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You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Anna Brackett

You have got to play the game with the cards that have been dealt to you, and it is of no use for you to bewail your fate because you don't hold different ones. Look them over, arrange them, and play. You certainly must play them before you will get any others, and you need never expect to have other people's cards. — Anna Brackett

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Keke Palmer

Team playing, that's what I see when I'm out there watching the WNBA games. All the girls play as a team, and they have each other's backs, and that's great. — Keke Palmer

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By John Holt

Not long after the book came out I found myself being driven to a meeting
by a professor of electrical engineering in the graduate school I of MIT. He said that after reading the book he realized that his graduate students were using on him, and had used for the ten years and more he had been teaching there, all the evasive strategies I described in the book - mumble, guess-and-look, take a wild guess and see what happens, get the teacher to answer his own questions, etc.
But as I later realized, these are the games that all humans play when others
are sitting in judgment on them. — John Holt

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By John Nunn

The clock is just as much a part of the game as the board and pieces, and losing because of time-trouble is no different to losing because of weak play
it's still a zero on the score-sheet. — John Nunn

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Bernie De Koven

In a Game Community, the rules and officials decide if the players are good enough to play. If not, they change players. In a Play Community, the players decide if the game is fun enough to play. If not, they change rules. — Bernie De Koven

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By William Petersen

I do the work just because I enjoy it on the day, working with the guys. For me, it's like going to play a game of baseball: you've got your teammates, you get to do something that's fun, hopefully, and whatever happens with that stuff is in the cosmos someplace. — William Petersen

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Tina Fey

Your father doesn't fucking play games. you would never come home with a shamrock tattoo in that house. — Tina Fey

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Maya Van Wagenen

If you haven't guessed yet, my family is made up of ultra-nerds. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We play games like Scrabble and watch documentaries together. I have always known that I am going to college. Yet, there are times when it can get a little embarrassing. As Mom admits, "Re-enacting is the final step before Star Trek conventions." In a couple of years, my family will probably be doing that, too. — Maya Van Wagenen

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Frederick Buechner

We cannot make ourselves known to each other; we are not healed and forgiven by each other's presence. With words as valueless as poker chips, we play games whose object it is to keep us from seeing each other's cards. Chit-chat games in which "How are you?" means "Don't tell me who you are," and "I'm alone and scared" becomes "Fine thanks." Games where the players create the illusion of being in the same room but where the reality of it is that each is alone inside a skin in that room, like bathyspheres at the bottom of the sea. Blind man's buff games where everyone is blind. — Frederick Buechner

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Bobby Jones

Golf is recognized as one of the more difficult games to play or teach. One reason for this is that each person necessarily plays by feel, and a feel is almost impossible to describe. — Bobby Jones

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Jane McGonigal

It seems like what happens when we play games is that we go into a psychological state called eustress, or positive stress. It's basically the same as negative stress in the sense that we get our adrenaline up, you know, our breathing rate quickens, our pulse quickens. — Jane McGonigal

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Rob Riggle

One of the favorite games I play, when I improv or take on a character, is what I like to call arrogant ignorance. That's the game I enjoy playing most. — Rob Riggle

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Richard Davies

I really stay busy [in retirement]. I often have to cancel my golf games on the weekends to go play in tennis tournaments. — Richard Davies

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Matt Holliday

You have to look past the cool things and play the game. That's why you're here, to play the game. — Matt Holliday

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Yuvraj Singh

No matter what people say, about what I did, about what I am like ... They say you are not dedicated or hardworking. A lot of people say things about me, but they don't realise I have played 250 games. It's not like you just land up in the team, sit down and play 250 games. You can't survive like that in international cricket. — Yuvraj Singh

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Osric Chau

I'm a huge gamer. I play a lot of games, and I play one game until I'm really, really good at it. — Osric Chau

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Ernie Davis

Football is just a game. What matters is what you play for. — Ernie Davis

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Herman Edwards

You play to win the game ... Hello. You play to win the game. — Herman Edwards

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Jeremy Roenick

Obviously ice hockey's much faster. You play street hockey, most likely, with a ball. Where the puck is more difficult to maneuver with. There's not too many things that are different. Playing on the ice is totally, totally different than playing on the street. It's totally a different game in that aspect. — Jeremy Roenick

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Complexity looks at simplicity and laughs at it for being too simple. But this is stupidity. Which is more valuable? The drop of pure rose oil or the cologne that mixes that one drop with many other things in order to make it affordable enough? It takes 60,000 roses to make a single ounce of rose oil. In simplicity there is value, there is meaning. Complexity is what happens when value and meaning are watered down. Don't play games with pure-hearted people; they don't need your rubbish. And don't try to water them down so you can afford them. — C. JoyBell C.

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Carlos Gonzalez

Whenever we play a really good game, everybody's going to be a hero, and the good part about it is nobody's trying to be a hero. — Carlos Gonzalez

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

The sentiment of virtue is a reverence and delight in the presence of certain divine laws. It perceives that this homely game of life we play, covers, under what seem foolish details, principles that astonish. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Christopher Titus

My parents got divorced. Early and ugly. My mum was nuts so I lived with my dad. We used to play a father/son games. Pin the blame on me, rock, paper, get me another beer, casino night. — Christopher Titus

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Irving Wallace

When you are a free and independent writer, without employer, without hours or deadlines, you have to play little games to force yourself into the actual writing. For me, one game is to announce...that I have finally decided on my next book, that I am ready to write it...to put my pride on the line. — Irving Wallace

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Bubba Watson

My favorite thing about being linked to Oakley is getting to hang with the cool people, the cool athletes - like the X-Games guys. Those guys play sports where they can really hurt themselves, and, well, I just play golf. I'm like the wimpy guy over here. — Bubba Watson

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By V.C. Andrews

Little girls get hurt when they play grown-up games. — V.C. Andrews

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Richard P. Feynman

The shell game that we play ... is technically called 'renormalization'. But no matter how clever the word, it is still what I would call a dippy process! Having to resort to such hocus-pocus has prevented us from proving that the theory of quantum electrodynamics is mathematically self-consistent. It's surprising that the theory still hasn't been proved self-consistent one way or the other by now; I suspect that renormalization is not mathematically legitimate. — Richard P. Feynman

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Eugene Jarvis

The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games. — Eugene Jarvis

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Rita Rudner

Never play peek-a-boo with a child on a long plane trip. There's no end to the game. Finally I grabbed him by the bib and said, "Look, it's always gonna be me!" — Rita Rudner

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Judith M Bardwick

I am impressed and distressed at how passive hierarchical organizations make people. There's often a lot of overt activity, but it's not going anywhere, it's game-playing. It's play-acting at work. — Judith M Bardwick

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Rafael Van Der Vaart

If you start thinking about stats it can get too complicated and you just have to go out there and play your game. — Rafael Van Der Vaart

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Chris Bosh

It's a luxury to play. I get to play basketball for a living. I'm a lucky guy and I'm thankful for everything I have and what I get to do. I realize how many people would give their left foot to just play one game in the NBA. This is the NBA! — Chris Bosh

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Chris Kluwe

I normally don't initiate conversations with guys unless they want to talk about certain things - when I'm at the facility, I'm there to play football. If you want to talk about the meaning of life, games, whatever, I'm more than happy to, but when I'm in that building, I'm being paid to play football. Conversely, when I'm not at the facility, that's my life to live. — Chris Kluwe

You Play Too Many Games Quotes By Seimone Augustus

I know there are expectations, but I don't let them affect mt game. I just play basketball. — Seimone Augustus