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Public Domain Quotes By Benjamin Hart

The tedious and convoluted reasoning behind the Supreme Court's ongoing project to expunge all references to God from the public domain. — Benjamin Hart

Public Domain Quotes By Anonymous

The Ministry places great importance and focus on the waste management issue as one of the most pressing priorities in the UAE, given its economic, social, environmental and medical effects. The Ministry addresses this issue through two approaches, the first in limiting the generation of waste form the source, by organizing awareness programs that target families and individuals, or by regulations and developing a national regulatory framework for waste management. The second revolves around the reuse and recycling of waste as a national commitment and one of the major objectives of the national agenda of the UAE Vision 2021. We all hope that we can strengthen the cooperation between the public and private sector in that domain, and encourage private companies to play a more vital role in waste management in a way that exceeds corporate social responsibility initiatives. — Anonymous

Public Domain Quotes By George Ratliff

In the past, people could use their music because there are these bootlegs floating around that were supposedly public domain but they weren't, and now they've locked everything up and it's become really near impossible to use their music in movies. — George Ratliff

Public Domain Quotes By Tawakkol Karman

I discovered that wearing the veil is not suitable for a woman who wants to work in activism and the public domain. People need to see you, to associate and relate to you. It is not stated in my religion to wear the veil; it is a traditional practice, so I took it off. — Tawakkol Karman

Public Domain Quotes By Howard Nemerov

That so much of our experience, or the stereotype which passes for it should be dealt with by means of the short story is perhaps a symptom not unnoticeable elsewhere in the public domain of an unlovely cynicism about human character. — Howard Nemerov

Public Domain Quotes By Marshall McLuhan

The movie stars and matinee idols are put into the public domain by photography. They become dreams that money can buy. They can be bought and thumbed more easily than public prostitutes. — Marshall McLuhan

Public Domain Quotes By Joseph Campbell

The myth is the public domain and the dream is the private myth. If your private myth, your dream, happens to coincide with that of the society, you are in good accord with your group. If it isn't, you've got a long adventure in the dark forest ahead of you. — Joseph Campbell

Public Domain Quotes By Genie Francis

My heart goes out to the Lindsay Lohans and Britneys who have really had childhood taken from them and probably missed important developmental steps. They have become sort of 'public domain' and something to be made money on. There's no sense of self there, I'm sure of it. — Genie Francis

Public Domain Quotes By Jack Valenti

A public domain work is an orphan. No one is responsible for its life. But everyone exploits its use, until that time certain when it becomes soiled and haggard, barren of its previous virtues. How does the consumer benefit from the steady decline of a film's quality? — Jack Valenti

Public Domain Quotes By John Perry Barlow

They seem to have forgotten that, and are back saying the only purpose of P2P networks is for illegal trading of owned goods. We claim part of the reason for P2P is for legal trading of what ought to be in public domain. And what is in public domain in many cases. — John Perry Barlow

Public Domain Quotes By Noam Chomsky

Universities face a constant struggle to maintain their integrity, and their fundamental social role in a healthy society, in the face of external pressures. The problems are heightened with the expansion of private power in every domain, in the course of the state-corporate social engineering projects of the past several decades. . . . To defend their integrity and proper commitments is an honorable and difficult task in itself, but our sights should be set higher than that. Particularly in the societies that are more privileged, many choices are available, including fundamental institutional change, if that is the right way to proceed, and surely including scholarship that contributes to, and draws from, the never-ending popular struggles for freedom and justice. 5 Higher education is under attack not because it is failing, but because it is a potentially democratic public sphere. — Noam Chomsky

Public Domain Quotes By Carl Malamud

Librarians are the bedrock of the public domain and the defenders of our fundamental right to access knowledge. — Carl Malamud

Public Domain Quotes By Alex Kozinski

For better or worse, we are the Court of Appeals for the Hollywood Circuit. Millions of people toil in the shadow of the law we make, and much of their livelihood is made possible by the existence of intellectual property rights. But much of their livelihood - and much of the vibrancy of our culture - also depends on the existence of other intangible rights: The right to draw ideas from a rich and varied public domain, and the right to mock, for profit as well as fun, the cultural icons of our time. — Alex Kozinski

Public Domain Quotes By Lucinda Coxon

Even thought this is a remarkable story [The danish Girl] and these are two fascinating people in their own right, Lili's story had been in the public domain but this had somehow slipped out of sight. It seemed bizarre then but I couldn't have imagined releasing the film in a climate like today around trans issues and the comfort people have about it in the public eye. — Lucinda Coxon

Public Domain Quotes By Lawrence Lessig

One theme of what I've been writing has been to get people to understand that "apolitical" means "you lose." It doesn't mean you live a utopian life free of politicians' influence. The destruction of the public domain is the clearest example, but it will only be the first. — Lawrence Lessig

Public Domain Quotes By Maureen Murdock

Women's bodies are public domain, as evidenced clearly at the present time by the furor over abortion. Everyone has an opinion about what a woman should or should not do with her body. — Maureen Murdock

Public Domain Quotes By Lawrence Lessig

Creativity builds upon the public domain. The battle that we're fighting now is about whether the public domain will continue to be fed by creative works after their copyright expires. That has been our tradition but that tradition has been perverted in the last generation. We're trying to use the Constitution to reestablish what has always been taken for granted
that the public domain would grow each year with new creative work. — Lawrence Lessig

Public Domain Quotes By Solomon Ortiz

While I believe our Constitution allows for State and local governments to execute the power of eminent domain for those purposes that specifically serve the public good, condemning property solely to implement economic development plans is not serving the public good. — Solomon Ortiz

Public Domain Quotes By Mark Helprin

'Freeing' a literary work into the public domain is less a public benefit than a transfer of wealth from the families of American writers to the executives and stockholders of various businesses who will continue to profit from, for example, 'The Garden Party,' while the descendants of Katherine Mansfield will not. — Mark Helprin

Public Domain Quotes By Hugo Ball

Each thing has its word, but the word has become a thing by itself. Why shouldn't I find it? Why can't a tree be called Pluplusch, and Pluplubasch when it has been raining? The word, the word, the word outside your domain, your stuffiness, this laughable impotence, your stupendous smugness, outside all the parrotry of your self-evident limitedness. The word, gentlemen, is a public concern of the first importance. — Hugo Ball

Public Domain Quotes By Barbara Hambly

It'll take a while for all those strange old books that I love to show up on digital: books that aren't current bestsellers but aren't public-domain freebies, either. — Barbara Hambly

Public Domain Quotes By Carl Futia

Competition among investors leads to a situation in which knowledge in the public domain can't lead to above-average investment returns. — Carl Futia

Public Domain Quotes By John McAfee

Limit use of shareware and public domain software to systems without fixed disks. If you do use them on fixed disks, allocate separate subdirectories ... Public domain or shareware software should never be placed in the root directory. — John McAfee

Public Domain Quotes By Louis Stokes

There are, in the King case in particular, some names of confidential informants, persons to whom we promised confidentiality in return for their testimony. We have put their testimony in the public domain, but feel that their names should continue to be anonymous. — Louis Stokes

Public Domain Quotes By Maurice Wilkes

Much of the early engineering development of digital computers was done in universities. A few years ago, the view was commonly expressed that universities had played their part in computer design, and that the matter could now safely be left to industry. [ ... ] Apart from the obvious functions of keeping in the public domain material that might otherwise be hidden, universities can make a special contribution by reason of their freedom from commercial considerations, including freedom from the need to follow the fashion. — Maurice Wilkes

Public Domain Quotes By Samuel Barnett

Journalists have sometimes looked to my Twitter account and quoted me from there, and that's fine because that's public domain. I know exactly what I'm doing when I post something on Twitter; in a way, it's saying, 'This is who I am, and I don't have anything to hide.' — Samuel Barnett

Public Domain Quotes By James W. Bodden

Hannibal knew your beauty was trouble. Only bad things could come from such a pretty girl. You were made for temptation. You would be a source of jealousy and greed. Men would lust, plot and kill to claim you as their own. He decided to place you in the public domain and donate your body to the pimps as a gift to the people. — James W. Bodden

Public Domain Quotes By Ibrahim Ibrahim

The Lord's Creation is like Agarwood, when touched by man (i.e., mould) it becomes infected; as the infection progresses, the Creation produces magic in response to the attack, which only the observant attentive believer can pick up the traces thereof. The purity of that Elixir depends on how it is being distilled from the Agarwood (i.e., The Lord's Creation) by the faithful; the more believing she/he is, the more miraculous the testimony becomes. And only by striving can the incense be extracted into the air (i.e., the public domain) for that its release requires the adequate amount of inquisitive energy to be exerted - that's where the scholar's role lies. Disbelief, however, is touched only by the smoke triggering thereby, disease. Therefore, the Agarwood (i.e., The Lord's Creation) was given to serve man for that without man's interaction with it, there would be no magic to extract. — Ibrahim Ibrahim

Public Domain Quotes By Jim Ryun

One would expect that private property taken by eminent domain would become land available for public use such as parks and roads. Unfortunately, this decision creates a loophole for government to manipulate the definition of public use simply to generate greater tax revenue. — Jim Ryun

Public Domain Quotes By John McAfee

If operating in a network environment, do not place public domain or shareware programs in a common file-server directory that could be accessible to any other PC on the network. — John McAfee

Public Domain Quotes By Kevin McCloud

The more of your private life you put into the public domain, the smaller your private life becomes. — Kevin McCloud

Public Domain Quotes By Clare Short

So my own suspicion is that the attorney has stopped this prosecution because part of her defence was to question legality and that would have brought his advice into the public domain again and there was something fishy about the way in which he said war was legal. — Clare Short

Public Domain Quotes By Anita Elberse

I spend way too much time watching television, going to sports games, going to movies. It struck me that there's an awful lot of data in the public domain for these sectors. The movie industry publishes weekly sales numbers - not many industries do. — Anita Elberse

Public Domain Quotes By Julia Kent

I feel like these sounds are the ultimate kind of free sounds, the ultimate public domain sounds. And I feel like people put them in completely different contexts, and they mean something different to everybody. — Julia Kent

Public Domain Quotes By Terry Pratchett

There are now, to the delight of parasitical writers like me, what I might almost call "public domain" plot items. There are dragons, and magic users, and far horizons, and quests, and items of power, and weird cities. There's the kind of scenery that we would have had on earth if only God had had the money. — Terry Pratchett

Public Domain Quotes By Elmo Richardson

The United States inherited a seemingly inexhaustible fortune in natural resources, yet it has responded to its environment with a dismaying mixture of materialism and inertia. The nation was virtually founded upon a ubiquitous desire for access to land and its contents. Its amazing growth during the nineteenth century was based directly upon the exploitation - immediate, unplanned, full use of soils, minerals, forests, and rivers. Equitable access to these natural bounties rather than constitutional guarantees would be the practical basis for democracy. Subsequently, political institutions were shaped in such a way that they could facilitate the disposition of the public domain. But that expectation, as later generations ruefully observed, did not materialize. The combination of economics and government had instead produced a handful of owners and policy makers who were beyond the control of the ballot box. — Elmo Richardson

Public Domain Quotes By Alex Kozinski

Overprotecting intellectual property is as harmful as underprotecting it. Creativity is impossible without a rich public domain. Nothing today, likely nothing since we tamed fire, is genuinely new: Culture, like science and technology, grows by accretion, each new creator building on the works of those who came before. Overprotection stifles the very creative forces it's supposed to nurture. — Alex Kozinski

Public Domain Quotes By Robert K. Merton

Only when he has published his ideas and findings has the scientist made his contribution, and only when he has thus made it part of the public domain of scholarship can he truly lay claim to it as his own. For his claim resides only in the recognition accorded by peers in the social system of science through reference to his work. — Robert K. Merton

Public Domain Quotes By Lawrence Lessig

All of the great Disney works took works that were in the public domain and remixed them. — Lawrence Lessig

Public Domain Quotes By John Sayles

Fahrenheit 9/11 took public domain information that should have been on the news every night and put it in a film that a lot of people went to see. But still Bush has never had to answer those charges. — John Sayles

Public Domain Quotes By D.M. Hoover

Plato spoke of the Sisters of Fate on the last 3 pages of his book, "The Republic" when he said: "Then the Sisters of Fate take all of our choices and weave them on their loom into the fabric of destiny. Hear the word of Lachesis, the daughter of Necessity. Mortal souls, behold a new cycle of life and mortality. Your genius will not be allotted to you, but you will choose your genius; and let him who draws the first lot have the first choice, and the life which he chooses shall be his destiny. Virtue is free, and as a man honors' or dishonors her he will have more or less of her; the responsibility is with the chooser - God is justified" [Quote from Plato's Republic written 360BCE In the Public Domain] — D.M. Hoover

Public Domain Quotes By Lewis Carroll

and illustrations are in the public domain and are free to use, reproduce, or alter as desired. Cover and — Lewis Carroll

Public Domain Quotes By Flemming Rose

If a believer demands that I, as a nonbeliever, observe his taboos in the public domain, he is not asking for my respect, but for my submission. — Flemming Rose

Public Domain Quotes By Lloyd Kaufman

Mickey Mouse should be in the public domain by now. What a better world it would be if other people were doing things with Mickey Mouse! — Lloyd Kaufman

Public Domain Quotes By Heather Brooke

CCTV is seen either as a symbol of Orwellian dystopia or a technology that will lead to crime-free streets and civil behaviour. While arguments continue, there is very little solid data in the public domain about the costs, quantity and effectiveness of surveillance. — Heather Brooke

Public Domain Quotes By Arthur Henderson

On the contrary, the characteristic element of the present situation is that economic questions have finally and irrevocably invaded the domain of public life and politics. — Arthur Henderson

Public Domain Quotes By Colin Farrell

I have a piano in my living room that I mess around on a little bit and when I asked Len [Wiseman] if I could find a piece of music, I went through a **** load of classical music to find something that I felt had a certain urgency to it, but also with a hint of melancholia and maybe a sense of longing. I found that which is public domain and I had a piano teacher to go through it with me. — Colin Farrell

Public Domain Quotes By Florentijn Hofman

That is the effect of my sculptures in the public domain: people are making contact with each other again. — Florentijn Hofman

Public Domain Quotes By Peter Thiel

Every time you write an email, it is in the public domain. There are all these ways where security is not as good as people believe. — Peter Thiel

Public Domain Quotes By Lawrence Lessig

By the time Apple's Macintosh operating system finally falls into the public domain, there will be no machine that could possibly run it. The term of copyright for software is effectively unlimited. — Lawrence Lessig

Public Domain Quotes By Henry A. Giroux

Under the notion that unregulated market-driven values and relations should shape every domain of human life, the business model of governance has eviscerated any viable notion of social responsibility while furthering the criminalization of social problems and cutbacks in basic social services, especially for young people, the elderly, people of color, and the impoverished.36 At this historical juncture there is a merging of violence and governance along with the systemic disinvestment in and breakdown of institutions and public spheres that have provided the minimal conditions for democracy. This becomes obvious in the emergence of a surveillance state in which social media not only become new platforms for the invasion of privacy but further legitimate a culture in which monitoring functions are viewed as both necessary and benign. Meanwhile, the state-sponsored society of hyper-fear increasingly regards each and every person as a potential terrorist suspect. — Henry A. Giroux

Public Domain Quotes By Lee H. Hamilton

The temptations are great to simply retreat to the domain of private life and give up on our public problems. — Lee H. Hamilton

Public Domain Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

We have a right to expect that the best trained, the best educated men on the Pacific slope, the Rocky Mountains, and great plains States will take the lead in the preservation and right use of forests, in securing the right use of waters, and in seeing that our land policy is not twisted from its original purpose, but is perpetuated by amendment, by change when such change is necessary in the life of that purpose, the purpose being to turn the public domain into farms each to be the property of the man who actually tills it and makes his home in it. — Theodore Roosevelt

Public Domain Quotes By Dax Shepard

You can't put the Hollywood sign in a movie without paying them. That is a landmark in L.A. I'm sorry, remove it from our skyline, then. You know? How dare they. That should be public domain, right? But it's privately owned, and they enforce that. They sue people. If you see it in the movie, they've paid for that. — Dax Shepard