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Your Crush To Wake Up To Quotes By Candis Terry

Have you ever been in love, Alison?" He leaned in and draped his arm along the back of her chair. "I'm not talking about a crush or infatuation. I'm talking about where you'd do anything for someone. Can't stop thinking about them. Be there if they were sick or just needed a shoulder to lean on. Someone you wanted to wake up to every single day and couldn't wait until you saw them again at night. Someone who made you feel like you're everything you've ever wanted to be. — Candis Terry

Your Crush To Wake Up To Quotes By Joe DeRouen

Thank God Ben had been there to wake her.
But then, when hadn't he been there? It was she that kept pushing him away. Even as a kid, before his adoration of her had turned into a full-blown crush, she'd kept him at arm's length. — Joe DeRouen

Your Crush To Wake Up To Quotes By Jay Kristoff

My gift to you, Yukiko-chan.' He nodded. 'Use it to cut away your fear, and leave nothing in its wake. Cherish it. And cherish this truth I speak to you now, if no other before or after: The greatest tempest Shima has even known waits in the wings for you to call its name. Your anger can topple mountains. Crush empires. Change the very shape of the world.'
He pressed the blade into her hand, watched her with cool eyes the colour of steel.
'Your anger is a gift. — Jay Kristoff

Your Crush To Wake Up To Quotes By Jennifer Rush

Hope is a waking dream.' I let the words echo in my head. The quote reminded me of that feeling you get when you start to wake from a dream you don't want to leave. That crushing sensation in the center of your chest, like you are losing an important piece of yourself you won't ever get back. — Jennifer Rush

Your Crush To Wake Up To Quotes By Crystal Woods

I imagine you dream of me on the nights I dream of you. I'm always so confused by the platonic way we enjoy each other's company. We talk about so many things that I can't recall when I wake up. How did you get me pregnant last night? We never touch in my dreams. — Crystal Woods