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You mean run away? Wolves don't run from a fight. Rebecca Winters in Lone Wolf Rising — Jami Brumfield

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If you're outmatched, out-numbered, out-skilled, you'll run and live to fight another day." Lucky stopped jogging and pulled her close to him. He gently forced her eyes to lock with his. "You need to understand there are plenty of predators in our world who are far more dangerous than you'll ever be. Those are the ones you need to fear and, in a way, respect." ~ Lucky from Lone Wolf Rising — Jami Brumfield

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Vampires, contrary to popular belief, don't incinerate when exposed to sunlight. If that were true, there would be a heck of a lot more stories about spontaneous combustion around the world. They are, however, very sensitive to sunlight and their skin cannot take long term exposure without damaging and burning it, which was painful. From Vampire Princess Rising book two of the Winters Saga — Jami Brumfield

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They're similar to the human idea of the sandman. They used to help people sleep. Now they're more prone to creating nightmares that end in death. Lucky's description of the dream weavers. — Jami Brumfield

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You underestimate your value, Savannah." The threat was clear in her voice. "You do as I tell you. Simple as that. Your life is mine now." From Vampire Princess Rising- book two in the Winters Saga — Jami Brumfield

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I told my father I would lay down my life, give all I have to my alpha except one thing, my heart. My heart belongs to my mate." Gabriel shook his head and gave her a devilish grin, "It's rather ironic that my new alpha happens to be my mate and has owned my heart since birth. — Jami Brumfield

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It's the duty of all witches to maintain balance. Without balance there's no earth, no life, nothing. — Jami Brumfield