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Autopilot Quotes By Debbie Ford

Often, psychological laziness will have you switch your life over to autopilot and fall asleep at the wheel rather than stay awake to what will fulfill your heart's deepest desires and your soul's purpose. — Debbie Ford

Autopilot Quotes By Chris Hardwick

Long ago you may have given up control of your brain and set it on autopilot either because it just felt like too much work. And it is work! But for me, this work was well worth it for the prospect of not waking up sad every day. — Chris Hardwick

Autopilot Quotes By Lisa A. Mininni

One of the ways to make sure you have a thriving practice is to always market. The best way to do that is to systematize your marketing mix, so it runs on autopilot. — Lisa A. Mininni

Autopilot Quotes By Jerry Andrus

We see things based on autopilot. Our mind identifies something in a certain way, no matter what the eye sees. The eye tells you one thing and the brain tells you another. — Jerry Andrus

Autopilot Quotes By Diane Ackerman

Habit, a particularly insidious thug who chokes passion and smothers love. Habit puts us on autopilot. — Diane Ackerman

Autopilot Quotes By Tsh Oxenreider

Do whatever it takes to increase your sensitivity to the little things in life you wouldn't otherwise notice, much less savor, if your autopilot setting is hurry. You've got to power down frequently enough to enjoy the effects of intentional living. — Tsh Oxenreider

Autopilot Quotes By Phil Barden

The autopilot needs about 10,000 hours' experience of a specific topic before intuition develops fully. — Phil Barden

Autopilot Quotes By Roy Niederhoffer

The way an aircraft flies - that is the way the strategy works. Most of the time the plane is on autopilot, and does a great job of flying itself. Every once in a while it is necessary for the pilot to jump in. — Roy Niederhoffer

Autopilot Quotes By Suze Orman

Put your financial life on autopilot as a form of 'forced' saving. — Suze Orman

Autopilot Quotes By Paula Rinehart

Life is not a journey you want to make on autopilot. — Paula Rinehart

Autopilot Quotes By Kimberly Giles

You can experience this moment in fear, focused on yourself, or you can experience it in trust and love. It's up to you. BUT (and this is a big but), if you don't consciously choose to experience this moment in trust and love, your subconscious mind will choose for you, and it will probably choose fear, since fear is probably your autopilot. (This is a key principle so I am repeating it often on purpose.) — Kimberly Giles

Autopilot Quotes By Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Forget dice rolling or boxes of chocolates as metaphors for life. Think of yourself as a dreaming robot on autopilot, and you'll be much closer to the truth. — Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Autopilot Quotes By Matthew Perry

As an actor, being on autopilot is the worst thing possible. — Matthew Perry

Autopilot Quotes By Lauren Mackler

When you're living by default, you're automatically reacting to life in habitual ways, many of which may be limiting you and your life. In contrast, living deliberately means making more conscious and constructive life choices. When you're living deliberately, you're living from a position of responsibility; you're making choices with greater awareness. You're taken yourself off autopilot, so you're better prepared to align your actions with the results you want to achieve. — Lauren Mackler

Autopilot Quotes By Rachel Maddow

By the time Bill Clinton left office in 2001, an Operation Other Than War, as Pentagon forces called them, could go on indefinitely, sort of on autopilot - without real political costs or consequences, or much civilian notice. We'd gotten used to it.
By 2001, the ability of a president to start and wage military operations without (or even in spite of) Congress was established precedent. — Rachel Maddow

Autopilot Quotes By Alicia Sacramone

I was terrified of vault, like literally I hated it. I had a fear of running as fast as I could at a solid object, which is I think a normal fear to have because nobody would really want to do that. Once I got over the fear of running into the table I just kind of relaxed and now it's like autopilot. I love it. — Alicia Sacramone

Autopilot Quotes By Joshua Foer

As a task becomes automated, the parts of the brain involved in conscious reasoning become less active and other parts of the brain take over. You could call it the "OK plateau," the point at which you decide you're OK with how good you are at something, turn on autopilot, and stop improving. — Joshua Foer

Autopilot Quotes By Lauren Oliver

My mind is on autopilot and my thoughts are a million miles away — Lauren Oliver

Autopilot Quotes By Chris Matakas

Autopilot is great, and removal of thought is one of the highest ideals of training. But removal of thought in the moment must be preceded by purposeful thought beforehand. — Chris Matakas

Autopilot Quotes By Elon Musk

We polled Tesla owners, do you want autopilot disabled or not. Not one person wanted it disabled. That's pretty telling. — Elon Musk

Autopilot Quotes By Michael Pitre

It's about pressing palms, bro. Getting the funds under management. Money into the market. After that, the shit's on autopilot. — Michael Pitre

Autopilot Quotes By Rick Warren

Lasting change requires new ways of thinking. The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the way you act. If you want to change how you act, you must begin by changing the way you think. Your thoughts are the autopilot of your life. — Rick Warren

Autopilot Quotes By Joel Osteen

One study says that 90 percent of our everyday behavior is based on our habits ... That means how we treat people, how we spend our money, what we watch, what we listen to - 90 percent of the time, we're on autopilot. We do what we've always done. — Joel Osteen

Autopilot Quotes By Linda Fisher Thornton

We must ask ourselves, Is our thinking on autopilot? Is that autopilot programmed to make ethical decisions? — Linda Fisher Thornton

Autopilot Quotes By John Scalzi

The supply transport's on autopilot most of the way down anyway. I'm just on board so that if it crashes, they can say someone died. — John Scalzi

Autopilot Quotes By Cleary James

She preferred to be numb. And mostly these days she was. She played dead, sleepwalking her way through her life on autopilot, hardly caring whether he hit her or kissed her - it was all the same in the end. — Cleary James

Autopilot Quotes By Charles F. Glassman

Habits are familiar and comfortable, putting our reactions on autopilot and often leading us, instead, to great discomfort. — Charles F. Glassman

Autopilot Quotes By Joshua Foer

The secret to improving at a skill is to retain some degree of conscious control over it while practicing - to force oneself to stay out of autopilot. — Joshua Foer

Autopilot Quotes By Perdita Felicien

The times when I am running the best are when it feels effortless. The body is on autopilot, doing what you have trained it to do. — Perdita Felicien

Autopilot Quotes By David McRaney

Priming works best when you are on autopilot, when you aren't trying to consciously introspect before choosing how to behave. When you are unsure how best to proceed, suggestions bubble up from the deep that are highly tainted by subconscious primes. In addition, your brain hates ambiguity and is willing to take shortcuts to remove it from any situation. If there is nothing else to go on, you will use what is available. When pattern recognition fails, you create patterns of your own. In the aforementioned experiments, there was nothing else for the brain to base its unconscious attitudes on, so it focused on the business items or the clean smells and ran with the ideas. The only problem was the conscious minds of the subjects didn't notice. — David McRaney

Autopilot Quotes By Emma Donoghue

Yeah, but for me, see, Jack was everything. I was alive again, I mattered. So after that I was polite." "Polite? Oh, you mean with - " "It was all about keeping Jack safe." "Was it agonizingly hard to be, as you put it, polite?" Ma shakes her head. "I did it on autopilot, you know, Stepford Wife." The — Emma Donoghue

Autopilot Quotes By Sam Owen

Get in the driving seat of your thoughts. You control them and they absolutely control your life. — Sam Owen

Autopilot Quotes By Joan Didion

The genuflection toward 'fairness' is a familiar newsroom piety, in practice the excuse for a good deal of autopilot reporting and lazy thinking but in theory a benign ideal. In Washington, however, a community in which the management of news has become the single overriding preoccupation of the core industry, what 'fairness' has often come to mean is a scrupulous passivity, an agreement to cover the story not as it is occurring but as it is presented, which is to say as it is manufactured. — Joan Didion

Autopilot Quotes By Bertrand Piccard

Very often, human beings are living like on autopilot, reacting automatically with what happens. What interests me about the life of an explorer is you are in the unknown; you are out of your habits. — Bertrand Piccard

Autopilot Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Then since the autopilot will have it trimmed out to fly in a straight line, the glider will begin what the pilot calls a controlled descent. That kind of a descent, I tell him, would be nice for a change. — Chuck Palahniuk

Autopilot Quotes By Sadie Grubor

Did you even realize who was at that table?" The one with long, dark, wavy hair laughs. "I mean, let's just for a minute acknowledge that you just sang to two of the members from Corrosive Velocity and Jackson Shaw! Like, from The Forgotten, Jackson Shaw."
"Sid, keep it down." The other hisses so low, I'm almost unable to hear her.
Realizing this is my snake charmer, I slip into autopilot with the gathering fans: nod, smile, and sign.
"You've got to be more excited. I mean, the man is seven feet of lickable body graffiti. Whew! I'd climb his beanstalk any day. — Sadie Grubor

Autopilot Quotes By John Ortberg

Good habits are enormously freeing - we accomplish good things almost on autopilot. One study from Duke University found that more than 40 percent of the actions people take every day aren't decisions, but habits. Good habits free us, but when sin becomes a habit, our souls lose their freedom. — John Ortberg

Autopilot Quotes By Caroline Webb

You make the most of your brain's talents if you adjust for the limitations of each system. That means creating the conditions for your deliberate system to function at its best, and recognizing when to slow down and come off autopilot. — Caroline Webb

Autopilot Quotes By Adam Johnson

The autopilot is a hands-free piece of electronic wizardry. It's not some brutal application of electricity like one of the Pubyok's car batteries ... Think of its probing as a conversation with the mind, imagine it in a dance with identity. Yes, picture a pencil and eraser engaged in a beautiful dance across the page. The pencil's tip bursts with expression - squiggles, figures, words - filling the page, as the eraser measures, takes note, follows in the pencil's footsteps, leaving only blankness in its wake. The pencil's next seizure of scribbles is perhaps more intense and desperate, but shorter lived, and the eraser follows again. They continue in lockstep this way, the self and the state, coming closer to one another until finally the pencil and the eraser are almost one, moving in sympathy, the line disappearing even as it's laid down, the words unwritten before the letters are formed, and finally there is only white. — Adam Johnson

Autopilot Quotes By Ray N. Kuili

Someone said that our goals keep us going, but it's our dreams that make us tick. So if you disconnect your goals from your dreams, don't be surprised if one morning you realize that your life is on autopilot. — Ray N. Kuili

Autopilot Quotes By Devin Townsend

I'd be lying if I said I went into any project with any premeditated ideas of what's gonna happen or what's gonna be perceived as a result of it. I just kinda work on autopilot and then, when it's done, it's done and I have more of an internal sense of when that is. And then I leave it up to the audience to decide if one's better than the other. — Devin Townsend

Autopilot Quotes By Charlie Houpert

Remember: the whole goal of conversation is to connect emotionally. So you should ask questions that elicit an emotional response. The reason so many of the questions people ask fall flat is because they don't do this. They never bypass the autopilot people live on. — Charlie Houpert

Autopilot Quotes By Charlie Houpert

To wake people up. To break the spell of autopilot. Aim to get that smile that they don't normally let loose. Or to make them comment, "Hm that's a good question, I never thought about that!" When you rescue people from the purgatory of meaningless small talk, you're doing a good deed. So get to the real stuff that makes them wake up and care. — Charlie Houpert

Autopilot Quotes By Diane Ackerman

The idea of safety had shrunk into particles - one snug moment, then the next. Meanwhile, the brain piped fugues of worry and staged mind-theaters full of tragedies and triumphs, because unfortunately, the fear of death does wonders to focus the mind, inspire creativity, and heightens the senses. Trusting one's hunches only seems gamble if one has time for seem; otherwise the brain goes on autopilot and trades the elite craft of analysis for the best rapid insights that float up from its danger files and ancient bag of tricks. — Diane Ackerman

Autopilot Quotes By Elon Musk

I think Tesla will most likely develop its own autopilot system for the car, as I think it should be camera-based, not Lidar-based. However, it is also possible that we do something jointly with Google. — Elon Musk

Autopilot Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

Habits equal autopilot. Take brushing your teeth for example. Once that becomes a habit, you don't have to write positive affirmations or remind yourself constantly to brush your teeth. It is simply a habitual part of what you do every day. That is why I emphasize the five habits of stress management, not the five rules or the five goals. If you make these five habits an essential part of your life, then you will be able to manage stress effectively. — Gudjon Bergmann

Autopilot Quotes By Kelly Exeter

Every productive person you will ever come across believes in routine. Hand on my heart, I haven't yet met one who has found 'flying by the seat of their pants' to be an effective way to go about things. That's because having a routine reduces cognitive load. The more stuff you can do on autopilot, the more room you have for ideas and making stuff happen. Having — Kelly Exeter

Autopilot Quotes By Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I think my personal minimum score for anything I'm thinking about doing
knitting or not
is about a seven on the interest scale. If something's scoring a five, like a movie, then I need to add at least two points of knitting to do it for me to be able to hang in.
If it's something gripping, like a conversation with a charming and entertaining friend, I may not need to add much knitting at all. If my friend scores a nine, I might only toss in a plain sock, with no patterning or anything, just round and round on autopilot while we visit. (I can only think of one thing I do with another person that really has no room to add any sort of knitting to, but let's not discuss it here.) — Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Autopilot Quotes By Lauren Oliver

So many questions crowd my brain at once, it's like one of the famous Portland fogs has swept up from the ocean and settled there, making it impossible to think normal, functional thoughts. We're sitting on the floor of the living room, which is squashed up right next to the "dining room", and I'm holding Jenny's workbook on my knees, reciting the problems to her, but my mind is on autopilot and my thoughts are a million miles away. Or rather, they're exactly 3.4 miles away, down at the marshy edge of Back Cove. — Lauren Oliver

Autopilot Quotes By Chip Heath

Why are habits so important? They are, in essence, behavioral autopilot. They allow lots of good behaviors to happen without the Rider taking charge. Remember that the Rider's self-control is exhaustible, so it's a huge plus if some positive things can happen "free" on autopilot. — Chip Heath

Autopilot Quotes By Elon Musk

I like the word 'autopilot' more than I like the word 'self-driving.' 'Self-driving' sounds like it's going to do something you don't want it to do. 'Autopilot' is a good thing to have in planes, and we should have it in cars. — Elon Musk

Autopilot Quotes By James Wolk

There's a certain rhythm to comedy that is almost like you're dancing and you just go on autopilot, so to speak. There's something just beautifully enjoyable about comedy in that respect. It's a joy to be able to do that. Drama, you get to go to depths that you haven't gone to before. — James Wolk

Autopilot Quotes By Trent Reznor

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is, 'Oh, I'm on stage playing a song,' because you're daydreaming about something else, you're on autopilot. You have to fight that. — Trent Reznor

Autopilot Quotes By Shauna Niequist

Many of us, myself, included, considered our souls necessary collateral damage to get done the things we felt we simply had to get get done - because of other people's expectations, because we want to be know as highly capable, because we're trying to outrun an inner emptiness. And for a while we don't even realize the compromise we've made. We're on autopilot, chugging through the day on fear and caffeine, checking things off the list, falling into bed without even a real thought or feeling or connection all day long, just a sense of having made it through. — Shauna Niequist

Autopilot Quotes By Christopher McDougall

Your body needs to be shocked to become resilient. Follow the same daily routine, and your musculoskeletal system quickly figures out how to adapt and go on autopilot. But surprise it with new challenges
leap over a creek, commando-crawl under a log, sprint till your lungs are bursting
and scores of the shorts out of consideration for my eighty-two-year-old neighbor. — Christopher McDougall

Autopilot Quotes By Gayle Friesen

Don't you think...doesn't it seem sometimes like life is like a plane?...And we're all piloos, you know, of our own planes. When things are going smoothly then we're, like, on autopilot, but sometimes things get a little, well, turbulent and then we have to land the plane on our own..."What about the air traffic control?"...Well, sure. Sometimes the guy is helpful, but maybe he's drunk?...Or maybe there's this big fog so you just put your hands on the controls and look for the runway lights and do your best. On your own. — Gayle Friesen

Autopilot Quotes By Alexa Von Tobel

Automating some of your finances can be incredibly convenient and is a great way to save time, but automating everything makes it too easy to go on autopilot and forget to pay attention to your personal finances. — Alexa Von Tobel

Autopilot Quotes By Jean Chatzky

Put all of your savings on autopilot, and you won't likely notice the missing cash. — Jean Chatzky

Autopilot Quotes By Christopher Moore

I don't know. I don't really have a plan. I don't even know if she's lucid. I've been on autopilot since I heard. I was waiting for you to get home so I could fall apart. — Christopher Moore

Autopilot Quotes By Charles Duhigg

Particularly strong habits, wrote two researchers at the University of Michigan, produce addiction-like reactions so that "wanting evolves into obsessive craving" that can force our brains into autopilot, "even in the face of strong disincentives, including loss of reputation, job, home, and family."2.27 — Charles Duhigg

Autopilot Quotes By Yotam Ottolenghi

Way back when I was a junior pastry chef, I'd bake loads of muffins every morning, as many as 120 or so, while operating on autopilot. — Yotam Ottolenghi

Autopilot Quotes By Kevin J. Donaldson

Even when the economy isn't doing so well, people will still need good products and services. When you build a business around products and services that people will always need, then find innovative ways to let it run on autopilot while you grow it, then that's a sure recipe for wealth. — Kevin J. Donaldson

Autopilot Quotes By Fredrik Backman

They stamp the slush off their boots with autopilot eyes and answering-machine voices while they wait for their drug of choice - caffeine or nicotine or sugar - to kick in and render their bodies at least tolerably functional until the first break. Out — Fredrik Backman

Autopilot Quotes By Meg Medina

When I look up, I'm surprised to find myself in front of the old building. My feet must have gone on autopilot. I'm like one of those African elephants that finds her way home, no matter how far she's roamed. — Meg Medina