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Best Courtesan Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Cam hadn't been this entertained in a long time. No sensual depravities, no skilled courtesan, not even a room full of unclothed women, could have interested him half as much as Miss Amelia Hathaway and her red ribbons. — Lisa Kleypas

Best Courtesan Quotes By Toni Morrison

The calculated violence of a shark grew in her, and like every witch that ever rode a broom straight through the night to a ceremonial infanticide as thrilled by the black wind as by the rod between her legs; like every fed-up-to-the-teeth bride who worried about the consistency of the grits she threw at her husband as well as the potency of the lye she had stirred into them; and like every queen and every courtesan who was struck by the beauty of her emerald ring as she tipped its poison into the old red wine, Hagar was energized by the details of her mission. — Toni Morrison

Best Courtesan Quotes By Theophile Gautier

The famous courtesan Clarimonde died recently, as the result of an orgy which lasted eight days and eight nights. It was something infernally
magnificent. They revived the abominations of the feasts of Belshazzar and Cleopatra. Great God!
what an age this is in which we live! The guests were served by swarthy slaves speaking an unknown tongue, who to my mind had every appearance of veritable demons; the livery of the meanest among them might have served as a gala-costume for an emperor. There have always been current some very
strange stories concerning this Clarimonde, and all her lovers have come to a miserable or a violent end. It has been said that she was a ghoul, a female vampire; but I believe that she was Beelzebub in person. — Theophile Gautier

Best Courtesan Quotes By Alexander Chee

The secret to being a rider in the hippodrome wasn't just that you must be agile, or that you must be good with horses, or that you must be strong and steady as the horse careens to the far end of the arena and back with you riding on its back. It was that you must hide inside your costume a little of a killer's heart.
The animal will be tender with you, and you with it, but the animal never forgets that when what it wants for survival requires your death, it will become unafraid to kill you. And so you cannot forget this, either.
It is, on reflection, good training to be a courtesan. A woman of any kind. — Alexander Chee

Best Courtesan Quotes By Mary Renault

It is something, I thought, when a king can put a courtesan to the blush. — Mary Renault

Best Courtesan Quotes By Cora Pearl

I have never deceived anyone, for I have never belonged to anyone. My independence was all my wealth: I have known no other happiness. — Cora Pearl

Best Courtesan Quotes By Marina Fiorato

She hauled herself up from the streets, for she was once no more than a courtesan. She is reputed to rule her husband; they say that beneath her fine gowns hangs a prick and her balls clang together like a ring o' bells for the doge has none. — Marina Fiorato

Best Courtesan Quotes By Marie Helvin

I think I'm living in the wrong century. I would have made a great courtesan. Not a mistress - I could never be kept - but a courtesan with my own rules. — Marie Helvin

Best Courtesan Quotes By Richard B. Garnett

In the religion of Love the courtesan is a heretic; but the nun is an atheist. — Richard B. Garnett

Best Courtesan Quotes By Guy De Maupassant

The woman, who belonged to the courtesan class, was celebrated for an embonpoint unusual for her age, which had earned for her the sobriquet of "Boule de Suif" (Tallow Ball). Short and round, fat as a pig, with puffy fingers constricted at the joints, looking like rows of short sausages; with a shiny, tightly-stretched skin and an enormous bust filling out the bodice of her dress, she was yet attractive and much sought after, owing to her fresh and pleasing appearance. Her face was like a crimson apple, a peony-bud just bursting into bloom; she had two magnificent dark eyes, fringed with thick, heavy lashes, which cast a shadow into their depths; her mouth was small, ripe, kissable, and was furnished with the tiniest of white teeth. — Guy De Maupassant

Best Courtesan Quotes By Frank Herbert

The Reverend Mother must combine the seductive wiles of a courtesan with the untouchable majesty of a virgin goddess, holding these attributes in tension so long as the powers of her youth endure. For when youth and beauty have gone, she will find that the place-between, once occupied by tension, has become a wellspring of cunning and resourcefulness. — Frank Herbert

Best Courtesan Quotes By Jacqueline Carey

If I had to fall from Cassiel's grace, at least I know it took a courtesan worthy of Kings to do it. — Jacqueline Carey

Best Courtesan Quotes By Jean Antoine Petit-Senn

Public opinion is a courtesan, whom we seek to please without respecting. — Jean Antoine Petit-Senn

Best Courtesan Quotes By Mingmei Yip

I was performing my ritual of sipping tea, shooting flirtatious glances and planning murder — Mingmei Yip

Best Courtesan Quotes By Pietro Aretino

The art of war is like the art of the courtesan; indeed they might be called sisters, since both are slaves of desperation. — Pietro Aretino

Best Courtesan Quotes By Hwang Jini

I'll live as a courtesan, not as a woman. I'll embrace any man that comes my way. It's not hard giving your body and not your heart. And I'll take revenge. To all those rich nobles, I'll get revenge for all the pain I received. No ... even more. Then I'll get revenge on you, Head Mistress. Breaking my love and making me a courtesan, will not be a good thing for you. — Hwang Jini

Best Courtesan Quotes By Pietro Aretino

With a goose-quill and a few sheets of paper, I mock myself of the universe. They say I am the son of a courtesan; it may be so, but I have the heart of a King. I live free, I enjoy myself, I can call myself happy. — Pietro Aretino

Best Courtesan Quotes By Karen Hawkins

A woman with a voice like that should have the face of an angel, the body of a Greek sculpture, and the skills of a courtesan. Chances were, she was a haggard old crone.
The hulking workman began to gather his tools. "I hope ye and yer pa know what ye're doin'. Fop or no, no man takes well to losin' his belongings."
"Psht," the woman said airily. "It's not as if we plan on knocking him in the head and peeling his pockets."
That was something,at least, Dougal thought grimly. — Karen Hawkins

Best Courtesan Quotes By Sylvia Plath

Whore or courtesan, she put on a great little show. — Sylvia Plath

Best Courtesan Quotes By Sarah MacLean

How is it that one woman is ... enough ... for three men?" "I don't know." "She must be a very talented courtesan." "Callie." "Well, that was what she was. Wasn't it?" "Yes." "How very fascinating!" She smiled brightly. "I've never met a courtesan, you know." "I could have surmised as such." "She looked just as I imagined they did! Well, she was rather prettier." Ralston's eyes darted around the room as though he was looking for the quickest escape route. "Callie. Wouldn't you rather gamble than talk about courtesans? — Sarah MacLean

Best Courtesan Quotes By Christina Dodd

What a delight you are! Blessed with the ripe sweetness of a woman, yet as green and untutored as any girl." He made her sound, she realized with bemusement, as charming and pleasing with her cowardice as any courtesan with her wiles. — Christina Dodd

Best Courtesan Quotes By Jacqueline Carey

You're as bad as your master," he muttered, scarce audible amid the sea-sounds. "Worse. At least he didn't ply his words from a courtesan's lips. — Jacqueline Carey

Best Courtesan Quotes By William C. Samples

But it was not what I wanted to do! I wanted to star in a silent movie and vamp the sheik, take a trip to the South Seas ... walk naked in the sand and surf ... write a novel about it. Be the Empress of the Galaxy, be discovered by a hero that would ravish me, and take me away on high adventure! Take a interminable motor home trip across the US and find out how the past had become the present. Journey to Europe, speak flawless French, and become the courtesan in the country chalet where all the real people came to party." She laughed again. "Mostly I did not want be confined to routine ... endless routine. — William C. Samples

Best Courtesan Quotes By Rae Z. Ryans

What did a Lord need with a courtesan and why marry one? The little voice in my head screamed a warning. — Rae Z. Ryans

Best Courtesan Quotes By Anne Stuart

She had the underwear of a thirteen-year-old, as well, he thought. He glanced back at her. But the shoes of a courtesan. — Anne Stuart

Best Courtesan Quotes By Roland Barthes

A mandarin fell in love with a courtesan. 'I shall be yours,' she told him, 'when you have spent a hundred nights waiting for me, sitting on a stool, in my garden, beneath my window.' But on the ninety-ninth night, the mandarin stood up, put his stool under his arm, and went away. — Roland Barthes

Best Courtesan Quotes By Sharon Page

So, sweeting, why were you threatening to throw Tate out of the house? What did he say?"
Leather brushed her chin as he tipped it up. Serious dark eyes met hers. "What did he say?"
She glanced around; surely the footmen were too far away to hear. "He wanted to join us in our bed."
"I'll run him through."
"No! Perhaps he only said it to goad you into a duel. Perhaps it was intended as a way to kill you."
"It was an insult to you, love. That can't be ignored."
"And so you rush inexorably toward death. I don't care if he stands on a Drury Lane stage and calls me a courtesan, I won't have you risking your life. — Sharon Page

Best Courtesan Quotes By John Kennedy Toole

Mother went out again tonight, looking like a courtesan. — John Kennedy Toole

Best Courtesan Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Her newly revealed skin was white and luminous, her body tender and abundantly curved... He closed his eyes briefly, striving to subdue this violent passion. When he opened them again, Vivien had moved away from him and hastily climbed into bed, pulling the linens over her nakedness. Her bashfulness was so genuine, so... well, virginal, that he wondered if this was what she had been like long ago, before embarking on her career as a courtesan.
"Don't cover yourself," he murmured. "Your body is too beautiful to be concealed."
The bedsheets did not lower an in inch. "I'm cold," she said breathlessly, her cheeks flushed.
"I'll warm you," he promised with a quick grin, stripping off his coat. — Lisa Kleypas

Best Courtesan Quotes By Karen Lynch

Ah, the beautiful Celine," Desmund said, earning a smile from her. "Did I ever tell you that you remind me of a courtesan I knew once in King George's court? She was stunning to look upon and much sought after."
Celine toyed with her hair. "You flatter me, Desmund. Was she someone of noble birth?"
"No, but I believe she serviced a duke or two."
I choked on my water. Tristan reached over to pat my back, while smiling graciously at the outraged woman. — Karen Lynch