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Top Building Garage Quotes

Building Garage Quotes By Walter Isaacson

Results in binary code with little lights. When it was finished, Fernandez told Wozniak there was someone at Homestead High he should meet. "His name is Steve. He likes to do pranks like you do, and he's also into building electronics like you are." It may have been the most significant meeting in a Silicon Valley garage since Hewlett went into Packard's thirty-two years earlier. "Steve and I just sat on the sidewalk in front of Bill's house for the longest time, just sharing stories - mostly about pranks we'd pulled, and also what kind of electronic designs — Walter Isaacson

Building Garage Quotes By Casey Neistat

I was always the guy who jumped off the roof of the garage, who could climb up the facade of a building. — Casey Neistat

Building Garage Quotes By Jarod Kintz

My hands fell asleep, so I washed them with hot coffee. Then I had donuts for breakfast, by way of spinning circles in my car and burning rubber in the parking garage of my office building. — Jarod Kintz

Building Garage Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

You take enough blasting gelatin and wrap the foundation columns of anything, you can topple any building in the world. You have to tamp it good and tight with sandbags so the blast goes against the column and not out into the parking garage around the column.
This how-to stuff isn't in any history book. — Chuck Palahniuk

Building Garage Quotes By Amy Tincher-Durik

Edward gets funky in Beverly Mitchell's (and Jessica Biel's) garage rec room by painting the walls gray, building room screens that are painted gray and chartreuse, upholstering thrift store and existing furniture...
Hildi brings a little refinement to George and Jeff Stolt'z bachelor pad living room...
(Season 3, Episode 52) — Amy Tincher-Durik

Building Garage Quotes By Joe Hill

As she stood there looking about, that radio sound resolved into the bluff baritone of Burl Ives, encouraging all the world to have a holly jolly Christmas, and never mind it was the third week of March. The voice was coming from the attached garage, a dingy building with a single roll-up door and four square windows looking into it, milky with filth. — Joe Hill