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About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Connie Willis

I was flying out to Connecticut for the express purpose of breaking up with my boyfriend and I bought this set of three paperbacks to read on the plane and by the time I got to New Haven I was so worried about Frodo and Sam that I said to my boyfriend, "It's awful. They're trying to sneak into Mordor and the Ringwraiths are after them and I don't trust Gollum and ... " and I completely forgot to break up with him. And, as of yesterday, we've been married thirty-nine years. — Connie Willis

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Jemma Bell

I read. A lot. I read so much that some might call me a book whore. I can read about a book boyfriend who is a gritty biker in a motorcycle club or a sexy drummer in a world famous band. He can be a military man with a bad case of PTSD or a billionaire with a fetish for bondage and spanking. Any way you slice it, multiple book boyfriends are a hell of a lot safer to my feelings than one living, breathing, idiot who will eventually break my heart. I — Jemma Bell

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

Then one Sunday morning, before winter break, Abby's boyfriend, Whitney, materialized at their kitchen table, reading something called "Of Grammatology". When Madeleine asked what the book was about, she was given to understand by Whitney that the idea of a book being "about" something was exactly what this book was against, and that, if it was "about" anything, then it was about the need to stop thinking of books as being about things. — Jeffrey Eugenides

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Jenny Han

Maybe this is why Mommy told Margot not to go to college with a boyfriend. When you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you only want to be with that person, and you forget about everybody else, and then when the two of you break up, you've lost all your friends. They were off doing fun stuff without you. — Jenny Han

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Michael Tolcher

Sooner or later we'll be looking back on everything and we'll laugh about it like we knew what all was happening — Michael Tolcher

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Matt Nathanson

I'll forget about you long enough to forget why I need to — Matt Nathanson

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By A.S. King

It's long past dark, and I don't see anyone walking tonight. Maybe Sundays are off-limits. Maybe my ninja girl even goes to bed and gives her swaying, beautiful hair a break. I wonder where she sneaks off to. I wonder, does she have a secret boyfriend or a favorite place? The ants say: What the hell are you doing to yourself? You'll never see her again. She lives two thousand miles away!
Then I think of Granddad and wonder why I dream about a man who is twelve thousand miles away. It makes me ask: Why do I care so much about people who are so far away from me? — A.S. King

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Kim Karr

River looks at me for a beat, dragging his tongue over his lower lip before continuing. "This is how I remember it. I was singing a gig at the USC Campus Bar. During a break I went to grab a beer. I met the most incredible girl whom I don't think even knew that I sang in the band, but loved music. We seemed to hit it off. We did a couple of shots, drank a few drinks, and talked without any pretense. I asked her to wait for me after the show. She didn't say anything about having a boyfriend or not sticking around and then when I finished she was gone. — Kim Karr

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Jacqueline Wilson

Umm ... abit gross it kinda about boyfriend and girlfriend kinda going throw then they break up then they love each other then they make up again and the girl father said u have to come home until 9pm but the girls want more time to be with her boyfriend — Jacqueline Wilson

About To Break Up With Boyfriend Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

"Hello there, cutie," he drawled. "I thought I smelled you."
"How's the leg?"
His grin turned a little less friendly, more bared teeth than smile. "Hurt like a son of a b*tch."
"Sorry about that."
"I bet you are."
He stepped closer. I stepped back.
"Don't worry," he said. "I forgive you for the leg. I like a little spirit in my fillies." His look sent a shiver through me. "Makes them more fun to break. Now where's that big ox of a boyfriend?"
He moved toward me, I sidestepped, leading him away.
"You wanna play chase, cutie? I'm really good at it. How about we let your boyfriend and Ramon have their fun while we have ours and - ?" — Kelley Armstrong