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Mother Passing Away Quotes & Sayings

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Mother Passing Away Quotes By Annie Besant

The human body is constantly undergoing a process of decay and of reconstruction. First builded into the astral form in the womb of the mother, it is built up continually by the insetting of fresh materials. With every moment tiny molecules are passing away from it; with every moment tiny molecules are streaming into it. — Annie Besant

Mother Passing Away Quotes By Nell Grey

When I was seventeen I found a man, or maybe he found me. Away from home for the first time, out of reach of my father's archaic restrictions and my mother's culinary insistence, I cut off my hair, dropped my Christian name, wore black and toyed with anorexia, passing incognito among the city workers, just another ant in that vast heap. — Nell Grey

Mother Passing Away Quotes By Jack Womack

A baby almost killed me as I walked to work one morning. By passing beneath a bus shelter's roof at the ordained moment I lived to tell my tale. With strangers surrounding me I looked at what remained. Laoughter from heaven made us lift our eyes skyward. The baby's mother lowered her arms and leaned out her window. Without applause her audience drifted off, seeking crumbs in the gutters of this city of God. Xerox shingles covered the shelter's remaining glass pane, and the largest read:
Want to be crucified. Have own nails.
Leave message on machine.
The fringe of numbers along the ad's hem had been stripped away. My shoes crunched glass underfoot; my skirt clung to my legs as I continued down the street. November dawn's seventy-degree bath made my hair lose its set. Mother above appeared ready to take her own bow; I too, as ever, flew on alone. — Jack Womack

Mother Passing Away Quotes By Tony DiTerlizzi

Your mother contained a good spirit. A loving spirit. A spirit that will not cease to exist.
Eva looked at him, her brows furrowed.
Rovender placed his arm around Eva's shoulders. You see, she lives within you now, in all of the lessons that she taught you. Lessons you will never forget. Lessons you will always carry with you ... and will one day pass on. — Tony DiTerlizzi

Mother Passing Away Quotes By Jenna Morasca

I decided to quit 'Survivor: All-Stars' in order to be closer to my mother, who ended up passing away from breast cancer seven days after I returned home. — Jenna Morasca