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You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Facts and Observations #1 If people think you're dishonored, it's no different from actually having been dishonored, except you still don't know anything. #2 When you've been ruined, there are only two options: death or marriage. #3 Since I am gravely healthy, the first option isn't likely. #4 On the other hand, ritual self-sacrifice in Iceland cannot be ruled out. #5 Lady Berwick advises marriage and says Lord St. Vincent is "bred to the bill." Since she once made the same remark about a stud horse she and Lord Berwick bought for their stable, I have to wonder if she's looked in his mouth. #6 Lord St. Vincent reportedly has a mistress. #7 The word "mistress" sounds like a cross between mistake and mattress. "We've — Lisa Kleypas

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Mavis Gallant

Presently Arnaud folded the paper napkin, in the same careful way he always folded a table napkin, and said I ought to follow Chantal's suggestion and get a job in teaching a nursery school. (So Maman had mentioned that to Mme. Pons, too) I should teach until I had enough working time behind me to claim a pension. It would be good for me in my old age to have an income of my own. Anything could happen. He could be killed in a train crash or called up for a war. My father could easily be ruined in a lawsuit and die covered with debts. There were advantages to teaching, such as long holidays and reduced train fares.
"How long would it take?" I said. "Before I could stop teaching and get my pension."
"Thirty-five years," said Arnaud. "I'll ask my mother. She had no training, either, but she taught private classes. All you need is a decent background and some recommendations. — Mavis Gallant

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Kate Chisman

We ruined each other by being together. We destroyed each other's dreams. — Kate Chisman

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Gene Simmons

A good marriage can be ruined by poor communications - and by forgetting to put the lid back down. — Gene Simmons

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Bree Bonchay

Why did I stay? My self-esteem was ruined for a very long time. I was socially isolated from my family and friends. I kept everything that was going on in my marriage a secret. I feared for my safety if I left him. I was financially dependent on my spouse. I am an educated woman who was working towards a master's degree when I met him. He persuaded me to stop school after the birth of our first son. Eventually, he trapped me in his web of lies. I believe I suffered from Stockholm syndrome for many years. It isn't easy to leave. Unless you have lived in an abusive relationship, a typical person wouldn't understand. It seems perfectly logical to an outsider that it would be easy to leave an abusive relationship. It truly isn't and walking away is terrifying for a victim. No one deserves to live his or her life as a prisoner. Love shouldn't hurt and abuse is not love. - Mary Laumbach-Perez — Bree Bonchay

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Billy Graham

Every divorce represents a broken dream, a shattered hope, a ruined expectation. — Billy Graham

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Alison Weir

Men, however, were encouraged to sow their wild oats, but a woman who did so became a social outcast and ruined her chances of making a good marriage. — Alison Weir

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Sarah MacLean

But she had dreamed of being his for too long. He had quite ruined her for a marriage of convenience. She wanted everything from him: his mind, his body, his name and, most of all, his heart. — Sarah MacLean

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Laura Kasischke

But, perhaps, I should have known then, I should have known that night, standing in the kitchen, that foul meat in the air- looking back on it now, I see that it was the end and the beginning of something more than dinner. More than ruined appetite, a postponed meal, a marriage strained, a freezer unplugged. I could smell the death between them. — Laura Kasischke

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Sandra Lerner

At Cisco, I made every decision based on what was good for the company, and that pretty much ruined my marriage and my health. — Sandra Lerner

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Michael Shermer

Myths are about the human struggle to deal with the great passages of time and life
birth, death, marriage, the transitions from childhood to adulthood to old age. They meet a need in the psychological or spiritual nature of humans that has absolutely nothing to do with science. To try to turn a myth into a science, or a science into a myth, is an insult to myths, an insult to religion, and an insult to science. In attempting to do this, creationists have missed the significance, meaning, and sublime nature of myths. They took a beautiful story of creation and re-creation and ruined it. — Michael Shermer

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Julie Anne Long

Do the girls emerge quite ruined for marriage after you stuff them full of knowledge?"
"I should imagine most of our girls emerge less tolerant of fools, if that's what you mean."
- Dryden and Phoebe — Julie Anne Long

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Malachy McCourt

The alcoholism got me and I ruined my first marriage with drinking and the lying and the deceit and infidelity, and all of that. The whole bloody thing. — Malachy McCourt

You Ruined Our Marriage Quotes By Gillian Flynn

How odd, that I ruined my marriage over that little girl with whom I had nothing in common except that we both liked a good laugh and a cold beer after sex. — Gillian Flynn