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Unromantic Romantic Quotes By Stephen Christian

Honestly i don't understand the rousing of romance all that well. i used to believe in this thing called fate, or destiny. a romantic romeo and juliet, monet and veronica, etc. but now i feel jaded, maybe agnostic to the idea.
but choice used to seem so unromantic, as if some mystic force was not behind the meeting of 2 beautiful individuals. but now i think choice is the greater of the two simply for this fact: by choosing someone you are saying that out of all the people in the entire world i have decided that i want you apart of my life in perpetuum, for the rest of my life, and no one else.
no haphazard circumstance, no chance meetings where distant planets align. it's simply two rational individuals who make a choice and an effort to remain together. — Stephen Christian

Unromantic Romantic Quotes By Julia Quinn

Yes." She sighed again, with even more drama, not that Gregory would have imagined it possible. "It is
all so romantic," she added. "The bride, the groom ... "
"Both are considered standard in the ceremony, I understand."
His mother shot him a peevish look. "How could I have raised a son who is so unromantic?"
Gregory decided there could not possibly be an answer to that. — Julia Quinn

Unromantic Romantic Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

It is futile to advance the argument that glasses are unromantic. They are not. I know, because I wear them myself, and I am a singularly romantic figure, whether in my rimless, my Oxford gold-bordered, or the plain gent's spectacles which I wear in the privacy of my study. — P.G. Wodehouse

Unromantic Romantic Quotes By Harriet Evans

That happy ending business - it's all a bit contrived. I don't ever believe it.
How unromantic. It wasn't true either. The truth was, Elle wanted to believe in happy ever after, more than anything. But to admit it would be to discount what she knew to be the real facts of life. So she didn't know how to admit that she longed, secretly, to have her perspective changed, by something or someone, she didn't know which. — Harriet Evans