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Famous Quotes By Ophelia London

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The way he looked at her made her heart beat fast. "I like you, Natalie."
She could not let that mean anything to her.
"That's natural. I'm likable. — Ophelia London

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I'd wondered about it before, even felt a few pretty strong impulses, but this was the first time I really thought about kissing her, right this instant, like I could already taste her lips, breathe in her skin at the side of her neck, feel the curves of her body against mine as I eased her back onto the sand, my fingers tangling in her soft blond hair, sliding under her clothes ... — Ophelia London

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No one who's been into music ever really stops being into it. It's in your soul forever. Maybe it gets buried deep under piles of shit for a while, but it's always there, waiting to make you happy again. — Ophelia London

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If your heart loses the ability to trust, you'll never love again. — Ophelia London

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If he couldn't think of anything on his own, he could quote lines from his favorite Prince song, tell her how his stomach trembled, that she had his butterflies all tied up.
But he just kissed her.
He might keep kissing her forever, not thinking about the consequences or meaning behind anything. She tasted so good and felt so warm, she filled his head to the brink, and when she shifted closer, his brain emptied, and he went spiraling — Ophelia London

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Much to her dismay, he was even better looking up close. The kind of sexy that made panties fly on stage. The kind of sexy that made her want to say, "Screw you!" to her twenty-four more man-less days. — Ophelia London

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Abby was laughing and panting for breath, her eyes bright, her face beaming under the sun. She spilled across the shore at my feet, her blond hair tangled and wet, clothes stuck to her body. She was the sexiest mermaid I'd ever seen. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1358210

He wished he was doing much more than kissing the back of her silky hand, though throwing her on the bar and devouring her like a man-eater wasn't a wise option.
But ... he was only human. — Ophelia London

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Hey," Natalie said. "You're here early."
"It's almost seven. Why are you covered in chocolate? Your clothes and your ... your face. Both your faces."
Luke looked at Natalie, really looked at her. Yep, she was smeared with chocolate like it was camo paint, transferred from his mouth to hers and back again too many times to count.
"We were ... " Natalie began. "We were just
"Sampling," Luke cut in. If Natalie had wanted Ivy to know, she would've come straight out with it.
Ivy crossed her arms. "Sampling?"
"Yeah, I'm interested in her ... product. So she let me, uh, try some." Wow, he couldn't have sounded kinkier if he'd tried.
"But it's all over the floor on that side of the lab. Like, all over the place. It's even on the wall. How did it get on the ceiling? You must be one sloppy eater. — Ophelia London

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Well you." I cut him off. "You're just, ya know ... " I was trying to sound accusatory, but the way he was grinning made me lose my thought. "You're all ... perfect."
Todd frowned at me, but a moment later, he brushed it off with a chuckle. "Naw. I'm just as flawed and depraved as any other hot-blooded man." He looked me in the eyes, all intense and beseeching. "Stick around long enough, and I promise you'll find that out. — Ophelia London

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Do what?she asked, leaning forward, imagining what he had in mind that they might do and would it include her hands on his dragon. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1673908

It's quite simple, really. Someone offers me chocolate cake
or donuts or something, I kind of black out, then come to and
I'm covered in crumbs and feel like I want to barf, and yet I have
no recollection of eating anything. It's the strangest thing. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 494553

And just like that, I've become a
romantic. I blame Bruno Mars. — Ophelia London

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Miles looked so cute, squished on a couch between Will and Trevin. He was polite, too, a gentleman. A fricking sexy gentleman with the biceps of a Harvard crew rower and a smile that truly made her heart throb. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 122025

She kissed her teenage fantasy, the popular boy she used to dream would see something special in her and love her forever. The man kissed her back. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1726461

The impulse pumping through my body was to take ahold of her again and ease her head onto my chest. Well no, my actual impulse was to tear off her purple bra with my teeth and prove she was plenty Bond girl for me. But I sensed that might be a slight overkill ... — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1714715

When he began to play again, then sing those first few words, Aimee felt a flutter in her stomach she wasn't able to squelch. She wasn't a robot, after all. And it wasn't so bizarre to get a little fluttery over a boy as talented and hot as Miles Carlisle. Millions of girls suffered the same ailment. But how many girls stood backstage, close enough that he'd accidentally felt her up in the dark? And how many of those girls had already had their heart broken by him? — Ophelia London

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Abby stared at me, her fingers going all grabby like she wanted to snatch the phone and save me. No girl had ever wanted to save me before. I glanced away, because her worried expression made me want to laugh, but when I wasn't looking at her, the thought of it made me want to kiss her. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 364333

Why was life so unfair that the one guy she felt uncontrollable chemistry with
even when they weren't even touching
was the only guy she had to keep her hands off? — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1489511

I don't know if I'd call it a crush," he finally said. "It's more like, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you for the past five days. When I'm in a band meeting ... " He kissed her eyebrow. "When I'm onstage." He kissed the bridge of her nose. "When I'm trying to bloody fall asleep at night, that's the worst. And the best. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1545698

The way he said it, with a twinkle in his already too-twinkly blue eyes, made Aimee feel twinkly, too. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1547173

I don't spill my drinks on just any man, you know." She touched his cheek. "only dashing shark lovers with pantydropping accents. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1548917

Luke's eyes were on a government position in DC, while all Natalie wanted was help make the world a sweeter place. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1555891

Did you call me an assjacket again? I gotta say, it sounds like a compliment coming from you. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1613210

She lifted her chin; her head weighed fifty pounds. "You tried to poison me."
Pretty sure I succeeded in that. — Ophelia London

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Mel," I began, staring down, "there's something I have to tell you."
"I'm listening, babe."
"I kissed Henry when we were camping."
Well, it was a six-hour kiss, but who's counting? — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 207430

Luke snapped awake to see the gray-haired woman looking at him while adjusting her glasses. She smiled like he was something to eat. There aren't many good shots of you when Natalie was on your lap. She's either leaning over you, or you're at her neck like Bela Lugosi. Though there's one really good part at the end
Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1674220

I love hugging you," Luke said. "I love how our bodies fit when we're still ... I feel like a broken record when I say I know there are a hundred reasons why we shouldn't but Nat, I really want to kiss you. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1694134

The soft wool blend of his sweater felt itchy compared to his skin.
Even though we'd been together all night, I couldn't get over the
feel of him, his taste, that potent, delicious smell of his neck. I was
higher than a fan at a Bob Marley concert. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1421071

Hooking up with a tall, dark stranger in a bar wasn't anywhere on her to do-do list, but as she eyed those broad shoulders, the thick neck, strong-looking hands, and gorgeous mouth ...
What the hell, maybe he should be on the top of her "to-do" list. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1802138

You're head can't do a relationship and my heart can't. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1866903

It's the 'aloha spirit'."
"And you already got leid."
"He means the flowers," Ellie said with a snort. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1890474

Miles jogged off, leaving her alone in the large and quiet room. Aimee stood still, waiting for her mind and heart to go back to normal, return to how she felt a week ago before seeing Miles again.
But they didn't. Or wouldn't. She put both hands over her pounding heart, exhaled, and sank into a chair. Nut-burgers. Now what? — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1957886

His lips crashed against hers. If there had been air in her lungs, she wouldn't have known what to do with it. He kissed her fiercely, making her head spin wilder than a whirlpool, knocking every last puff of breath from her body. — Ophelia London

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In the grand scheme of things, we share a mutual goal, but I'm not a distraction."
He couldn't help laughing, probably loudly enough to scare a school of hammerheads.
"Sharona Blaire." He shook his head, keeping his eyes on the smooth ocean surface. "You've been nothing but the sexiest, most desirable distraction of my life." The admission hung in the air, suspended, and for a painful moment, he regretted being so open ... trusting.
"I guess that means we have something else in common, Jeff Cruz. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1980519

This is the best it's ever been for me, Abby," Todd murmured into my hair. "The best." He kissed my ear. Slowly. "This." He kissed it again. "I hope you understand that."
"Yes," I whispered, not really understanding anything.
Todd pulled back, leveling our faces. "Do you?" he asked intently.
Then we crashed together, like two dehydrated hikers finding an oasis in each other's mouths. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 193398

My mother read it when she was a teenager," Henry said, picking a piece of lint off his lap. "To Kill a Mockingbird. The day she accepted my father's proposal, she gave him a copy and told him that Atticus Finch is the kind of father she wants her husband to be. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 2072731

We're not thirteen and this isn't a locker room."
"Fine, fine. Just remember, I had to watch Dr. Phil with Mom for two months after I had knee surgery. I'm practically a psychiatrist. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 2166778

His eyes were closed, waiting. I tilted my head, slowly taking in every detail of his face.
And suddenly, something remarkable happened, like a switch turned on deep inside my chest. Instead of wanting to make out, to have a summer fling ... I wanted to fall in love. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 121635

Her arms slid around my back and I heard the softest moan in my ear as she snuggled into my chest. Her mouth pressed to my neck, not kissing, just ... there. On me.
Dammity-damn-damn-damn. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1099098

Though there're minor side effects in male adults."
"What side effect?"
She cocked an eyebrow and lowered her voice. "Spontaneous prolonged erection, big guy ... in some test subjects," she added clinically. "A lot of those early tests were done on gorillas ...
"I'm not a gorilla."
She glanced down the front of his lab coat. "Not yet. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 706618

I leaned forward, but Todd lifted a hand to stop me. "There's one more thing I've been meaning to tell you all day."
"What is it?" I asked impatiently, not able to keep from staring at his mouth.
He took his time, drawing in a slow inhale and then letting it out just as slowly. "You," he finally whispered, running a finger across my chin, "absolutely take my breath away."
It was right then that I knew, down to my curling toes and thumping heart, that I had made the correct decision, maybe the most correct decision ever to be made in the history of decision-making. I reached for him, torn between wanting to stare into his incredible green eyes and an almost painful desire to kiss him.
Naturally, we kissed. And kissed. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 731533

I want you alone," he whispered, gliding a hand around her hip, "on a slow boat to China. Days together, nights ... rocking on the waves. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 664462

He turned his face my way, not having very far to lean in, and kissed me once, sweet and slow - a breeze off the ocean - almost like he was asking permission. He opened his eyes to look at me.
Permission granted, Lieutenant.
When we kissed again, it was totally different. He scooted closer, his warm hands on either side of my neck. The pressure of his fingers under my hair was solid and strong, yet always gentle. When his lips parted, I got dizzy, like he might positively absorb me. For a second I feared I might be swooning like those silly ladies in Jane Austen novels.
"That was rude of me to interrupt," he whispered, his lips on the corner of my mouth. "But I'm not about to make this decision easy for you."
How he managed to string together so many coherent words was beyond me; I couldn't even remember what day it was. His fingers combed through my hair, and I caught a flash of his green eyes as they flickered open. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 817304

One slice of key lime pie. Two forks.' I felt Todd's hand on my arm. 'You'll thank me later.' No doubt I would. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 567236

First one of you to call me Yoko," Todd warned as he stepped up, "is a dead man. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 863831

Hmmm, you like that," he whispered, his breath hot and intoxicating.
"I like ... everything. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 959237

You have no idea what I'm thinking," he said. "No idea what I'm feeling
about you." He walked to her, reached out and touched her cheek. "But we both need to find out. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1011980

He may have been helping me out of a pretty huge bind, but I wasn't about to trust him, despite the way he was watching me with that almost-smile, and the way one stray lock of dark hair
had fallen across his forehead, begging for my fingers to push it back then continue running through his hair. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1052983

And you do know I'm the one who decides who I date" - she glared at Sam - "not you. If I want to drag this guy into the janitor's closet and have my way with him, that's none of your business."
"Drag me into a closet?" Hunter asked, his eyebrows up near his hairline. "Offer to buy me dinner first, then I'm all yours. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 553498

He pointed past her shoulder. We're surrounded by neighbors. Though once I have you inside, the walls are thick. You'll have to scream really loud for anyone to hear. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1088290

She kind of accidentally bumped into his chest on the way out. Well, maybe not so accidentally. She saw his muscles through his shirt
they'd just needed a closer physical inspection. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1088527

Think of it this way," he rubbed a fist under his square jaw, "If we hadn't been on the same flight or at the same hotel, you would've had no one to spill your drinks on. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 668239

Slow-slow-quick-quick-slow went her heart.
"Damn, I love the tango," he whispered, tickling her ear. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 492055

Looking out the windows, she could tell they were on the first floor. "Where are we supposed to go now?"
"Well, I don't know about you, but I was running around a stage for two hours tonight, then snogging a seriously hot girl in the back of a bus for another two hours." He put a hand on her cheek that was probably bright red. "So obviously, I'm about to die of starvation. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1141112

Living in L.A., you couldn't help picking up tidbits of the surf culture, almost through osmosis ... it was in the air, like vitamin D and the odd Brad Pitt sighting. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1143406

She looked all wrinkled and sandy and like a big old sexy mess. The chilliest, most low-maintenance chick
I'd ever seen. And she was probably a gazillionaire. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1173194

If I kissed her now, one of two things would happen. We'd either get naked right here on the beach and probably get arrested, or I'd somehow manage to get us up the hill to my house, and then we'd get naked.
But kissing her once, then letting her go. That ... wasn't possible. I couldn't kiss her then go back to my ordinary life. I wasn't Superman.
If I was, though, the girl in my arms was more lethal to me than kryptonite. — Ophelia London

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I asked if you'd rather me keep my shirt on."
"No. Why?"
"Should we throw a tarp over the statue of David while we're at it? — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1249994

Yes, this little vacation was just what the doctor ordered, if that doctor was of the philosophy of running away from your problems. I needed space, I needed to clear my head, and I needed to get back on track. Somehow, somewhere, I'd fallen off course. — Ophelia London

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I shouldn't brag, but I'm one of the top experts in my field."
She swallowed. "Of shark sex, you mean."
"Well, that, too. Anything you want to know on the subject, Sharona ... anything"
he pulled back a sexy half grin
"I'd be happy to enlighten you. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1320156

She ran her hand over the dash.
"You're petting my car," Hunter said, turning the key. "I usually charge for that. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1343193

I thought I was the crazy one," she continued. "I mean, who the hell falls in love in one day?"
"We the hell do. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 1353071

I think you look ... very nice. the way he said it, with a slight pause and that sexy accent, made Sharona forget all about jet lag. Instead, she was on high flirt alert. — Ophelia London

Ophelia London Quotes 479870

Tell me if this is too forward," he said in a low voice that was surprisingly shaky, "but do you want to come
"Yes," she answered, exhaling hot breath on his neck.
He grinned and gave her hip a squeeze. "I must say, this has been the most pleasant surprise I could imagine."
"You're not very imaginative, then." She gave him the flirty eyes.
"Good thing I am. — Ophelia London