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Famous Quotes By Victor Methos

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You feel other people's pain deeply." "Well don't know bout all that but I know what it's like ta lose a daughter. They gonna be in a haze for a long time ta come. It'll be all they think bout." "Does it get easier over time?" "No, it don't. But you learn ta function anyway. — Victor Methos

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Popped a handful of pills, washing them down with a bottle of water. It was Yolanda. The officers and BH team were standing not twenty feet away from her and didn't recognize her. They were laughing and joking. I need to get there, now. This isn't a joke. — Victor Methos

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Whether or not something's fair isn't the right question for us. The question is, how much is the case worth? You might not like that, but this family didn't come to our firm so we could hold their hands. They came to get money for their suffering." "Mrs. — Victor Methos

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You are dealing with national security. Anything labeled a national security issie is taken out from the system. There is no due process, no lawyers. They may do with us what they wish. Fear is a government's greatest weapon. With it, they can convince a people that they need to abandon their freedom. In exchange, they get safety. Of course, you just trade one monster for another, but by the time the people realize this, it is too late.
Excerpt from Superhero. — Victor Methos