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Top Weak Personality Quotes

Weak Personality Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Only strong personalities can endure history, the weak ones are extinguished by it. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Weak Personality Quotes By G.K. Chesterton

It never occurred to him to be spiritually won over to the enemy. Many moderns, inured to a weak worship of intellect and force, might have wavered in their allegiance under this oppression of a great personality ... But this was a kind of modern meanness to which Syme could not sink even in his extreme morbidity. Like any man, he was coward enough to fear great force; but he was not coward enough to admire it. — G.K. Chesterton

Weak Personality Quotes By Andy Serkis

Gollum has a weak personality and isn't able to cope with the power of the ring. — Andy Serkis

Weak Personality Quotes By Oriana Fallaci

I must admit that I am not generous with weak people. It's not in my nature or in my personality. My parents were not generous with weak people, see? — Oriana Fallaci

Weak Personality Quotes By Marcia Clark

I hated myself for being so weak. I seemed to have no real personality of my own. Gaby was the mirror in which I saw myself. — Marcia Clark

Weak Personality Quotes By Lierre Keith

Masculinity is simply a conglomeration of the personality traits necessary for the patriarchal soldier-rapist: physically strong, emotionally cauterized, rational, domineering, cruel. All of this is supposed to add up to "handsome" as well. Likewise femininity is ultimately a description of the personality that results from trauma and powerlessness: weak, passive, yielding, emotional, hyper-vigilant to the needs of the dominators and desperate for the dominator's attention. — Lierre Keith

Weak Personality Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

We all have weakness and strength. I have to fight against the weakness in my personality. Everyone of should fight against the weakness of the soul. Seek to build on your strengths. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Weak Personality Quotes By Camille Paglia

Lacan , Derrida and Foucault are the perfect prophets for the weak, anxious academic personality, trapped in verbal formulas and perennially defeated by circumstances. They offer a self-exculpating cosmic explanation for the normal professorial state of resentment, alienation, dithering passivity and inaction. — Camille Paglia

Weak Personality Quotes By Hjalmar Schacht

Instead of a weak and vacillating Government, a single, purposeful, energetic personality is ruling today. — Hjalmar Schacht

Weak Personality Quotes By Hazrat Inayat Khan

Love is the divine Mother's arms; when those arms are spread, every soul falls into them.
The Sufis of all ages have been known for their beautiful personality. It does not mean that among them there have not been people with great powers, wonderful powers and wisdom. But beyond all that, what is most known of the Sufis is the human side of their nature: that tact which attuned them to wise and foolish, to poor and rich, to strong and weak
to all. They met everyone on his own plane, they spoke to everyone in his own language. What did Jesus teach when he said to the fishermen, 'Come hither, I will make you fishers of men?' It did not mean, 'I will teach you ways by which you get the best of man.' It only meant: your tact, your sympathy will spread its arms before every soul who comes, as mother's arms are spread out for her little ones. — Hazrat Inayat Khan

Weak Personality Quotes By Steve Martin

What would any man do with a soggy girl who can't assert herself, who has a weak voice, and whose main personality component is helplessness? — Steve Martin

Weak Personality Quotes By N.K. Jemisin

YOU THINK, MAYBE, YOU NEED to be someone else. You're not sure who. Previous yous have been stronger and colder, or warmer and weaker; either set of qualities is better suited to getting you through the mess you're in. Right now you're cold and weak, and that helps no one. You could become someone new, maybe. You've done that before; it's surprisingly easy. A new name, a new focus, then try on the sleeves and slacks of a new personality to find the perfect fit. A few days and you'll feel like you've never been anyone else. But. — N.K. Jemisin