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We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Sarah Michelle Lynch

All I wanted was to put my arms around him and hold him close, tell him he didn't have to be like this anymore. He didn't have to live a life like this. — Sarah Michelle Lynch

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Maajid Nawaz

There are members - very, very close and dear members - of my family - I'm talking immediate family - who simply don't speak to me anymore and haven't done so for years. My marriage fell apart. — Maajid Nawaz

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Glenn Close

When you learn how much bycatch comes from shrimp [and how destructive it is] - I'm not going to eat shrimp anymore. — Glenn Close

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Eli Easton

No, Owen. That's what I am to you. I'm your best friend. But that's not what you're to me."
He shook his head in denial.
"What you are to me is the guy that I've been madly in love with since sixth grade. You're the guy I think about every night when I'm in my bed by myself. You're the one who doesn't want me but insists on keeping me tied so close that I can't have anyone else, who keeps on hand on my collar and the other hand up his girlfriend's skirt. And I can't do it anymore! — Eli Easton

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Philippe Claudel

In the end, there's no sort of difference between dying from ignorance and dying under the feet of thousands of men who have regained their freedom. You close your eyes, and then there's nothing anymore. And death is never difficult. It requires neither a hero nor a slave. It eats what it's served. — Philippe Claudel

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Jessica Hagedorn

I have been definitely influenced more by Latin American writers than by any other type of writer. They are very close in terms of voice - their humor, their fatalism, their ... well, that over-used term 'magical realism.' It's a wonderful term that's just been used so much, we don't know what it means anymore. — Jessica Hagedorn

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Katja Millay

And girls always want to change the rules in the middle of the game. You can't change the rules and think everyone else is just going to keep playing. I know what her hair smells like, but I can't get close enough to press my face into it. I know how soft her skin is on every part of her body, but I can't touch it. I know what she tastes like, but I can't kiss her, I'm not allowed anymore. So why should I torture myself with being around her, just so I can say we're still friends? — Katja Millay

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

The women paused to regard the taxidermied creatures with awe.
Predictably, Pandora went forward with her hand outstretched.
"Pandora," Lady Berwick snapped, "if you molest the exhibits, we will not be returning to the museum."
Turning, Pandora gave her a pleading glance. "A giraffe is right there - it once roamed the African savannah - don't you want to know how it feels?"
"Indeed not."
"There's no sign that says we can't."
"The railing implies it."
"But the giraffe is so close," Pandora said woefully. "If you would look the other way for five seconds, I could reach out and touch it so easily . . . and then I wouldn't have to wonder anymore — Lisa Kleypas

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Benoit Lecomte

The moments that you share with a person do not stop when that person is not in your life anymore. The relationship that I had with my father did not stop when he passed away. An example is me doing the Pacific swim. If I didn't have the father that I had I wouldn't be doing this. We had a close connection in life, and I still carry that connection in following my dream. This is because of my parents, the closeness that we had and what we share together. — Benoit Lecomte

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Ginny, listen ... I can't be involved with you anymore. We've got to stop seeing each other. We can't be together."
"It's for some stupid noble reason isn't it?"
"It's been like ... like something out of someone else's life these last few weeks with you. But I can't ... we can't ... I've got to do things alone now. Voldemort uses people his enemies are close to. He's already used you as bait once, and that was just because you were my best friend's sister. Think how much danger you'll be in if we keep this up. He'll know, he'll find out. He'll try and get me through you."
"What if I don't care?"
"I care. How do you think I'd feel if this was your funeral ... and it was my fault ... — J.K. Rowling

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Jude Watson

Amy looked up at him. Their faces were very close. She remembered when those dark expressive eyes would make her quiver inside, when being this close would make her blush and stammer. Not anymore, though. — Jude Watson

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Claudia Gray

Is this what it means to die? Lucas thought. Because I'm not scared of it anymore. Not if it means I finally get this close to you. — Claudia Gray

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Tom Trott

And just like in your house, your flat, or your cardboard box, if you put too much in there, you can't close the door anymore... Two — Tom Trott

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Steven Brust

I tend to close my eyes when I look at people anymore. — Steven Brust

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

As told by Kafka's close friend Max Brod:

"Suddenly he began to speak to the fish in their illuminated tanks. 'Now at least I can look at you in peace, I don't eat you anymore.' It was the time he turned strictly vegetarian. — Jonathan Safran Foer

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Jacqueline Kelly

I didn't want anyone getting close to me. I pushed people away. Built a wall around my heart to keep them out. I let one person take down the bricks, and I suppose it was a good idea, but, sometimes, he hurts me too. And it hurts so much worse then any other hurt I've felt because he is one of the very few that matter anymore. — Jacqueline Kelly

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Ritoban Chakrabarti

I never want to fall in love again,
Loneliness is vastly under rated.
On and off causes so much pain,
Vanity is why I still waited.
Every time I try to get close,
You close yet another door.
Our story is a ridiculous prose,
Understand I won't take anymore. — Ritoban Chakrabarti

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Elle Jasper

Rest," he whispers against my temple, and despite my sleepiness, the feel of his lips moving across my skin makes me shiver. "I'll be here when you wake up."
"Oh, God," I mumble, sliding my arm over Eli's chest and snuggling close. "Have we become that old couple that doesn't have sex anymore?"
Eli's chuckle rumbles against my ear. "We had sex this morning."
"Okay," I say already being pulled into slumber. — Elle Jasper

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Amy Plum

I know what's coming next. I look at Giulianna's expertly made-up face, sink into her catlike beauty, and then close my eyes and I'm kissing Kate. I don't even try to stop it anymore-this happens every time. With every girl. — Amy Plum

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Todd B. LaBerge

I am frightened at the prospect of how much I might love you, because I know the price it brings, and just thinking of you has begun the investment process within my heart. It would be easier to never invest at all, to hold all vulnerability close to my chest, not allowing anyone to enter my safe. But what a cruel thing it would be, to deny an opportunity to love a soul as beautiful as yours. I'm going to hope, and hope, and hope, until one day I do something. Maybe then, we'll be able to find that place that we have both wanted for so long. Maybe then, we'll have each other. I'm not reaching for stars anymore. I'm reaching for you, and honestly, that's far more beautiful than a night full of dancing flames. I am not good with words, but still my words dance out of chaos, forming something beautiful. — Todd B. LaBerge

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By David Levithan

And again. I kept clicking until the photograph was demolished, until it was no more than a mosaic of gray tiles, adding up to nothing.
Nothing. Because wasn't that how I felt that day? If you zoom close - if you really get close to someone, if you really get close to yourself - then you
lose the other person, you lose yourself entirely. You get so close you can't see anything anymore. Your mind becomes all these abstract fragments.
English becomes math. — David Levithan

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Jane Green

However close you are, you know that's another friend you won't be seeing anymore. You won't have anything in common anymore, since you are not interested in babies, and they are no longer interested in life. — Jane Green

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

It was all unknown to me then, as I sat on that white bench on the day I finished my hike. Everything except the fact that I didn't have to know. That is was enough to trust that what I'd done was true. To understand its meaning without yet being able to say precisely what it was, like all those lines from The Dream of a Common Language that had run through my nights and days. To believe that I didn't need to reach with my bare hands anymore. To know that seeing the fish beneath the surface of the water was enough. That it was everything. It was my life - like all lives, mysterious and irrevocable and sacred. So very close, so very present, so very belonging to me.
How wild it was, to let it be. — Cheryl Strayed

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Laetitia Casta

In life, (the fashion world) is full of sharks. In this world the young girls lose themselves; become the property of others, live but for the job and their craziness ... they don't know anymore where their home is. Many take drugs. It's strange. Perhaps the girls understand that this does not work for me. I don't have many friendships with other models. I respect them and enjoy working with them, but I probably would not invite them into my home. My house is like my heart, and I open it only to those with whom I have a close relationship. — Laetitia Casta

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Bonnie Friedman

We should be told: Write fast, write close to the bone, write for ten hours straight until you're not thinking in words anymore, but in colors, in smells, in waves of memory. Right what you care about. Don't write one more word you don't care about. Don't waste any more of your life on what does not matter to you. Write only what matters to you - those scenes, those dialogues. Get messy. Before you get neat, get very, very messy. Write until you are more alive than you have ever been before. — Bonnie Friedman

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Irvin D. Yalom

There was a time in our lives when we were so close that nothing seemed to obstruct our friendship and brotherhood, and only a small footbridge separated us. Just as you were about to step on it, I asked you "Do you want to cross the footbridge to me?" - Immediately you did not want to anymore; and when I asked you again you remained silent. Since then mountains and torrential rivers and whatever separates and alienates have been cast between us, and even if we wanted to get together, we couldn't. But when you now think of that little footbridge, words fail you and you sob and marvel. — Irvin D. Yalom

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By The Script

They're kicking us out saying it's time to close
We're leaning on each other try'na beat the cold
Carry your shoes and I give you my coat Walking these streets like they're paved gold
Anymore excuses is not to go
Neither one of us want to take that taxi home
Singing our hearts, standing on chairs
Spending the time like we were millionaires
Laughing our heads off, the two of us stared
Spending the time like we were millionaires
Lost my heart and I hope to die
Seeing that sunlight hit your eyes
Been up all night but you still look amazing to me
Half the time of the night you only dream
About if God came down he could take me now
Cause in my mind, yeah we will always be — The Script

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Carolyn MacCullough

You are a beacon for us. One of the most powerful."
"I'm not," I say softly. "Not anymore."
Smiling, my grandmother presses my hand. "Always, Tamsin. Because of you, we have a future. That's why you will always be a beacon for us." Still holding my hand, she turns toward the house, toward the sound of laughter and music spilling out from the lit windows.
Looking back at her, I mile, close my eye in her trademark wink, and say, "Ah. — Carolyn MacCullough

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Dawn Bonney

As she felt his fangs against her neck, she was in another world.
There was screaming. A woman was somewhere in agony. Everything was black, and the tormented scream was overwhelming, echoing through the emptiness. After the screaming subsided, there was panting, loud and steady, and it wasn't as dark anymore. There was a room visible now, in a reddish light. A pale man with black hair hovered over a woman dressed in white. She lay on a bed, looking disheveled and sweaty. Her brown-black hair clung to her wet forehead and shoulders. She was covered in blood. The man sat next to her, and held her close to him. He stroked her hair as her chest heaved desperately.
"I love you, my dearest Katerina," he said, cradling her in his strong arms. "Soon, we'll be together forever." Everything faded to black once more, and the woman stopped breathing. All was silent and still. — Dawn Bonney

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By David Levithan

If you zoom close-if you get really close to someone, if you really get close to yourself-then you lose the other person, you lose yourself entirely. You get so close you can't see anything anymore. — David Levithan

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Mark Pellegrino

You develop relationships with people, and suddenly a family of actors and crew that you became so close to are now not around anymore. I'm not too sad about it because I got to move on to something else, but it's sad the way these things turn out. — Mark Pellegrino

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Ashley Greene

You know, my brother won't walk out of a restaurant with me anymore because he doesn't want to be linked to me as my new 'mystery man.' Same with my close guy friends. — Ashley Greene

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Ava Dellaira

I think it's like when you lose something so close to you, it's like losing yourself. That's why at the end, it's hard for her to write even. She can hardly remember how. Because she barely knows what she is anymore. — Ava Dellaira

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Nakia R. Laushaul

God will put someone in your life to say, don't look back there anymore. There is so much more in front of you than behind you. — Nakia R. Laushaul

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Mark Batterson

The goal of marriage is not happiness, it is holiness ... There is no mechanism whereby God can sanctify a person more than having them live in close proximity to another imperfect person.
... Our fundamental problem is that we are selfish. Marriage is the means whereby God eradicates our selfishness because it is not about "me" anymore, i t is about "we. — Mark Batterson

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By D.B. Reynolds

She knew the minute HE arrived. Felt the warm blanket of comfort reach out to her frozen soul ... He made his way down the isle and sat next to her ... he didn't reach out, didn't touch her ... a single tear slid out from her closed lids and she blindly reached for his hand. He took her hand in more, gathering her close, arms coming around her warm and strong as her head sank down unto his shoulder and the tears finally came soaking the lapel of his wool suit. He offered her a perfectly white handkerchief ... she stared at it and wondered who carries that type of thing anymore? He looked back at her and explained, I'm old fashioned. — D.B. Reynolds

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Raine Miller

You've been waiting ... "
"I have." He leaned in toward my lips but didn't touch them. "Waiting and waiting forever. For you. Waiting for you to grow up. Waiting for you to see me as something more than just a friend of Ian's. Waiting for the right time to tell you how I feel about you." He whispered so close, I could feel the brush of breath from his beautiful words. "Just a very long time of waiting, Elaina."
... "I don't want to wait anymore." His eyes melded into me and held on. "Please don't make me wait for you any longer," he pleaded. "I can't do it, Cherry. I just can't. — Raine Miller

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

327 men on board, and 186 men, some of them close friends, died that day. I was one of the 141 that made it out alive. I'll bet you're wondering why I'm telling you this - you're probably thinking I'm drifting again - so I might as well get to it. On the raft, with this big battle raging all around us, I realized that I wasn't afraid anymore. All of a sudden, I knew I'd be okay because I knew that Clara and I weren't done yet, and this feeling of peace just came over me. You can call it shell shock if you want, but I know what I know, and right there, under an exploding sky filled with gun smoke, I remembered — Nicholas Sparks

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Henri Barbusse

But my whole body is one pain. I cannot stand on my legs anymore. I stagger. I fall back on my bed. My eyes close and fill with smarting tears. I want to be crucified on the wall, but I cannot. My body becomes heavier and heavier and filled with sharper pain. My flesh is enraged against me.
I hear voices through the wall. The next room vibrates with a distant sound, a mist of sound which scarcely comes through the wall.
I shall not be able to listen anymore, or look into the room, or hear anything distinctly. And I, who have not cried since my childhood, I cry now like a child because of all that I shall never have. I cry over lost beauty and grandeur. I love everything that I should have embraced. — Henri Barbusse

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Samuel Beckett

And perhaps there is none, no morrow anymore, for one who has waited so long for it in vain. And perhaps he has come to that stage of his instant when to live is to wander the last of the living in the depths of an instant without bounds, where the light never changes and the wrecks all look alike. Bluer scarcely than white of egg the eyes stare into the space before them, namely the fullness of the great deep and unchanging calm. But at long intervals they close, with the gentle suddenness of flesh that tightens, often without anger, and closes on itself. — Samuel Beckett

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Lester Holt

Journalism is my first love. But music comes in a close second. What's important for me is that whatever you do, whatever your passion is, you should have another passion - something in your life. And when I put on that musician hat and I put the bass in my hands, I'm not Lester Holt the TV guy anymore. I'm just Lester Holt who likes music. — Lester Holt

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Eli Easton

What you are to me is the guy that I've been madly in love with since sixth grade. You're the guy I think about every night when I'm in bed by myself. You're the one who doesn't want me but insists on keeping me tied so close that I can't have anyone else, who keeps one hand on my collar and the other hand up his girlfriend's skirt. And I can't do it anymore!" ~ Jordy — Eli Easton

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Melanie Cusick-Jones

You're not alone anymore. You have me.
I couldn't breathe. I couldn't speak. I had been alone for so long with my questions and theories and anger
and now this beautiful, fantastic girl was saying she believed me.
When she closed her eyes and kissed me, I finally let go of myself. Everything I had held in before, didn't have to be hidden anymore
not from Cassie. My eyes drifted shut as she kissed me harder, her arm winding around my shoulders to pull me close.
Without having to say anything more, I just knew now
maybe I always had
Cassie was the answer. — Melanie Cusick-Jones

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Jose N. Harris

I can't move anymore,
But I wish I could.
And live on a Reservation.
Close to the Mountains
Closer to the sun and moon
To live among this Land's Peoples.
To learn a truer way of life.
For If I did so, I think I might learn the secret
Of how to live forever ...
In people's stories,
And in the stars — Jose N. Harris

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Christopher Paul Curtis

Probably the only thing that isn't great is the time when I know I'm very close to finishing the actual writing of the story and I'm overcome by this sense of loss. I think it's because I know I won't be "talking" to the main character anymore, it's sort of like what you feel when you know a friend is moving away and you probably won't be seeing her again. — Christopher Paul Curtis

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Gavin De Becker

The best antidote to worry is action. If there is an action that will lessen the likelihood of a dreaded outcome occurring, and if that action doesn't cost too much in terms of effort or freedom, then take it. The worry about whether we remembered to close the baby gate at the top of the stairs can be stopped in an instant by checking. Then it isn't a worry anymore; it's just a brief impulse. Almost all of the worry parents feel about keeping their children safe evolves from the conflict between intuition and inaction.
Your choices when worrying are clear: take action, have faith, pray, seek comfort, or keep worrying. — Gavin De Becker

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Michael Grant

It's not about the powers, man; it's that we aren't kids anymore. Look what we've been
through. Look what we've done. Look at yourself, surfer dude. We've done something none of our
parents have even come close to. We didn't take over their boring world; we took over a world about a
thousand times tougher. If we walk out of this alive, we won't have to bow our heads to anyone. — Michael Grant

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Graham Spaid

I guess if you get too close, the twinkling stops; they don't look like stars anymore. — Graham Spaid

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Heather Gunter

I kissed his forehead and then his temples. I kissed every place on his face all except his lips. I got close, but never full on the lips. I gave every place on his face my full attention. Maverick quietly said to me, "You missed a spot Charlie."
"I'm pretty sure I didn't," I replied.
"No Charlie, you did and I'm not waiting anymore for you to give it the attention that it so desperately deserves. — Heather Gunter

We're Not Close Anymore Quotes By Bob Dylan

There's no black and white, left and right to me anymore; there's only up and down and down is very close to the ground. And I'm trying to go up without thinking about anything trivial such as politics. They have got nothing to do with it. I'm thinking about the general people and when they get hurt. — Bob Dylan