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Having No Answers Quotes By Brian Krans

Visions haunt the mind of unforeseen things of the future. Action is of no possibility, but meandering doubts of a stoic nature made real by the mind are persuasive enough to destroy hope.
It's the overly-broad confusion, but not knowing what to be confused about that is the most perplexing. Whether it is the future, the present or the past, all of the answers will never come. The uncertainty lies not in the answer, but not knowing what question to ask.
Life must have meaning, but God -if there is such a thing- is having too much fun not telling me what that is. — Brian Krans

Having No Answers Quotes By Ester Buchholz

Others inspire us, information feeds us, practice improves our performance, but we need quiet time to figure things out, to emerge with new discoveries, to unearth original answers. — Ester Buchholz

Having No Answers Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Lord, I know Your timing is not the same as mine. I want all the answers to my prayers right now. But You want me to be patient and wait on You. I lay my concerns before You and leave the outcome in Your hands. Help me to rest in the knowledge that Your timing is perfect, just as everything You do is perfect. — Stormie O'martian

Having No Answers Quotes By Marilyn Ferguson

Cynics know the answers without having penetrated deeply enough to know the questions. When challenged by mysterious truths, they marshall 'facts. — Marilyn Ferguson

Having No Answers Quotes By Sandor Marai

One can get closer to reality and the facts by using words, questions and answers. — Sandor Marai

Having No Answers Quotes By Scott Berkun

For centuries before Google, MIT, and IDEO, modern hotbeds of innovation, we struggled to explain any kind of creation, from the universe itself to the multitudes of ideas around us. While we can make atomic bombs, and dry-clean silk ties, we still don't have satisfying answers for simple questions like: Where do songs come from? Are there an infinite variety of possible kinds of cheese? How did Shakespeare and Stephen King invent so much, while we're satisfied watching sitcom reruns? Our popular answers have been unconvincing, enabling misleading, fantasy-laden myths to grow strong. — Scott Berkun

Having No Answers Quotes By Stacy Schiff

Salem is in part a story of what happens when a set of unanswerable questions meets a set of unquestioned answers. — Stacy Schiff

Having No Answers Quotes By Roswell Dwight Hitchcock

Atheistic morality is not impossible, but it will never answer our purpose. — Roswell Dwight Hitchcock

Having No Answers Quotes By Garrison Keillor

Life is continuous. Life never stops. We come to the really great questions and before we can answer them, life has moved on to something else. — Garrison Keillor

Having No Answers Quotes By Corrie Ten Boom

Some knowledge is too heavy for children. When you are older and stronger, you can bear it. For now you must trust me to carry it for you.
And I was satisfied. More than satisfied
wonderfully at peace. There were answers to mmy hard questions
for now, I was content to leave them in my father's keeping. — Corrie Ten Boom

Having No Answers Quotes By Steve Backley

The way forward is to stop pestering yourself for answers and let it, the creative part of your mind, come up with the solution when the time is right. — Steve Backley

Having No Answers Quotes By David McCullough

You are not singular in your suspicions that you know but little," he had told Caroline, in response to her quandary over the riddles of life. "The longer I live, the more I read, the more patiently I think, and the more anxiously I inquire, the less I seem to know. . . . Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly. This is enough. . . . So questions and so answers your affectionate grandfather." Adams — David McCullough

Having No Answers Quotes By Derek Jeter

I always hear people say I give the same answers or I don't give you much. No, I just don't give you much negativity. When people are negative a lot, it starts to creep into your mind, and then you start having doubts, and I don't like that. If there's another way, show me. My job is to stay positive. My job is to limit distractions. And if you get annoyed by that, I don't expect you to understand because you're not in my shoes. — Derek Jeter

Having No Answers Quotes By Voltaire

I have been studying for forty years, which is to say forty wasted years; I teach others yet am ignorant of everything; this state of affairs fills my soul with so much humiliation and disgust that my life is intolerable. I was born in Time, I live in Time, and do not know what Time is. I find myself at a point between two eternities, as our wise men say, yet I have no conception of eternity. I am composed of matter, I think, but have never been able to discover what produces thought. I do not know whether or not I think with my head the same way that I hold things with my hands. Not only is the origin of my thought unknown to me, but the origin of my movements is equally hidden: I do not know why I exist. Yet every day people ask me questions on all these issues. I must give answers, yet have nothing worth saying, so I talk a great deal, and am confused and ashamed of myself afterwards for having spoken. — Voltaire

Having No Answers Quotes By Milan Kundera

The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything ... The novelist teaches the reader to comprehend the world as a question. There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude. In a world built on sacrosanct certainties the novel is dead. The totalitarian world, whether founded on Marx, Islam, or anything else, is a world of answers rather than questions. There, the novel has no place. — Milan Kundera

Having No Answers Quotes By C.S. Lewis

I can promise you none of these things. No sphere of usefulness; you are not needed there at all. No scope of your talents; only forgiveness for having perverted them. No atmosphere of inquiry, for I will bring you to the land not of questions but of answers, and you shall see the face of God. (pg 40) — C.S. Lewis

Having No Answers Quotes By Mercedes Lackey

First commandment: there ain't no such thing as "one true way" and the way you find is only good for you, not anybody else, because your interpretation of what you see and feel and understand as the truth is never going to be the same as anyone else's.
Second commandment: the only answers worth having are the ones you find for yourself.
Third commandment: leave the world better than you found it.
Fourth commandment: if it isn't true, going to do some good, or spread a little love around, don't say it, do it, or think it.
Fifth commandment: there are only three things worth living for; love in all it's manifestations, freedom, and the chance to keep humanity going a little while longer. They're the same things worth dying for. And if you aren't willing to die for the things worth living for, you might as well turn in your membership in the human race. — Mercedes Lackey

Having No Answers Quotes By Jarrod Cochran

First off, faith is not about concrete answers, religious absolutes, creeds, or dogma. Faith is about the search for understanding, the raising of important questions, the open honesty of having doubt, and the realization that no one has it all completely right nor does any human, human religious teaching, or theology hold all the answers. — Jarrod Cochran

Having No Answers Quotes By Jennifer Weiner

They wouldn't have believed me, and if they had they would have wanted me to explain.
And I had no explanation, no answers. When you're on a battleground, you don't have the
luxury of time to dwell on the various historical factors and sociopolitical influences that caused the war.
You just keep your head down and try to survive it, to shove the pages back in the book, close
the covers and pretend that nothing's broken, nothing's wrong. — Jennifer Weiner

Having No Answers Quotes By Neal Stephenson

I have been ranting and raving about this ever since the idea of the Cloud Ark was announced. So far all I get in return, from the powers that be, are vague answers and hand-wavy happy talk. — Neal Stephenson

Having No Answers Quotes By Heather Graham

You have the ability to find all the answers
if you let yourself do so. — Heather Graham

Having No Answers Quotes By Herbert V. Prochnow

You never have to know all the answers because you won't be asked all the questions. — Herbert V. Prochnow

Having No Answers Quotes By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

If you inquire what people are like here, I must answer, "The same as everywhere." — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Having No Answers Quotes By Jon Jones

I know you have been waiting on hold for 40 minutes, but I can't answer your question. — Jon Jones

Having No Answers Quotes By Jane Fulton Alt

We need to go inward instead of outward, and learn to trust our own inner guide, preserving our identity and finding the answers from within. — Jane Fulton Alt

Having No Answers Quotes By Oswald Chambers

There is nothing to be valued more highly than to have people praying for us; God links up His power in answer to their prayers. — Oswald Chambers

Having No Answers Quotes By Penny Reid

This is just your penis having the feels for my vagina. Your penis is making prank calls! and every single time your penis makes a prank call, my vagina answers the phone. And then you hang up. Or your penis claims wrong number or misdial or no hablo Ingles. It's infuriating, and it's called genital call me maybe. — Penny Reid

Having No Answers Quotes By Graham Moore

When I think of Sherlock Holmes, I think of a guy who can wander into the confusion of life and sort of pluck out answers at will. — Graham Moore

Having No Answers Quotes By Faith Baldwin

Late last year, I spoke to a group of young married people, all its members very perturbed about the world in which we live, about problems which, of course, might affect their private worlds. I could give them no easy answers. Having lived for a few months past sixty-eight years, and having been a professional writer for over forty of them, has not endowed me with special wisdom. I don't know any how-to-do or solve-it-yourself formulas. I know as little as these young folks about the future, and I could tell them only to bend with the wind and lean upon the spirit. — Faith Baldwin

Having No Answers Quotes By Ralph Helfer

Trees are like people and give the answers to the way of Man. They grow from the top down. Children, like treetops, have flexibility of youth, and sway more than larger adults at the bottom. They are more vulnerable to the elements, and are put to the test of survival by life's strong winds, rain, freezing cold, and hot sun. Constantly challenged. As they mature, they journey down the tree, strengthening the family unit until one day they have become big hefty branches. In the stillness below, having weathered the seasons, they now relax in their old age, no longer subject to the stress from above. It's always warmer and more enclosed at the base of the tree. The members remain protected and strong as they bear the weight and give support to the entire tree. They have the endurance. — Ralph Helfer

Having No Answers Quotes By Jeffrey Lewis

When somebody asks me "What are your comic books about?" or "What are your songs about?" there is no answer and I feel like an idiot not having an answer, like I don't know what I am making. I really do know what I'm making, but it's not one thing, it's everything I like, and I see no reason to leave out any of that. — Jeffrey Lewis

Having No Answers Quotes By Tina Fey

I was taken to an examining room where a big butch nurse practitioner came in and asked me if I was pregnant. "No way!" Was I sexually active? "Nope!" Had I ever been molested? "Well," I said, trying to make a joke, "Oprah says the only answers to that question are 'Yes' and 'I don't remember.' " I laughed. We were having fun. The nurse looked at me, concerned/annoyed. — Tina Fey

Having No Answers Quotes By Alysha Speer

I'm sorry. I mean it too. I'm sorry for your pain and I'm sorry that you're having a hard time right now. I guess ... if life was easy there would be no point. You aren't going to find all the answers you're looking for straight away. It will probably take a while. I think the key is to keep moving until you realize what's right for you. Don't give up, don't put your life on hold, and don't surge forward into the darkness. Just be you. Because really ... what else can you be? — Alysha Speer

Having No Answers Quotes By Eve Silver

What are you doing?"
"Activating it."
"Uh ... No you're not." I jerk my hand away. "You're not activating anything until I get some answers."
"Yeah, I am. If I don't activate it, it explodes." He sounds dead serious.
"For real?"
He doesn't answer, and that pisses me off. But I can't be certain it isn't for real, and since I'm fond of having a hand at the end of my arm, I offer my wrist. He finishes running his fingers over the screen.
I change direction and ask, "Would the bracelet really have exploded if you didn't activate it?"
There's a slight pause that makes me think I've surprised him by shifting topics. Good. Better that I have him on his toes than he have me on mine.
"No," he says, and I think the corners of his mouth twitch in the hint if a smile. — Eve Silver

Having No Answers Quotes By Beyonce Knowles

Thank God for my computer. Sometimes when there is no one to talk to, I talk aloud so that I can get all my thoughts out and try to figure out the issues that I'm having and try, I'm trying to find the answers. — Beyonce Knowles

Having No Answers Quotes By Joshua Ferris

She no longer lived in a world of speculation or recall and would take nothing on faith when the facts were but a few clicks away. It drove me nuts. I was sick to death of having as my dinner companions Wikipedia, About, IMDb, the Zagat guide, Time out New York, a hundred Tumblrs, the New York Times, and People magazine. Was there not some strange forgotten pleasure in reveling in our ignorance? Would we just be wrong? — Joshua Ferris

Having No Answers Quotes By Norman Mailer

No, but why is Croft that way?
Oh there are The Answers. He is that way because of the-corruption-of-the-society. He is that way because he is having problems of adjustment. It is because he is a Texan. It is because he has renounced God. He is that way because he was born that way, or because the Devil has claimed him for one of his own, or because the only woman he ever loved was untrue to him. — Norman Mailer

Having No Answers Quotes By Hilary Putnam

Science is wonderful at destroying metaphysical answers, but incapable of providing substitute ones. Science takes away foundations without providing a replacement. Whether we want to be there or not, science has put us in the position of having to live without foundations. It was shocking when Nietzsche said this, but today it is commonplace; our historical position-and no end to it is in sight-is that of having to philosophise without 'foundations'. — Hilary Putnam

Having No Answers Quotes By James D. Showkeir

Leadership is no longer defined as "having the right answers," but as an ability to engage others to find the best solutions. — James D. Showkeir

Having No Answers Quotes By Samuel Johnson

ANSWER-JOBBER (A'NSWER-JOBBER) n.s.[from answer and jobber.]He that makes a trade of writing answers. What disgusts me from having any thing to do with answer-jobbers, is, that they have no conscience.Swift. — Samuel Johnson

Having No Answers Quotes By Isaac Asimov

Where any answer is possible, all answers are meaningless. — Isaac Asimov

Having No Answers Quotes By Ole Hallesby

If we will make use of prayer to call down upon ourselves and others those things which will glorify the name of God, then we shall see the strongest and boldest promises of the Bible about prayer fulfilled. Then we shall see such answers to prayer as we had never thought were possible. — Ole Hallesby

Having No Answers Quotes By Frank Langella

When asked what it takes to succeed in the acting profession, Bette Davis would answer, "the courage to be hated." — Frank Langella

Having No Answers Quotes By Michel Faber

Why are there such long words in the world, Miss?' enquires Sophie, when the mineralogy lesson is over.
'One long difficult word is the same as a whole sentence full of short easy ones, Sophie,' says Sugar. 'It saves time and paper.' Seeing that the child is unconvinced, she adds, 'If books were written in such a way that every person, no matter how young, could understand everything in them, they would be enormously long books. Would you wish to read a book that was a thousand pages long, Sophie?'
Sophie answers without hesitation.
'I would read a thousand million pages, Miss, if all the words were words I could understand. — Michel Faber

Having No Answers Quotes By Nathan M. Pusey

The close observer soon discovers that the teacher's task is not to implant facts but to place the subject to be learned in front of the learner and, through sympathy, emotion, imagination, and patience, to awaken in the learner the restless drive for answers and insights which enlarge the personal life and give it meaning. — Nathan M. Pusey

Having No Answers Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Answers can suit the relative mind. In the dream we can be thirsty. But upon awaking from the dream, there's no thirst. — Frederick Lenz

Having No Answers Quotes By Erich Fromm

One discovers answers to problems only when one feels that they are burning and that it is a a matter of life and death to solve them. Is nothing is of burning interest, one's reason and one's critical faculty operate on a low level of activity; it appears then that one lacks the faculty to observe. — Erich Fromm

Having No Answers Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Which natural gift would you most like to possess? The ability to master other languages (which would have hugely enhanced the scope of these answers).
How would you like to die? Fully conscious, and either fighting or reciting (or fooling around).
What do you most dislike about your appearance? The way in which it makes former admirers search for neutral words. — Christopher Hitchens

Having No Answers Quotes By Richard Feynman

I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned. — Richard Feynman

Having No Answers Quotes By Rosario Castellanos

It's not good enough to imitate the models proposed for us that are answers to circumstances other than our own. It isn't even enough to discover who we are. We have to invent ourselves. — Rosario Castellanos

Having No Answers Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

There are secrets everywhere. Answers nowhere. — Tahereh Mafi

Having No Answers Quotes By Rod McKuen

Everybody has the answers or they'll make them up for you. Just once I'd like to hear a brand-new question. — Rod McKuen

Having No Answers Quotes By Kim Stanley Robinson

Ramona was willing to talk about anything, now, about things beyond the present moment. Childhoods in El Modena and at the beach. The boats offshore. Their work. The people they knew. The huge rocks jumbled under them: "Where did they come from, anyway?" They didn't know. It didn't matter. What do you talk about when you're falling love? It doesn't matter. All the questions are, Who are you? How do you think? Are you like me? Will you love me? And all the answers are, I am like this, like this, like this. I am like you. I like you. — Kim Stanley Robinson

Having No Answers Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

You're going to come across some truly gifted people in your lifetime that seem to know all the answers. However, they lost their personal relationship with God, along the way. Love them anyways, and do everything you can to help them restore that relationship. They are fighting a war that you don't know anything about. — Shannon L. Alder

Having No Answers Quotes By Jeffrey Rosen

I think the answer has to do with the fact that [Louis D.] Brandeis was a consistent critic of bigness in business and in government. — Jeffrey Rosen

Having No Answers Quotes By Sara Shepard

Knowing the right questions is better than knowing all the right answers Caleb from Pretty Little Liars (TV Show) — Sara Shepard

Having No Answers Quotes By Sherrie Levine

I try to make art which celebrates doubt and uncertainty. Which provokes answers but doesn't give them. Which withholds absolute meaning by incorporating parasite meanings. Which suspends meaning while perpetually dispatching you toward interpretation, urging you beyond dogmatism, beyond doctrine, beyond ideology, beyond authority. — Sherrie Levine

Having No Answers Quotes By Marjorie Fleming

My dear Isa, I now sit down on my botom to answer all your kind and beloved letters which you was so good as to write to me. — Marjorie Fleming

Having No Answers Quotes By Sergey Akhromeyev

If it is necessary we will find a quick answer and it will not be the way the United States expects it. It will be an answer that devalues the 'Star Wars' program. — Sergey Akhromeyev

Having No Answers Quotes By Brian Kernighan

Some compilers allow a check during execution that subscripts do not exceed array dimensions. This is a help, but not sufficient. First, many programmers do not use such compilers because They're not efficient. (Presumably, this means that it is vital to get the wrong answers quickly.) — Brian Kernighan

Having No Answers Quotes By Samantha Young

I miss our Would You Rather conversations and your hilarious answers. I miss your laugh. I miss the way I feel when I make you laugh. Like I just won something really important. I miss just sitting with you in perfect, silent understanding. I miss the way you never judge anyone. It's such a rare find, Liv. And I miss watching how kind you are with everyone. I miss being able to call you and talk to you about random shit and important shit. I miss my best friend. I miss you. I love you. — Samantha Young

Having No Answers Quotes By Kevin Brooks

You reach a certain age when reality grabs you by the scruff of the neck and shouts in your face:"Hey, look, this is what life is." And you have to open your eyes and look at it, listen to it, smell it: people who don't like you, things you don't want to do, things that hurt, things that scare you, questions without answers, feelings you don't understand, feelings you don't want but have no control over.
When you gradually come to realise that all that stuff in books, films, television, magazines, newspapers, comics - it's all rubbish. It's got nothing to do with anything. It's all made up. It doesn't happen like that. It's not real. It means nothing. Reality is what you see when you look out of the window of a bus: dour faces, sad and temporary lives, millions of cars, metal, bricks, glass, rain, cruel laughter, ugliness, dirt, bad teeth, crippled pigeons, little kids in pushchairs who've already forgotten how to smile ... — Kevin Brooks

Having No Answers Quotes By Alexander Pope

Ask for what end the heavenly bodies shine,
Earth for whose use? Pride answers, 'Tis for mine
For me kind nature wakes her genial power,
Suckles each herb, and spreads out every flower. — Alexander Pope

Having No Answers Quotes By Sam Mendes

Learn to say, "I don't know the answer." It could be the beginning of a very good day's rehearsal. — Sam Mendes

Having No Answers Quotes By Ty J. Snow

Your knight in shining armor doesn't have to come flanked with money, or with the answers to all your problems, he doesn't even have to rescue you, but your well-being should mean just as much to him, as it does to you, and even more so when you don't mean much to yourself. — Ty J. Snow

Having No Answers Quotes By Gary Chapman

When we love the Lord and seek Him in the stillness of our hearts, He hears us and answers. - Susan E. Ramsden — Gary Chapman

Having No Answers Quotes By Michelle Hodkin

If you ask the wrong questions, you will get the wrong answers. — Michelle Hodkin

Having No Answers Quotes By Ronald Reagan

There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right. — Ronald Reagan

Having No Answers Quotes By William C. Richardson

Of all the questions about the future of leadership that we can raise for ourselves, we can be certain in our answer to only one: 'Who will lead us?' The answer, of course, is that we will be lead by those we have taught, and they will lead us as we have shown them they should. — William C. Richardson

Having No Answers Quotes By Richard Dawkins

Or why it is acceptable to train fast runners and high jumpers but not to breed them. I can think of some answers, and they are good ones, which would probably end up persuading me. But hasn't the time come when we should stop being frightened even to put the question? — Richard Dawkins