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Top Big Bow Quotes

Big Bow Quotes By Lara Adrian

Santa Claus has already been here and everything. Want to see what he brought for you?"
"Is it a big present?"
"Very big."
"With a big red bow on it? — Lara Adrian

Big Bow Quotes By Doug Hiser

One day I saw the big jaguar,Calypso, jump up from the sand and run quickly, snarling, into the jungle. I looked around and the monkeys were jumping and screeching in the trees. Gazing across the water I saw something moving out there, getting closer. It was a canoe with three men paddling towards my shore. I started to smile and then I worried that they might want to kill me. I ran to my house and brought out my bow and arrows. I stood there on the beach, with my feet shoulder-width apart, and prepared for their arrival. — Doug Hiser

Big Bow Quotes By Barack Obama

I found this national debt, doubled, wrapped in a big bow waiting for me as I stepped into the Oval Office. — Barack Obama

Big Bow Quotes By Max Monroe

Kline Brooks left his new intern, Leslie, under my watchful eye while he flew out to L.A. for the day to schmooze investors and impress potential advertising clients for TapNext. I was certain she had been sent straight from Hell. The devil might as well have wrapped a big red bow around her neck and attached a note. Dear Georgie, Have fun with this one. Love, Satan I'd — Max Monroe

Big Bow Quotes By Samanthe Beck

She called him sweet. Next she'd be calling him nice,and if that happened, he might as well tie a big pink bow around his balls and hand them over." - Tyler — Samanthe Beck

Big Bow Quotes By Robert Walser

How small life is here
and how big nothingness.
The sky, tired of light,
has given everything to the snow.
The two trees bow
their heads to each other.
Clouds cross the world's
silence in a circle dance — Robert Walser

Big Bow Quotes By Bow Wow

Guys like Todd Bridges never overcame being a child star. You can't have any big failures. I've always felt regular. I played organized ball at the rec league. At 13, they told me I sold 3 million copies. I didn't know what that meant. — Bow Wow

Big Bow Quotes By Nancy Pearl

A. B. Guthrie's 1947 novel The Big Sky (even better than its sequel, The Way West, which won the Pulitzer Prize), The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark (1940), and Jack Schaefer's Shane (1949) were all made into well-regarded movies, but these three classics of Western fiction continue to make for wonderful reading. — Nancy Pearl

Big Bow Quotes By Charlaine Harris

I knew, as sure as I knew my name, that tomorrow he would send me another coat, in a big fancy box, with a big bow on it. It would be the right size, it would be a top brand, and it would be warm.
It was cranberry red, with a removable liner, a detachable hood, and tortoiseshell buttons. — Charlaine Harris

Big Bow Quotes By Patricia Hampl

Maybe being oneself is an acquired taste. For a writer it's a big deal to bow
or kneel or get knocked down
to the fact that you are going to write your own books and not somebody else's. Not even those books of the somebody else you thought it was your express business to spruce yourself up to be. — Patricia Hampl

Big Bow Quotes By Ikechukwu Joseph

No matter how big a hen's hut is, it must bow to enter — Ikechukwu Joseph

Big Bow Quotes By Jill McCorkle

For me, a happy ending is not everything works out just right and there is a big bow, it's more coming to a place where a person has a clear vision of his or her own life in a way that enables them to kind of throw down their crutches and walk. — Jill McCorkle

Big Bow Quotes By Maria V. Snyder

Janco stepped between us. "Let's see if I have this right," he said to Cahil. "Yelena beats you, so you want a rematch, but you think she'll use her magic instead of her fighting skills to win. That's quite the quandary." Janco pulled at his goatee. "Since I taught her everything she knows, and I don't have any magic, thank fate, how about you fight me? Your long sword against my bow."
" You taught her everything?" Ari asked.
Janco waved away his comment. "Details, details. I'm thinking big picture here, Ari. — Maria V. Snyder

Big Bow Quotes By Clara Bow

I'm a curiosity in Hollywood. I'm a big freak, because I'm myself! — Clara Bow

Big Bow Quotes By Bow Wow

People ask for this life, but they don't really understand what comes with it. People just see the outside and that looks good - big houses, cars, girls, but you never see how the person is feeling deep down inside. Me personally, being a man, I'm going to feel better displaying all of this and pouring my heart out on each record. — Bow Wow

Big Bow Quotes By Cherrie Lynn

Big enough that I should tie a bow around it and attach a little card that says 'To: Macy. You're welcome. Love, Seth. — Cherrie Lynn

Big Bow Quotes By Biju Vasudevan

Padma, My darling. I have told you countless times that all these rites and rituals are meaningless. I will show you what God is. Just Look into the eyes of your mother Padma, and what you see is God. Look into the heart of a noble man, and what you see is God. Look at the lotus feet of your teacher, and what you see is God. God, as we know, is just a manifestation of our innate insecurity and fear of mortality. I do bow down dutifully before all Gods, but I really do not expect much from anyone. As far as I am concerned, I am yet to see any God in this big, wide and cruel world, except in the eyes of my mother and in feet of my teachers. — Biju Vasudevan

Big Bow Quotes By Joe Millard

Well, I'll tell you, Mr. Graff-'
'Not Graff,' the big man snapped, looking annoyed. 'The name is Garff-Garff!'
'Say, that's good,' the hunter said. 'Garff-Garff- that's even better than bow-wow. Do you know any other animal imitations? — Joe Millard

Big Bow Quotes By Heather Vogel Frederick

There's an arched bridge that spans one of the narrow spots, and since it's Christmas, it's been decorated with garlands of evergreens and a big wreath with a red bow. There are Victorian gas lamps lining the pathways, and in the middle of the lake is a small island where a hut with a fireplace offers skaters a chance to warm themselves and drink hot chocolate. — Heather Vogel Frederick

Big Bow Quotes By Arthur Conan Doyle

But they must be sorry folk to bow down to the rich in such a fashion," said big John. "I am but a poor commoner of England myself, and yet I know something of charters, liberties franchises, usages, privileges, customs, and the like. If these be broken, then all men know that it is time to buy arrow-heads." "Aye, — Arthur Conan Doyle

Big Bow Quotes By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Big words do not smite like war-clubs, Boastful breath is not a bow-string, Taunts are not so sharp as arrows, Deeds are better things than words are, Actions mightier than boastings. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Big Bow Quotes By Rachel Vincent

This was the Big One. This was humiliation, disappointment, and dissolution all wrapped up together, tied with a big red bow of disgrace. The gift that keeps on giving. — Rachel Vincent

Big Bow Quotes By David Lagercrantz

But afterwards in the pub, they had dreamed about the big stories and talked for hours of how they would never be satisfied with the conventional or the shallow but instead would always dig deep. They were young and ambitious and wanted it all, all at once. There were times when Levin missed that, not the salary, or the working hours, or even the easy life in the bars and the women, but the dreams - he missed the power in them. He sometimes longed for that throbbing urge to change society and journalism and to write so that the world would come to a standstill and the mighty powers bow down. Even a hotshot like himself wondered: Where did the dreams go? — David Lagercrantz

Big Bow Quotes By Sam Davis

Better to sink with tempests raging o'er
Masts all dismantled and hull gaping wide
Than rest and rot on some unclouded shore
The idle plaything of the listless tide.

Better the grime of battle on the brow,
With grim defeat to crush thy dying hand
Than through long years of peace to tyrant bow
Or dwell captive in a strangers land.

Better the castle with beleaguered gate,
By battle's lightning shivered in a day
Than peaceful walls in pomp of sullen state,
Through centuries sinking to a dull decay.

Better resolve to win thy heart's desire,
And striving bravely, die in the endeavor
Than have the embers of some smothered fire
Lie smouldering in thy saddened soul forever. — Sam Davis