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Top Wearing Glasses Quotes

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Hillary Rodham Clinton

I feel so relieved to be at the stage I'm at in my life right now, Jill, because if I want to wear my glasses, I'm wearing my glasses. If I want to pull my hair back, I'm pulling my hair back. — Hillary Rodham Clinton

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Tinie Tempah

My glasses are from Cutler & Gross. They're not prescription: I just love wearing them. I used to wear Ray-Ban a lot and then I realised that a lot of the things I've started going for are a little bit more refined. I liked the fact that I was supporting a British brand, somebody I could have a relationship with and people that I could talk to. — Tinie Tempah

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Andrea Camilleri

Wearing glasses for reading meant surrendering to old age without the least bit of a fight. — Andrea Camilleri

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Jennifer Estep

I strolled into a downtown parking garage, wearing a black pantsuit and matching heels. I'd pulled my dark, chocolate-brown hair up into a high, sleek ponytail, while black glasses with clear lenses covered my cold
gray eyes. I looked like just another corporate office drone, right down to the enormous black handbag I carried. — Jennifer Estep

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Loren Eiseley

Nothing grows among its pinnacles; there is no shade except under great toadstools of sandstone whose bases have been eaten to the shape of wine glasses by the wind. Everything is flaking, cracking, disintegrating, wearing away in the long, inperceptible weather of time. The ash of ancient volcanic outbursts still sterilizes its soil, and its colors in that waste are the colors that flame in the lonely sunsets on dead planets. — Loren Eiseley

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Christopher Fry

They also say that I bring back the past;
For instance Helen comes
Brushing the maggots from her eyes,
And, clearing here throat of the dust of several thousand years
She says "I loved ... "; but cannot any longer
Remember names. Sad Helen. Or Alexander, wearing
His imperial cobwebs and breastplate of shining worms
Wakens and looks for his glasses, to find the empire
Which he knows he put beside his bed. — Christopher Fry

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Robyn Schneider

Okay, time to figure this out," Toby said, swaggering out of the bathroom in a hotel robe, his hair wet and his contacts swapped for glasses. "Who's bunking with whom?" Phoebe appeared in the doorway to the other room wearing a towel and flip-flops long enough to announce that she and Luke were sharing a bed in there. Sam and Austin looked at each other and shrugged. "I don't mind if you don't snore," Sam said. "Yeah, same." Austin shuffled past Toby and disappeared into the bathroom. "Either of you want a bed to yourself?" Toby — Robyn Schneider

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Sean Covey

Paradigms are like glasses. When you have incomplete paradigms about yourself or life in general, it's like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. That lens affects how you see everything else. — Sean Covey

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Charles M. Schulz

Don't sit there watching TV without your glasses! Do you want to ruin your eyes?!"
"My opthalmologist says that not wearing glasses cannot hurt the eyes even if those glasses are badly needed for adequate vision."
"What does your opthalmologist think of the foreign situation? — Charles M. Schulz

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Elena Ferrante

Was it possible that I - short, too full-figured, wearing glasses, I diligent but not intelligent, I who pretended to be cultured, informed, when I wasn't - could have believed that he would like me even just for the length of a vacation? — Elena Ferrante

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Rick Majerus

I started wearing glasses last season but they're only for basketball games and dirty movies. — Rick Majerus

Wearing Glasses Quotes By A. J. Gallant

Depression was like wearing tinted glasses and looking through them changed one's perception dramatically. A fancy new house could be construed as a bunch of boards nailed together. — A. J. Gallant

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Justo L. Gonzalez

A person wearing tinted glasses can avoid the conclusion that the entire world is tinted only by being conscious of the glasses themselves. — Justo L. Gonzalez

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Jeffrey Eugenides

What made Madeleine sit up in bed was something closer to the reason she read books in the first place and had always loved them. Here was a sign that she wasn't alone. Here was an articulation of what she had been so far mutely feeling. In bed on a Friday night, wearing sweatpants, her hair tied back, her glasses smudged, and eating peanut butter from the jar, Madeleine was in a state of extreme solitude. — Jeffrey Eugenides

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Moby

All of us little bald white guys wearing glasses kind of look the same. — Moby

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

I see some people with glasses here, I trust people with glasses, don't you? But if you're wearing your glasses like this ... "Get away from 'em!" — Jim Gaffigan

Wearing Glasses Quotes By David Arnold

I swear the older I get, the more I value bad examples over good ones. It's a good thing too, because most people are egotistical, neurotic, self-absorbed peons, insistent on wearing near-sighted glasses in a far-sighted world. And it's this exact sort of myopic ignorance that has led to my groundbreaking new theory. I call it Mim's Theorem of Monkey See Monkey Don't, and what it boils down to is this: it is my belief that there are some people whose sole purpose of existence is to show the rest of how not to act. — David Arnold

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Kaitlin Bevis

Athena: "What makes you human? What's different about you
from every other creature out there?"
"We can think?" a boy wearing a loose button up shirt and khakis called
from the front row.
"We have emotions?" a girl asked, pushing her glasses up the bridge of
her nose with her pinkie.
"We're self-aware? Like, we think about thinking and time and stuff?"
Gods, when had college kids become so uncertain? All their replies ended
with an upward lilt like they were asking a question instead of supplying
an answer.
After a couple of students gave faltering answers, I [Hades] called from the back
of the room, voice strong and certain, "They can lie."
Athena jerked her head toward me, panic flashing in her eyes as she
scanned the rows of students. When her gaze locked on mine, the color
drained from her face. "Class dismissed. — Kaitlin Bevis

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Trevor Baylis

The notion that inventors are anorak-wearing crackpots with glasses held together with Sellotape is beguiling but wrong. — Trevor Baylis

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Arnold Palmer

To me, wearing glasses is no pleasure, but once I conceded that I simply couldn't properly judge distance without them, I began to experiment. I tried glasses and found them uncomfortable. I switched to contact lenses, and they also bothered me. — Arnold Palmer

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Tina Fey

When I started on 'Saturday Night Live,' I had the choice of wearing contact lenses, which I had never worn before, or glasses, in order to be able to read the cue cards. — Tina Fey

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Scott Hildreth

One of my weaknesses was a hot bitch wearing glasses. — Scott Hildreth

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Will Smith

Not if you pay attention. I mean, you're sending all the right signals - no earrings, heels under two inches, your hair is pulled back, you're wearing reading glasses with no book, drinking a Grey Goose martini, which means you had a hell of a week and a beer just wouldn't do it. And if that wasn't clear enough, there's always the "fuck off" sign that you have stamped on your forehead. — Will Smith

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Madeleine L'Engle

Calvin said, "Do you know that this is the first time I've seen you without your glasses?"
"I'm blind as a bat without them. I'm near-sighted, like father."
"Well, you know what, you've got dream-boat eyes," Calvin said. "Listen, you go right on wearing your glasses. I don't think I want anybody else to see what gorgeous eyes you have. — Madeleine L'Engle

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Jim Gaffigan

The only advantage to wearing glasses is that you can do that dramatic removal. — Jim Gaffigan

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Gail Carriger

Goodness gracious me,' exclaimed Alexia, 'what are you wearing? It looks like the unfortunate progeny of an illicit union between a pair of binoculars and some opera glasses. What on earth are they called, binocticals, spectoculars? — Gail Carriger

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

Stuffed deer heads on walls are bad enough, but it's worse when you see them wearing dark glasses, having streamers around their necks and a hat on their antlers. Because then you know they were enjoying themselves at a party when they were shot. — Ellen DeGeneres

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Joe Jonas

I remember when I was growing up, I always wore glasses and so if I was on-stage or just being able to move around playing sports, I was never really able to because I had glasses holding me back. Wearing contacts has just been very helpful. — Joe Jonas

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Scott Kelly

I'm actually thinking about maybe, on a spacewalk, not wearing my glasses. I normally wear those both for reading and a little bit of a distance correction, but the distance vision seems like it's gotten a little bit better. So I might go without. — Scott Kelly

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Hiroyuki Sanada

When i've done camera test, after we've shot and I've seen the monitor with the glasses (wearing a Kimono) and looking by myself in 3D. Oh my god. Especially for a Samurai film. I've never seen that. It's kind of a culture shock. — Hiroyuki Sanada

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Marshall McLuhan

In a cool medium, the audience is an active constituent of the viewing or listening experience. A girl wearing open-mesh silk stockings or glasses is inherently cool and sensual because the eye acts as a surrogate hand in filling in the low-definition image thus engendered. Which is why boys make passes at girls who wear glasses. — Marshall McLuhan

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Elle Lothlorien

Okay then, I suppose you get a pass on poker intimidation for the glasses, little brother. But everyone else is wearing them at the tables too, and they're all just sitting there, looking all serious, like they're birthing the Grand Theory of Everything. — Elle Lothlorien

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Michael Weatherly

My father and mother are both very smart people and I always felt I was a little short of the mark. So I would compensate with a character like Logan Cale. He's wearing glasses, he's in a wheelchair, he's a computer genius. He's very far away from who I am, but I really wanted to play roles where I'd be taken seriously. — Michael Weatherly

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Markus Zusak

The Proclaimers thunder through my head.
Imagine it.
Imagine killing someone to the tune of two Scottish nerds wearing glasses and flattop haircuts. How will I ever listen to that song again? What will I do if it comes on the radio? I'll think of the night I murdered another man and stole his life with my own hands. — Markus Zusak

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Viktor Korchnoi

The aim was simple: to deprive Karpov of his favourite occupation - standing at the board, staring straight at his opponent. While I was wearing these glasses, all he could admire was his own reflection. — Viktor Korchnoi

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

His Highness looks at Denny and says, "Those glasses you're wearing, do you need them?" "Only to see with," Denny says. — Chuck Palahniuk

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Rufus Wainwright

One day you will come to Montauk and see your dad playing the piano And see your other dad wearing glasses Hope that you will want to stay for a while Don't worry I know you'll have to go — Rufus Wainwright

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Scott Frank

I usually write very few stage directions. I think a lot of that is a waste of time. The art of screenwriting is in its terseness, saying a lot with a little. I have no patience when I read a script where the writer describes this guy and what he's wearing and his glasses and his hair. — Scott Frank

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Steve Martin

Kids like my act because I'm wearing nose glasses. Adults like my act because there's a guy who thinks putting on nose glasses is funny. — Steve Martin

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Tom Waits

I was always eh, kinda want to like consider myself kind of a pioneer of the palette, a restaurateur if you will. I've wined, dined, sipped and supped in some of the most demonstrably beamer epitomable bistros in the Los Angles metropolitan region. Yeah, I've had strange looking patty melts at Norms. I've had dangerous veal cutlets at the Copper Penny. Well what you get is a breaded salsbury steak in a shake-n-bake and topped with a provocative sauce of Velveeta and uh, half-n-half. Smothered with Campbell's tomato soup. See I have kinda of a uh ... well I order my veal cutlet, Christ it left the plate and it walked down to the end of the counter. Waitress, ? she's wearing those rhinestone glasses with the little pearl thing clipped on the sweater. My veal cutlet come down, tried to beat the shit out of my cup of coffee. Coffee just wasn't strong enough to defend itself. — Tom Waits

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Steven Wright

I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out. — Steven Wright

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Muditha Champika

We all are wearing many hundred glasses of different colors. Therefore, everyone sees the world in different views. Somehow, if we could remove those glasses, we can see the world with real colors. Name of the most difficult to remove glass is 'there are permanent things of mine. — Muditha Champika

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Tarryn Fisher

That's the nature of the truth, though. What's fun about being dropped into ice water? That's why half the world walks around wearing rose-colored glasses, watching comedies and reading romance books. — Tarryn Fisher

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Aldous Huxley

I had to depend on Braille for my reading and guide for my walking ... I am now wearing no glasses, reading and all without strain ... by taking lessons in seeing ... optometrists hate the method ... — Aldous Huxley

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Lily Paradis

He was wearing glasses. Who was he, Clark Kent? No one looked this good all the time. It just wasn't possible. — Lily Paradis

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Marian Tee

The man I picture in my mind is someone ordinary like me. Maybe he's wearing glasses, maybe he's not so handsome, but it's how he loves me that's extraordinary.
It doesn't matter how many people there are in a room. He knows when I'm there and he'll find me right away, because I'm his heart and you always have to know where your heartbeat's coming from. — Marian Tee

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Kara Swisher

People here will date goats. But no one wants to date a goat wearing Google glass. — Kara Swisher

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Raymond Carver

She serves me a piece of it a few minutes
out of the oven. A little steam rises
from the slits on top. Sugar and spice -
cinnamon - burned into the crust.
But she's wearing these dark glasses
in the kitchen at ten o'clock
in the morning - everything nice -
as she watches me break off
a piece, bring it to my mouth,
and blow on it. My daughter's kitchen,
in winter. I fork the pie in
and tell myself to stay out of it.
She says she loves him. No way
could it be worse. — Raymond Carver

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Erma Bombeck

In Russia, as I sat there day after day wearing headphones, listening to the interpreter struggle to make our words relevant, I wondered if we could establish meaningful rapport with a nation that had never seen raisins dance in dark glasses on TV ... never had a garage sale. — Erma Bombeck

Wearing Glasses Quotes By David Baldacci

The door opened and Decker was looking down at a small, balding man with a gray beard and wearing dark glasses. He was well into his seventies. — David Baldacci

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Cambria Hebert

He was just a loser with a credit card.
Maybe in the past I never realized that. Hell, maybe I'd been the kind of guy who thought money equaled class. Maybe I thought the air of arrogance Zach wore as armor made him superior to others.
And then I fell in love with a girl who was the epitome of the opposite of my world.
She shattered everything I thought I knew. And though she might be the one wearing glasses, it was me who was finally seeing clearly. — Cambria Hebert

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Lucinda Williams

I have had to come to terms with wearing glasses. — Lucinda Williams

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Nick Harkaway

My loss of faith is sudden, and it's not so much a conversion as a reappraisal. Children are still modeling the world, still understanding how it works; their convictions are malleable, like their bones. Thus, I experience no sudden horrible wrench as my belief is uprooted, but rather a feeling like the right pair of glasses being put in front of my face after some time wearing someone else's. — Nick Harkaway

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Michelle Chamuel

You can't just mess with somebody's prescription, and I really like wearing glasses. It's my eyesight and I don't want to mess with that. — Michelle Chamuel

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Robert Jackson Bennett

One day Nola came into school wearing a set of incredibly thick glasses, and though they did no favors to her appearance, Nola was ecstatic: she could see all kinds of things now, things she'd never known were even there. She'd had no idea trees were so pretty, she said. She could see every single leaf waving in the wind now. For some reason, this terrified young Mona. It wasn't that Nola's vision had changed: it was that her vision had changed without her even knowing it. There were all kinds of things happening around her that she'd never known about, that she was blind to. Though her experience of the world had seemed whole and certain to her, in truth it had been marred, filled with blind spots, and she'd had no idea. — Robert Jackson Bennett

Wearing Glasses Quotes By L. Frank Baum

My people have been wearing green glasses on their eyes for so long that most of them think this really is an Emerald City. — L. Frank Baum

Wearing Glasses Quotes By J.A. Huss

Got it," I say as he hands me a pencil skirt, a crisp long-sleeved white shirt, and some low black heels. "This is what I'm wearing?" I'm a librarian. "Can I safely assume the accessories will include glasses on a chain and my hair in a bun? Should I shush people tonight? — J.A. Huss

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Ronald Meyer

I'm not a fan of 3D as an audience member. I'm too old for it. I don't like wearing the glasses over my glasses. — Ronald Meyer

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Megan Boyle

Being sick feels like you're wearing someone else's glasses — Megan Boyle

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Joey Comeau

She wears glasses that are not too small. I wish I was a girl like that. I wear contact lenses because glasses make me look like I am wearing glasses. I am not saying this properly. When she wears glasses she looks so quiet, like a grenade with the pin still in. — Joey Comeau

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Trey Songz

I don't really do glasses. It's a good look, but I'm not big on wearing clear glasses for fashion. And I don't wear too many shades because my fans love to see my eyes. — Trey Songz

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Junot Diaz

I look most like myself ... when I'm wearing my black, nerdy engineering glasses. — Junot Diaz

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Kim Wilde

I think that not being loved by your parents or not having a brother or not being liked at school or even wearing glasses can be a lot worse than having a famous father. — Kim Wilde

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

During the Cold War of the 1950s, American spies were issued eyeglasses with thick, clunky frames. If captured, they were trained to casually chew the curved earpieces, where fatal doses of cyanide were cast inside the plastic. It's these same horn-rimmed suicide glasses, the wrangler says, that inspired the look of Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello. All those young hipsters wearing death on their nose. — Chuck Palahniuk

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Steven Wright

I have two pairs of reading glasses. One pair is for reading fiction, the other for non-fiction. I've read the Bible twice wearing each pair, and it's the same. — Steven Wright

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Edmond Taylor

country, wearing dark glasses, after the armistice - receiving — Edmond Taylor

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Peter Jackson

I don't like putting glasses on and watching 3D. I don't mind wearing glasses, but it's the dimness of the light and the fact that you're filtering the light. Whatever 3D process is being used is a filtration of light, which means it's blocking some of the light. — Peter Jackson

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Susan Mallery

I'm a librarian in town,' she began.
'You sure about that?'
The words popped out before he could stop them.
Annabelle raised her eyebrows. 'Fairly. It's my job and so far no one has told me to go away when I show up for work.'
smooth, Stryker, he thought, very smooth.
'I was expecting someone wearing glasses. You know. Because librarians read a lot.'
The raised eyebrows turned into a frown. 'You need to get out of the barn more. — Susan Mallery

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Joan Nestle

After three hours, I come back to the waiting room. It is a cosmetic surgery office, so a little like a hotel lobby, underheated and expensively decorated, with candy in little dishes, emerald-green plush chairs, and upscale fashion magazines artfully displayed against the wall.
A young woman comes in, frantic to get a pimple "zapped" before she sees her family over the holidays. An older woman comes in with her daughter for a follow-up visit to a face-lift. She is wearing a scarf and dark glasses. The nurse examines her bruises right out in the waiting room.
And you are in the operating room having your body and your gender legally altered. I feel like laughing, but I know it makes me sound like a lunatic. — Joan Nestle

Wearing Glasses Quotes By Hermann Hesse

If a night-moth were to concentrate its will on flying to a star or some equally unattainable object, it wouldn't succeed. Only, it wouldn't even try in the first place. A moth confines its search to what has sense and value for it, what it needs, what is indispensable to its life ... if I imagined that I wanted under all circumstances to get to the North Pole, then to achieve it I would have to desire it strongly enough that my whole being was ruled by it. But if I were to decide to will that the pastor should stop wearing his glasses, it would be useless. That would be making a game of it. — Hermann Hesse