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Top Idle Person Quotes

Idle Person Quotes By Jon Ronson

Do not go to that place of horror with elevated spirits, and gay hearts, for death is there! Justice and judgment are there! The power of government, displayed in its most awful form, is there . . . The person who can go and look on death merely to gratify an idle humor is destitute both of humanity and piety. — Jon Ronson

Idle Person Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Success is a choice; you choose it and work it out! Excellence is deliberate and so it is intentionally pursued. No successful person ever remained idle for success to knock his/her door for him/her — Israelmore Ayivor

Idle Person Quotes By Eric Idle

I love being an older comic now. It's like being an old soccer or an old baseball player. You're in the Hall of Fame and it's nice, but you're no longer that person in the limelight on the spot doing that thing. — Eric Idle

Idle Person Quotes By Ovid

If any person wish to be idle, let them fall in love. — Ovid

Idle Person Quotes By Joanna Walsh

The third person. There was no sign of this happiness on the outside, she knew. She was bored by this happiness that seemed out of place, impatient to get rid of it. The feeling was less pleasurable than she had imagined it might have been, less well-defined, and when she felt along its strings she found it was not easily traced or attached to the objects she thought it might have been attached to. Perhaps it was not attached to anything at all. — Joanna Walsh

Idle Person Quotes By Jeremy Taylor

Avoid idleness, and fill up all the spaces of thy time with severe and useful employment; for lust easily creeps in at those emptinesses where the soul is unemployed and the body is at ease; for no easy, healthful, idle person was ever chaste if he could be tempted; but of all employments, bodily labor is the most useful, and of the greatest benefit for driving away the Devil. — Jeremy Taylor

Idle Person Quotes By David Graeber

I am well known by my friends to be a workaholic - to their often justifiable annoyance. I am therefore keenly aware that such behavior is at best slightly pathological, and certainly in no sense makes one a better person. — David Graeber

Idle Person Quotes By Thomas Szasz

Once a person has made some sort of stable, symbolic connection between two things, the connection will influence his subsequent behavior and will generate its own 'proof.' This is why it is idle and foolish to try to 'refute' religious, political, and similar beliefs with empirical arguments about referents that are symbols to the believer but not to the non-believer. — Thomas Szasz

Idle Person Quotes By Anita Brookner

My idea of absolute happiness is to sit in a hot garden all, reading, or writing, utterly safe in the knowledge that the person I love will come home to me in the evening. Every evening.'
'You are a romantic, Edith,' repeated Mr Neville, with a smile.
'It is you who are wrong,' she replied. 'I have been listening to that particular accusation for most of my life. I am not a romantic. I am a domestic animal. I do not sigh and yearn for extravagant displays of passion, for the grand affair, the world well lost for love. I know all that, and know that it leaves you lonely. No, what I crave is the simplicity of routine. An evening walk, arm in arm, in fine weather. A game of cards. Time for idle talk. Preparing a meal together. — Anita Brookner

Idle Person Quotes By Uzoma Nnadi

Gossip is an idle talk that makes you look worse than the person you are talking about, and people tend to have more confidence in the person you talked about when they get tired of your gossip. Speak with love and kindness or don't speak at all. — Uzoma Nnadi

Idle Person Quotes By Robert Breault

No man is so idle that he cannot rouse himself just enough to get in the way of a busy person. — Robert Breault

Idle Person Quotes By Bodhidharma

A buddha is an idle person. He doesn't run around after fortune and fame. — Bodhidharma

Idle Person Quotes By Maria Edgeworth

Clarence Hervey might have been more than a pleasant young man, if he had not been smitten with the desire of being thought superior in every thing, and of being the most admired person in all companies. He had been early flattered with the idea that he was a man of genius; and he imagined that, as such, he was entitled to be imprudent, wild, and eccentric. He affected singularity, in order to establish his claims to genius. He had considerable literary talents, by which he was distinguished at Oxford; but he was so dreadfully afraid of passing for a pedant, that when he came into the company of the idle and the ignorant, he pretended to disdain every species of knowledge. His chameleon character seemed to vary in different lights, and according to the different situations in which he happened to be placed. He could be all things to all men - and to all women. — Maria Edgeworth

Idle Person Quotes By Don DeLillo

What is a nebulous mass, just out of idle curiosity?"
"A possible growth in the body."
"And it's called nebulous because you can't get a clear picture of it."
"We get very clear pictures. The imaging block takes the clearest pictures humanly possible. It's called a nebulous mass because it has no definite shape, form, or limits."
"What can it do in terms of worst-case scenario contingencies?"
"Cause a person to die."
"Speak English, for God's sake. I despise this modern jargon. — Don DeLillo

Idle Person Quotes By Saint John Chrysostom

God helps those who work, not those who are idle. No one helps an inactive person, but one who joins in the labor. The good God himself will bring ... work to perfection. — Saint John Chrysostom

Idle Person Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

Jelly-bean is the name throughout the undissolved Confederacy for one who spends his life conjugating the verb to idle in the first person singular- - I am idling, I have idled, I will idle — F Scott Fitzgerald

Idle Person Quotes By Elizabeth Goudge

She could only wait. But she was not idle while she waited, because she was holding herself in readiness for whatever it was that she would have to do. She was trying not to be frightened in her mind, and she found that that sort of waiting and thinking really keep a person quite busy. — Elizabeth Goudge

Idle Person Quotes By Nancy Moser

A person content to be bland will never be anyone's first choice as a companion for an idle afternoon. — Nancy Moser

Idle Person Quotes By Shiv Khera

Everything that we enjoy is a result of someone's hard work. Some work is visible and other work goes unseen, but both are equally important. Some people stop working as soon as they find a job. Regardless of the unemployment statistics, it is hard to find good people to work. Many people don't understand the difference between idle time and leisure time. Idle time amounts to wasting or stealing time; leisure time is earned. Procrastinating amounts to not working.
Excellence is not luck; it is the result of a lot of hard work and practice. Hard work and practice make a person better at whatever he is doing. — Shiv Khera

Idle Person Quotes By John Milton

I neither oblige the belief of other person, nor overhastily subscribe mine own. Nor have I stood with others computing or collating years and chronologies, lest I should be vainly curious about the time and circumstance of things, whereof the substance is so much in doubt. By this time, like one who had set out on his way by night, and travelled through a region of smooth or idle dreams, our history now arrives on the confines, where daylight and truth meet us with a clear dawn, representing to our view, though at a far distance, true colours and shapes. — John Milton

Idle Person Quotes By Thomas Watson

An idle person is the devil's tennis ball, which he bandies up and down with temptation until at last the ball goes out of play. — Thomas Watson

Idle Person Quotes By Eric Idle

I never think in terms of target audience. I try to write what makes me laugh, so I'm the target audience. I guess I just hope there's another person in America like me. — Eric Idle

Idle Person Quotes By Isaac Marion

I have begun to wonder where I came from. The person I am now, this fumbling, stumbling supplicant ... was I built on the foundations of my old life, or did I rise from the grave a blank state? How much of me is inherited, and how much is my own creation? Questions that were once just idle musings have begun to feel strangely urgent. Am I firmly rooted to what came before? Or can I choose to deviate? — Isaac Marion

Idle Person Quotes By Charles Schwab

I did all kinds of things as a young person to try to make money. I had a chicken operation - I sold chickens. I can remember going to high school football games as a ten-year-old and gathering Coca-Cola bottles, 'cause you'd turn them in and get a nickel. I wanted not to remain idle. — Charles Schwab

Idle Person Quotes By Gautama Buddha

One who does not rouse themself when it is time to rise, who, though capable, is full of sloth, whose will and thought are weak, that lazy and idle person will never find their way to true knowledge. — Gautama Buddha

Idle Person Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time, who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done, if we are always doing. — Thomas Jefferson

Idle Person Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

If during the day, a person did not do anything about his purpose and calling, he did nothing at all — Sunday Adelaja

Idle Person Quotes By Eric Idle

You initially become funny as a kid because you're looking for attention and love. Psychologists think that's all to do with mother abandonment. I think John Cleese has his depressions, and Terry Gilliam's the same. All of us together make one completely insane person. — Eric Idle