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Top Being Genuinely Nice Quotes

Being Genuinely Nice Quotes By Julie Kagawa

As I smiled and followed him to where he had set up watch, I couldn't help thinking that this boy - this helpful, friendly, genuinely nice human being - was probably going to get me killed. — Julie Kagawa

Being Genuinely Nice Quotes By Donald Barthelme

This is one of the most crucial things that the newcomer needs to know about Barthelme. Though his stuff is sometimes difficult to puncture, and sometimes difficult to follow, while you're finding your way, he's always grinning at you in a warm and very compassionate way. The reader gets the feeling that the author is a nice man. That he knows when he's being difficult and when he's full of shit. Knows how much of this and how much of that you can actually take. He differs from some of his contemporaries, and from many other forgers of new prose styles, in that he doesn't ever give off the impression that he takes himself overseriously, and he seems genuinely to care whether or not his work is being read by you. He is a social writer. A writer who seems to be in the next room, waiting for you to finish and tell him what you thought. — Donald Barthelme