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Famous Quotes By Brian Haig

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Unlike magnets, opposites do not necessarily attract; sometimes they merely bash one another to death. — Brian Haig

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Guilt is a relative term, as are fairness, justice, and punishment. — Brian Haig

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I'm with the federal government, Drummond, Trust me is another way of saying I'm lying. — Brian Haig

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doting, the guy on the sideline at — Brian Haig

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The lady in the latrine, Julie DuBois, and I were on our first date after three weeks of shameless flirting. I'm about forty, Julie's about thirty - a PhD in English lit, a professor at American University, learned, tenured, brilliant, blonde, blue-eyed - and, not that it matters, also quite attractive. I had been looking forward to this date for a week; I really wanted to get Julie's take on Marcel Proust's persistent use of subordinate clauses, a literary mystery I can never seem to get out of my mind - and yes, Julie was having trouble believing that, too. But men who date women for their looks alone are pigs. — Brian Haig

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They could rename this town shithole and be accused of putting on airs. — Brian Haig

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stereotypes are such dangerous stuff; they narrow your frame of mind, and shape your reference and behavior. — Brian Haig

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Katherine is a lawyer, as I said, and she doesn't lie; the truth, however, after it passes through her lips can be unrecognizable. — Brian Haig