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Gaza Humanity Quotes & Sayings

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Top Gaza Humanity Quotes

Gaza Humanity Quotes By Zarina Bibi

How many hearts must break before greed is conquered and humanity rises? — Zarina Bibi

Gaza Humanity Quotes By Dennis Kucinich

Crimes against humanity in Gaza: is it really a 'buffer zone' - or a bigger plan?
It's time to step back and ask if we want to support Israel if it wants to eject all Palestinians from their land. — Dennis Kucinich

Gaza Humanity Quotes By Selma Dabbagh

Soldier on guard says they've identified "someone on two legs a hundred metres from the outpost". The other soldier, in the lookout, says "A girl about ten," but by then they're already shooting. Girl's dead[ ... ]The point is this use of code, on two legs, denoting human. It reminded me of that speech by their Prime Minister saying that we were beasts walking on two legs [ ... ]The idea that having legs makes you human. I thought of adding a Primo Levi-ish dimension to it. Merging this two-legged idea with a sort of general question about what is a man, you know, linking it to "if this is a man who labours in the mud/ who knows no peace/ who fights for a crust of bread?" [ ... ] my thesis being that the occupation, the closures, the siege have made amputees of all of us, crawling around in the mud. Legless in Gaza. The lot of us. — Selma Dabbagh