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Famous Quotes By Mara Altman

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Do you think we would become a better civilization if we all took acid? TR: Oh, absolutely. I think that LSD is the genie in the bottle of the world. — Mara Altman

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Congratulations is a societal burp that follows a positive act. When you graduate AA, you get a congratulations. When you throw back three bottles of whiskey in one night, you do not. For a species that is interested in furthering its kind, no one will congratulate you for succeeding in one more day of spinsterhood. If you follow the Congratulation Super Highway, you will get engaged, married and then have children. Getting a congratulations has never been so easy. Just have some unprotected sex. — Mara Altman

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No matter who you are, not everybody is going to like what you do, so as long as you're armed with that knowledge, you'll be okay. — Mara Altman

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Sitting around waiting for inspiration is for amateurs. If you're a professional, you show up every day at work. — Mara Altman