomes visible. — LaMar Boschman

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

All music has a message and a spirit behind it. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Leland Ryken

Earlier in this century someone claimed that we work at our play and play at our work. Today the confusion has deepened: we worship our work, work at our play, and play in our worship. — Leland Ryken

Worship And Praise Quotes By Michael R. Burch

Donald Trump really is a fan of the Bible, except that it's far too long for him to read. So he just released a new, improved version, the Gospel According to Trump. It reads: "I, Donald Trump, am God. Praise, worship, and adore Me as I do Myself. Then all shall be Great, as I am Great. The End." — Michael R. Burch

Worship And Praise Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Great is the Lord. He is worthy of praise. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Worship And Praise Quotes By William Kethe

All people that on earth do dwell
sing to the Lord with cheerful voice
Him serve with fear, his praise forth tell
come ye before him and rejoice — William Kethe

Worship And Praise Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

My soul sings joyful praise to the Holy one. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Worship And Praise Quotes By Kim Fields

Gospel music to me has always been a balm for the soul. It has been able to usher in the spirit, usher in worship, true worship and praise, healing. I find the music to be very good at healing and the passion, you know, which is a testimony being told in song. — Kim Fields

Worship And Praise Quotes By James Strand

Prayers offered in faith and then followed by songs of thanksgiving, praise and worship are an expression of our faith and love for God. Joy results when you have faith in the greatness of God and his power to deliver and save you and others from adverse circumstances and enemies. — James Strand

Worship And Praise Quotes By Mark Driscoll

Performance is done for the sight and approval of others. Service is done knowing that God is watching and approving whether or not anyone else is. Performance causes us to be enslaved to others' opinions, unable to say no, and prone to being overworked. Service frees us to do what God wants, thereby saying no as needed. Performance presses us toward perfectionism, where we seek to do everything just right so others will praise us. Service allows us to do our best, knowing that God's appreciation of us is secure regardless of our performance. Performance causes us to focus on the "big" things and only do what is highly visible or significant. Service allows us to do simple, humble, and menial tasks - the "little things" - knowing that the peasant Jewish carpenter we worship equally appreciates them both. — Mark Driscoll

Worship And Praise Quotes By N. T. Wright

Put it this way: if your idea of God, if your idea of the salvation offered in Christ, is vague or remote, your idea of worship will be fuzzy and ill-formed. The closer you get to the truth, the clearer becomes the beauty, and the more you will find worship welling up within you. That's why theology and worship belong together. The one isn't just a headtrip; the other isn't just emotion. — N. T. Wright

Worship And Praise Quotes By J.I. Packer

Godliness means responding to God's revelation in trust and obedience, faith and worship, prayer and praise, submission and service. Life must be seen and lived in the light of God's Word. This, and nothing else, is true religion. — J.I. Packer

Worship And Praise Quotes By Adam Houge

I praise You for Your authority over me. I worship You for Your authority over the grave. I praise You! For there is none like You, and all creatures both spiritual and physical are subject to You. For You are Lord and reign over all. Everything is Yours and belongs to Your name alone. Reign in my life in all Your authority. I surrender to Your Lordship. I surrender to Your purpose and Your plans. Be mighty in my life, O God - mighty to save and swift to deliver. — Adam Houge

Worship And Praise Quotes By Ron Brackin

We praise God, not because he needs our praise (for all glory resides in and on him), but in order to see him more clearly, enlarge our soul, and relieve our spirit. — Ron Brackin

Worship And Praise Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Prayer is an act of praise and worship to God — Lailah Gifty Akita

Worship And Praise Quotes By Timothy Pina

Even when I'm old and my eyes, hands and legs fail me ... please give me the strength Lord, to let my heart, mind and lips worship and praise you for all your goodness! — Timothy Pina

Worship And Praise Quotes By Fakhr Al-Din Al-Razi

Submission, when it is submission to the truth - and when the truth is known to be both beautiful and merciful - has nothing in common with fatalism or stoicism as these terms are understood in the Western tradition, because its motivation is different. According to Fakhr ad-Din ar-RazT, one of the great commentators upon the Quran: The worship of the eyes is
weeping, the worship of the ears is listening, the worship of the tongue is praise, the worship of the hands is giving, the worship of the body is effort, the worship of the heart is fear and hope, and the worship of the spirit is surrender and satisfaction in Allah. — Fakhr Al-Din Al-Razi

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

Worship is not about having a fantastic voice. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

To be used of God. Is there anything more encouraging, more fulfilling? Perhaps not, but there is something more basic: to meet with God. To linger in His presence, to shut out the noise of the city and, in quietness, give Him the praise He deserves. Before we engage ourselves in His work, let's meet Him in His Word ... in prayer ... in worship. — Charles R. Swindoll

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

Vocals do not make a worshipper. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Craig Groeschel

But just as your body needs sleep, your soul needs time to rest in God. To learn more about Him. To talk to Him. To worship and praise Him. To fellowship with other brothers and sisters. — Craig Groeschel

Worship And Praise Quotes By Matt Chandler

Worship gatherings are not always spectacular, but they are always supernatural. And if a church looks for or works for the spectacular, she may miss the supernatural. If a person enters a gathering to be wowed with something impressive, with a style that fits him just right, with an order of service and song selection designed just the right way, that person may miss the supernatural presence of God. Worship is supernatural whenever people come hungry to respond, react, and receive from God for who He is and what He has done. A church worshipping as a Creature of the Word doesn't show up to perform or be entertained; she comes desperate and needy, thirsty for grace, receiving from the Lord and the body of Christ, and then gratefully receiving what she needs as she offers her praise-the only proper response to the God who saves us. — Matt Chandler

Worship And Praise Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

It is useful to reflect that the word 'liturgy' did not originate in church or worship settings. In the Greek world it referred to publish service, what a citizen did for the community. As the church used the word in relation to worship, ti kept this 'public service' quality - working for the community on behalf of or following orders from God. As we worship God, revealed personally as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our Holy Scriptures, we are not doing something apart form or away from the non-Scripture=reading world; we do it for the world - bringing all creation and all history before God, presenting our bodies and all the beauties and needs of humankind before God in praise and intercession, penetrating and serving the world for whom Christ died in the strong name of the Trinity. — Eugene H. Peterson

Worship And Praise Quotes By Ellen G. White

Before there could be any permanent reformation the people must be led to feel their utter inability in themselves to render obedience to God. — Ellen G. White

Worship And Praise Quotes By Matt Chandler

Choosing one thing over another doesn't necessarily mean we love the thing we choose. If given the choice to eat spinach or broccoli, you may choose broccoli. It may only mean you don't want to eat spinach. Heaven is not for people who just want to skip Hell. Heaven is reserved for those who love Jesus, who have been rescued by Him and who long to praise Him. If someone doesn't have much use for praising Him now, it's foolish to think they're ready for Heaven. — Matt Chandler

Worship And Praise Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

Praise and worship is not for certain or special individuals, it's for every believer. 'Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!' (Psalms 150:6). — Euginia Herlihy

Worship And Praise Quotes By Criss Jami

Sadly enough, some people are insecure in such a way that they cannot bear the thought of the sovereignty of God, the thought of His Being as greater than themselves. It makes them feel insignificant. But I know if I were to worship and obey anything, I would like it far greater than myself or any person or human system, preferably to the point that which it, perhaps, in all its majesty, makes me feel lost and even 'creatural' in my sheer humanity. Only this God - He who is great beyond human measure, yet still considers His creation precious - I find to be more than worthy of praise; otherwise, I bow down and worship nothing. And if the thought of such a superior and almighty God were to indeed offend me, I would have to remember that it is because I am only as significant as the things which I am idolizing, things which are ultimately separating me, the creation, from my original Creator. — Criss Jami

Worship And Praise Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

It is to be regretted that the niceties of modern singing frighten our congregations from joining lustily in the hymns. For our part we delight in full bursts of praise, and had rather discover the ruggedness of a want of musical training than miss the heartiness of universal congregational song. The gentility which lisps the tune in well bred whispers, or leaves the singing altogether to the choir, is very like a mockery of worship. The gods of Greece and Rome may be worshipped well enough with classical music, but Jehovah can only be adored with the heart, and that music is the best for his service which gives the heart most play. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Worship And Praise Quotes By Timothy Keller

To change people most profoundly, we must change what we worship. Thinking, arguments, and beliefs are crucial as means of moving the heart, but ultimately we are what we adore. We are what captures our imagination, what leads us to praise and to compel others to praise it. Our inordinate anger, anxiety, and discouragement result from disordered loves. Our relational problems result from disordered loves, and our social and cultural problems as well. What can re-engineer our very inner being, the structure of our personality? What can create healthy human community? Worship and adoration of God. We must love God supremely, and that can be cultivated only through praise and adoration. — Timothy Keller

Worship And Praise Quotes By Pope Francis

When exhaling this air, we announced Jesus Christ risen by the same Spirit. No one can live without breathing. It is the same for the Christian: without praise and mission there is not Christian life. And with praise, worship. We rarely speak about worship. What do we do when we pray? We ask things of God, we give thanks. But worshipping and adoring God is part of breathing - praise and worship. — Pope Francis

Worship And Praise Quotes By Ibn Ata Allah

It is impossible that this gnosis resulting in the heart should be achieved by man for any other purpose than to obey God, love Him, and worship Him. This gnosis should be sought for the sake of God, not for any other reason whatsoever, unlike the remaining external acts of devotion, which can be performed for other worldly interests, such as hypocrisy, praise, and commendation. — Ibn Ata Allah

Worship And Praise Quotes By J.I. Packer

Good works begin with praise, worship, and honoring and exalting of God as the temper of one's whole waking life. — J.I. Packer

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

When the lyrical content is based on the word of God it becomes covenanted. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Brian Welch

But then one day I finally realized that screaming at God and begging him to take away my pain wasn't going work. So I completely surrendered myself and stopped fighting him and I asked him what he wanted me to do. He said: JUST WORSHIP ME. PRAISE ME AND WORSHIP ME THROUGH THE PAIN. And — Brian Welch

Worship And Praise Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

We do not need them. They would hinder rather than help our praise. Sing unto him. This is the sweetest and best music. No instrument like the human voice. What a degradation to supplant the intelligent song of the whole congregation by the theatrical prettiness of a quartet, bellows, and pipes! We might as well pray by machinery as praise by it. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

The place where music and worship meet is like a divine mystery of sorts. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

God is not looking for incredibly high notes, intricate riffs or award winning ad-libbing. God is looking at the heart. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Adam Houge

Worship is an act of praise, springing forth from God to God as He leads and affects your heart in worship. With whatever ability is in you, seek to worship the Lord rather than think idly. Focus on the needful things of the day, but wherever and whenever possible, remember to worship in the Spirit. Commit yourself to this and watch how continual worship and never-ending, effectual prayer will change your life forever. — Adam Houge

Worship And Praise Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Hang your merit. I don't seek anyone's approbation. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Worship And Praise Quotes By Rachel Wojnarowski

By praising God in the worst circumstances, we fulfill the reason for our very creation. We were made to worship, and we spend much of our entire lives for fulfillment of that purpose, seeking the completion of that desire in all the wrong ways. But when we praise God in less-than- pleasing situations, He is magnified beyond measure. This praise is life-transforming. When we praise God, our hearts and lives are changed. — Rachel Wojnarowski

Worship And Praise Quotes By Coco J. Ginger

He's an indulgent sort of man ... ...
With a quick lip and a fierce tongue, the sort of tongue that draws you in with charm and words of praise, awkward silences and desperate worships. — Coco J. Ginger

Worship And Praise Quotes By Zhang Yun

I am the first and I am the last; apart from me there is no God. I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols. Keep yourselves from idols. Do not follow other gods to serve and worship them; do not provoke me to anger with what your hands have made. For I am a consuming fire, a jealous God. — Zhang Yun

Worship And Praise Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

We are not called to be entertainers or performers, we are called to praise and worship our creator. 'Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of salvation.' (Psalms95:1). — Euginia Herlihy

Worship And Praise Quotes By Jack W. Hayford

Let my lips avoid vain repetition as I lift my voice in praise, O Lord. Distract me from my distractions, awaken me from the dullness of mind, and transform habit and routine into vibrant times of worship. — Jack W. Hayford

Worship And Praise Quotes By Ronald Sawka

in an individual sense, we are to be continual worshipers and praisers. Worship and praise is not something we decide to do for a few minutes a day or once a week, but it is who we are. Our attitude should always be that of a worshiper. — Ronald Sawka

Worship And Praise Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

Praise and worship is such a powerful device is able to dismantle every shackle and its able to breakdown every wall. — Euginia Herlihy

Worship And Praise Quotes By James W. Sire

To glorify God is not just to do so in religious worship, singing praise and enacting the traditional rites of the church. To glorify God is to reveal his character by being who we were created to be-the embodiment of the image of God in human form. — James W. Sire

Worship And Praise Quotes By Karl Barth

He wants in His freedom actually not to be without man but WITH him and in the same freedom not against him but FOR him, and that apart from or even counter to what man deserves. He wants in fact to be man's partner, his almighty and compassionate Saviour. He chooses to give man the benefit of His power, which encompasses not only the high and the distant but also the deep and the near, in order to maintain communion with him in the realm guaranteed by His deity. He determines to love him, to be his God, his Lord, his compassionate Preserver and Saviour to eternal life, and to desire his praise and service. — Karl Barth

Worship And Praise Quotes By N. T. Wright

That is what worship is all about. It is the glad shout of praise that arises to God the creator and God the rescuer from the creation that recognizes its maker, the creation that acknowledges the triumph of Jesus the Lamb. That is the worship that is going on in heaven, in God's dimension, all the time. The question we ought to be asking is how best we might join in. — N. T. Wright

Worship And Praise Quotes By Aurora A. Ambrose

Be Sure to Take Time Take time to think: it is the source of great ideas. Take time to read: it is the foundation of wisdom. Take time to joke and play: it is the secret of staying young. Take time to be quiet: it is the opportunity to hear God. Take time to pray: it is the greatest power on earth. Take time to see others' needs: it is the opportunity to help others. Take time to love and be loved: it is God's greatest gift. Take time to praise God: It is the road to worship. Take time to laugh: it is the music of the soul. — Aurora A. Ambrose

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

Music enables an ability of divine expression transcending any words. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By R.C. Sproul

One does not structure the church to meet the felt needs and desires of the tares. The purpose of corporate assembly, which has its roots in the Old Testament, is for the people of God to come together corporately to offer their sacrifices of praise and worship to God. So the first rule of worship is that it be designed for believers to worship God in a way that pleases God. — R.C. Sproul

Worship And Praise Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

I might not be a good singer but I will praise and worship God with all my heart. I might not be the best dancer but I will dance for the Lord all the days of my life. — Euginia Herlihy

Worship And Praise Quotes By Philip Graham Ryken

The content of worship comes from the Bible, the goal of worship is to give praise to God, and the basis for worship is the saving work of Jesus Christ. Put more simply, true Christian worship is Word-communicat ing, God-glorifying, and Christ-confessi ng. — Philip Graham Ryken

Worship And Praise Quotes By Katie Ashley

A certain song can mean the difference between life and death for someone who is depressed and suicidal. Music can inspire and give hope. It can show adulation and worship and praise love and people. — Katie Ashley

Worship And Praise Quotes By John Calvin

Joy and thanksgiving expressed in prayer and praise according to the Word of God are the heart of the Church's worship. — John Calvin

Worship And Praise Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Sacred life;to sing,to praise, to worship, to pray, to study the Bible,to be grateful,to read,to write and to be kind to others. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Worship And Praise Quotes By Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Spurgeon challenges us to go to the river of our experience, to pull up bulrushes, and to place them in the Ark of our memory, experiencing again the wonder that allowed our infant faith to flourish. — Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Worship And Praise Quotes By Gregory Of Nyssa

And the creation, in the world and above the world, that once was at variance with itself, is knit together in friendship: and we ... are made to join in the angels' song, offering the worship of their praise. — Gregory Of Nyssa

Worship And Praise Quotes By Gangai Victor

We don't just show up on stage; we bring along the oil of praise in jars of practice and rehearsal so that when the Lord shows up, our worship shines as the light with which His Church shall welcome Him! — Gangai Victor

Worship And Praise Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Dear God, I worship You and thank You that You are greater than anything I face. Thank You that You are a compassionate God of mercy and You hear my prayers and answer them. I thank You that You inhabit my praise, and that in Your presence my life and circumstances are changed. I am grateful that praising You changes me. — Stormie O'martian

Worship And Praise Quotes By Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Set out time to worship God in your closet, give Him quality praise and watch Him raise you. — Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Worship And Praise Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Awesome God.
Awe-inspired God.
Amazing God. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Worship And Praise Quotes By Sinclair B. Ferguson

It is God who gives us the spirit of worship (Psalm 133:3), and it is what we know of God that produces this spirit of worship. We might say that worship is simply theology, doctrine, what we think about God, going into top gear! Instead of merely thinking about Him, we tell Him, in prayer and praise and song, how great and glorious we believe Him to be! — Sinclair B. Ferguson

Worship And Praise Quotes By Rory Noland

We too need to scour the Bible to learn how God wants to be worshiped. For it doesn't matter how you and I want to praise God. It's not ultimately important whether worship makes us feel good or if the music is to our liking. True worship must always be offered on God's terms, not ours. So we need to learn how God wants to be worshiped. — Rory Noland

Worship And Praise Quotes By Francis Chan

The point is not to completely understand God but to worship Him. Let the very fact that you cannot know Him fully lead you to praise Him for His infiniteness and grandeur. — Francis Chan

Worship And Praise Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

Deity of the ruined temple! The broken strings of Vina sing no more your praise. The bells in the evening proclaim not your time of worship. The air is still and silent about you.
In your desolate dwelling comes the vagrant spring breeze. It brings the tidings of flowers
the flowers that for your worship are offered no more.
Your worshipper of old wanders ever longing for favour still refused. In the eventide, when fires and shadows mingle with the gloom of dust, he wearily comes back to the ruined temple with hunger in his heart.
Many a festival day comes to you in silence, deity of the ruined temple. Many a night of worship goes away with lamp unlit.
Many new images are built by masters of cunning art and carried to the holy stream of oblivion when their time is come.
Only the deity of the ruined temple remains unworshipped in deathless neglect. — Rabindranath Tagore

Worship And Praise Quotes By Michael S. Horton

All of our faith and practice arise out of the drama of Scripture, the "big story" that traces the plot of history from creation to consummation, with Christ as its Alpha and Omega, beginning and end. And out of the throbbing verbs of this unfolding drama God reveals stable nouns - doctrines. From what God does in history we are taught certain things about who he is and what it means to be created in his image, fallen, and redeemed, renewed, and glorified in union with Christ. As the Father creates his church, in his Son and by his Spirit, we come to realize what this covenant community is and what it means to belong to it; what kind of future is promised to us in Christ, and how we are to live here and now in the light of it all. The drama and the doctrine provoke us to praise and worship - doxology - and together these three coordinates give us a new way of living in the world as disciples. — Michael S. Horton

Worship And Praise Quotes By Judson Cornwall

There are entire congregations who worship praise and praise worship but who have not yet learned to praise and worship God in Jesus Christ. — Judson Cornwall

Worship And Praise Quotes By Benjamin Franklin

I cannot conceive otherwise than that He, the Infinite Father, expects or requires no worship or praise from us, but that He is even infinitely above it. — Benjamin Franklin

Worship And Praise Quotes By Ed Buckner

The animate and inanimate creation all contribute to the true worship of God. All of creation must worship at whatever level of sentience they possess. Jesus said if men held back their praise, even the stones might "cry out" in worship. — Ed Buckner

Worship And Praise Quotes By Bob Kauflin

A worshiping community is made up of individuals whose lives are centered around the Savior they worship together each week. A worshiping community expects to encounter God's presence not only on Sunday morning but every day. A worshiping community recognizes that passionate times of singing God's praise flow from and lead to passionate lives lived for the glory of Jesus Christ. — Bob Kauflin

Worship And Praise Quotes By Karen Armstrong

What seems wrong to you is right for him
What is poison to one is honey to someone else.
Purity and impurity, sloth and diligence in worship,
These mean nothing to Me.
I am apart from all that.
Ways of worshipping are not to be ranked as better
or worse than one another.
Hindus do Hindu things.
The Dravidian Muslims in India do what they do.
It's all praise, and it's all right.
It's not I that's glorified in acts of worship.
It's the worshippers! I don't hear
the words they say. I look inside at the humility.
That broken-open lowliness is the Reality,
not the language! Forget phraseology.
I want burning, burning.
Be Friends
with your burning. Burn up your thinking
and your forms of expression! — Karen Armstrong

Worship And Praise Quotes By Timothy Pina

As the morning sun rises bringing needed light to our world ... let me worship you Lord and as the moon illuminates the darken night skies ... let me sing a praise of your greatness! — Timothy Pina

Worship And Praise Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

Praise and worship go way beyond the songs we're familiar with, songs we dislike or songs we disapprove. It's all about any type of songs that touch God's heart because He's the creator of nations and tribes and His desire is for every nation and every tribe to praise and worship Him in spirit and in truth. That's the God we serve. — Euginia Herlihy

Worship And Praise Quotes By Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Because God has accredited or imputed Jesus' perfect obedience to you, when God looks upon you, he sees you as a person who - always does the things that are pleasing to him; - is so focused on accomplishing his will and work that doing so is your daily food; - doesn't seek your own will but seeks his will instead; - doesn't seek to receive glory (praise, respect, worship) from others; - has always kept all his commandments; - lives in such a way that your life brings holiness to others; - loves others and lays down your life on a consistent basis; - lives in such a way that the people around you know that you love your heavenly Father more than anything else; - seeks to obey every command so that righteousness will — Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Worship And Praise Quotes By Anonymous

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).
The Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
The Only Owner of the Day of Recompense (i.e. the Day of Resurrection)
You (Alone) we worship, and You (Alone) we ask for help.
Guide us to the Straight Way ...
The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray.
(The Qur'an- Surah Al-Fatihah) — Anonymous

Worship And Praise Quotes By Amanda Penland

Life is not always what we expect. But, when we praise and trust God in the midst of it all we can make it through anything. — Amanda Penland

Worship And Praise Quotes By Dennis Ignatius

When we lift our hands in praise and worship, we break spiritual jars of perfume over Jesus. The fragrance of our praise fills the whole earth and touches the heart of God. — Dennis Ignatius

Worship And Praise Quotes By Keith Getty

There's no scientific definition. A hymn ... is a song of praise to God. I think there were three real goals with our hymns that made them seem more in line with traditional classical hymn writing than with the modern worship movement and differentiate us slightly. — Keith Getty

Worship And Praise Quotes By R. Kent Hughes

The height of devotion is reached when reverence and contemplation produce passionate worship, which in turn breaks forth in thanksgiving and praise in word and song. — R. Kent Hughes

Worship And Praise Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

He 'so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16). This is the Almighty of whom I stand in awe and reverence. It is He to whom I look in fear and trembling. It is He whom I worship and unto whom I give honor and praise and glory. He is my Heavenly Father, who has invited me to come unto Him in prayer, to speak with Him, with the promised assurance that He will hear and respond. I thank Him for the light and knowledge and understanding He has bestowed upon His children. I thank Him for His voice, which has spoken eternal truth with power and promise. I thank Him for His declaration at the baptism of His Beloved Son in the waters of Jordan when His voice was heard saying, 'This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased'. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Worship And Praise Quotes By David Jeremiah

Worship seals all prayers at the front and at the back. Always pray with praise beginning and praise ending. — David Jeremiah

Worship And Praise Quotes By George Gillespie

here is nothing which any way pertains to the the worship of God left to the determination of human laws, besides the mere circumstances, which neither have any holiness in them, forasmuch as they have no other use and praise in sacred than which have in civil things, nor yet were particularly determinable in Scripture. — George Gillespie

Worship And Praise Quotes By M.M. Kaye

Oh, Lord, forgive three sins that are due to my human limitations.
Thou art Everywhere, but I worship thee here:
Thou art without form, but I worship thee in these forms;
Thou needest no praise, yet I offer thee these prayers and salutations.
Lord, forgive three sins that are due to my human limitations.
- Ash — M.M. Kaye

Worship And Praise Quotes By Mark Galli

I sometimes wonder whether our churches
living as we do in American death-denying culture, relentlessly smiling through our praise choruses
are inadvertently helping people live not as much in hope as in denial. — Mark Galli

Worship And Praise Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Know that when you praise and worship God and appreciate fully all that He is, you open up a channel through which more of His love pours into your heart. — Stormie O'martian

Worship And Praise Quotes By N. T. Wright

The Psalms offer us a way of joining in a chorus of praise and prayer that has been going on for millennia and across all cultures. Not to try to inhabit them, while continuing to invent nonpsalmic "worship" based on our own feelings of the moment, risks being like a spoiled child who, taken to the summit of Table Mountain with the city and the ocean spread out before him, refuses to gaze at the view because he is playing with his Game Boy. — N. T. Wright

Worship And Praise Quotes By Temi Peters

When the music is birthed
from a place of worship it carries a spirit of worship. — Temi Peters

Worship And Praise Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

True worship is the living human being, who has become a total answer to God, shaped by God's healing and transforming word. And true priesthood is therefore the ministry of word and sacrament that transforms people in to an offering to God and makes the cosmos into praise and thanksgiving to the Creator and Redeemer. — Pope Benedict XVI

Worship And Praise Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

Too many churches have become entertainment halls where star speakers strut and swagger for their fans. For too many houses of worship, the platform has become a performance stage for musicians - and I mean that in the most ignoble sense. Even when they shout and sing the name of Jesus Christ, somehow the focus of attention is upon them and public praise stays with them. — Charles R. Swindoll

Worship And Praise Quotes By T. S. Eliot

O Light Invisible, we praise Thee!
Too bright for mortal vision.
O Greater Light, we praise Thee for the less;
The eastern light our spires touch at morning,
The light that slants upon our western doors at evening,
The twilight over stagnant pools at batflight,
Moon light and star light, owl and moth light,
Glow-worm glowlight on a grassblade.
O Light Invisible, we worship Thee!
We thank Thee for the light that we have kindled,
The light of altar and of sanctuary;
Small lights of those who meditate at midnight
And lights directed through the coloured panes of windows
And light reflected from the polished stone,
The gilded carven wood, the coloured fresco.
Our gaze is submarine, our eyes look upward
And see the light that fractures through unquiet water.
We see the light but see not whence it comes.
O Light Invisible, we glorify Thee! — T. S. Eliot

Worship And Praise Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

Praise and worship shouldn't be a few hour church service entertainment. It should be our heartbeat and should never depart our lips. 'Let us come before him with thanks giving and extol him with music and song' (Psalms 95:2). — Euginia Herlihy

Worship And Praise Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

She was silent; the great wings almost stopped moving; only a delicate stirring seemed to keep them aloft. "Listen, then," Mrs. Whatsit said. The resonant voice rose and the words seemed to be all around them so that Meg felt that she could almost reach out and touch them:
"Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that there is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof. Let the wilderness and the cities thereof lift their voice; let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains. Let them give glory unto the Lord! — Madeleine L'Engle

Worship And Praise Quotes By J.C. Ryle

Let us worship on, pray on, praise on, and read on. Let us contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints, and resist manfully every effort to spoil Scriptural worship. Let us strive earnestly to hand down the light of Gospel worship to our children's children. Yet a little time and He that shall come will come, and will not tarry. Blessed in that day will be those, and those only, who are found true worshippers, worshippers in spirit and truth! — J.C. Ryle

Worship And Praise Quotes By Eugene H. Peterson

Hallelujah! Praise God in his holy house of worship, praise him under the open skies; Praise him for his acts of power, praise him for his magnificent greatness; Praise with a blast on the trumpet, praise by strumming soft strings; Praise him with castanets and dance, praise him with banjo and flute; Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum, praise him with fiddles and mandolin. Let every living, breathing creature praise GOD! — Eugene H. Peterson

Worship And Praise Quotes By Stormie O'martian

God's power and love don't fade, nor does His presence, but we cannot tap into it as fully when we don't have praise and worship toward Him in our heart — Stormie O'martian