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Top Wittiness Quotes

Wittiness Quotes By Anthony Hopkins

I think the first British actor who really worked well in cinema was Albert Finney. He was a back-street Marlon Brando. He brought a great wittiness and power to the screen. The best actor we've had. — Anthony Hopkins

Wittiness Quotes By Matthew McConaughey

I like quips. I like whiffs of cynicism and I think they can be witty. But I don't really know where wittiness is constructive. — Matthew McConaughey

Wittiness Quotes By Gail Carriger

Biffy said, off the cuff, "Or we could find a replacement queen."
"Volunteering for the position?"
"Why, Professor, is that wittiness I detect?"
"Only for you."
"Charmer." Biffy tapped him on the arm playfully. — Gail Carriger

Wittiness Quotes By Giorge Leedy

After driving 30-minutes East of Seattle, I expect to see a great bowling alley. But, as we pull into the parking lot, all I see are pot holes, a horse and Amish buggy, and no cars to speak of- broken down or otherwise. Even the building is in shambles, needs painted and looks a bit haunted. The old road sign reading- Flicker Lanes- is half-burnt out. Seeing the building's interior lights on, I'm reassured that the place is open- but then again, maybe they've been left on by mistake. "There's LOTS of NICE bowling alleys in SEATTLE," I said. "Why did we come ALL THIS WAY to go BOWLING?"
"I take it that you've never BEEN here before."
"I don't think ANYONE HAS. I don't even KNOW what PLANET we're on."
"I don't know what PLANET you're on either... but the rest of us are on your ANUS."
I half-smile, marveling at his wittiness. — Giorge Leedy

Wittiness Quotes By Debasish Mridha

Love is more powerful than prettiness or wittiness. — Debasish Mridha

Wittiness Quotes By Caity Lotz

Wittiness turns me on more than anything else. — Caity Lotz

Wittiness Quotes By Sean Stewart

Look for Joy: that's God's echo, and his footprint. Happiness ... happiness and wittiness and cleverness do not count for much when the darkness falls. Joy is tougher. — Sean Stewart