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Top Adjust Your Expectations Quotes

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Jenna Fischer

You never go into a marriage expecting to get divorced. You go into a marriage expecting it's going to last forever, and you have a lot of ways you dream about the future. You have all these expectations, and then you have to adjust those expectations, and it can be a very unnerving, confusing time. — Jenna Fischer

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Jon Acuff

Want a better job right this second? Choose your attitude and adjust your expectations. — Jon Acuff

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Simon Sinek

More information is always better than less. When people know the reason things are happening, even if it's bad news, they can adjust their expectations and react accordingly. Keeping people in the dark only serves to stir negative emotions. — Simon Sinek

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Marko Burazor

I do not adjust my standpoint to others expactations. — Marko Burazor

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Peter Enns

If, in full conversation with the biblical and extrabiblical evidence, we can adjust our expectations about how the Bible should behave, we can begin to move beyond the impasse of the liberal/conservative debates of the last several generations. — Peter Enns

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By K. Hari Kumar

You can either follow your dreams or adjust with your society's expectations ... Either way, consequences are uncertain ... the path to glory or the boulevard of mediocrity, both lead to the grave ... Choose what's worthwhile, for the end is the same. — K. Hari Kumar

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Magda Gerber

RIE emphasizes the benefits of infants spending peaceful, uninterrupted time following their biological rhythms of falling asleep when sleepy and eating when hungry, rather than their having to adjust too soon to external schedules and unrealistic expectations. First, we have to let the child develop his own rhythm; and then later he can adjust more into adult life. — Magda Gerber

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Joseph J. Ellis

Rather than adjust his expectations in the face of disappointment, he (Jefferson) tended to bury them deeper inside himself and regard the disjunction between his ideals and the worldly imperfections as the world's problems rather than his own. — Joseph J. Ellis

Adjust Your Expectations Quotes By Andrew Weil

The choice is ours: we can keep on craving what we don't have, and so perpetuate our unhappiness, or we can adjust our attitude toward what we do have so that our expectations conform to our experience. — Andrew Weil