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Top Dedicated Mothers Quotes

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By Gail Honeyman

I understood that assisted conception was the antithesis of careless, spontaneous or unplanned parenthood, that it was the most deliberate of decisions, undertaken only by women who were serious and dedicated in their quest to be mothers. — Gail Honeyman

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By Paul Watson

Who should have children? Those who are responsible and completely dedicated to the responsibility which is actually a very small percentage of humans. Being a parent should be a career. Whereas some people are engineers, musicians, or lawyers, others with the desire and the skills can be fathers and mothers. Schools can be eliminated if the professional parent is also the educator of the child. — Paul Watson

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By J.R. Rain

Dedication This book is dedicated to mothers everywhere: Our amazing, selfless, unsung heroes. Love you, ma. — J.R. Rain

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By Mike Tyson

I was very dedicated and serious about fighting. I'd read about all the fighters. I found out where they came from, knew about their mothers and their fathers ... I just read all about their lives, their training. — Mike Tyson

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By Alice Walker

Kate thought Yolo was of the bear spirit. The bear, according to ancient people who had known bears well, was of a loyal, generous and young-loving nature. Bear mothers were the most dedicated parents imaginable. The most fierce in protecting their young; but also the most peaceful creatures when left unmolested. People with bear spirit had a certain level feel about them: they often seemed large and strong, even if they weren't particularly. They gave off a vibe that made you want to sit near them. Not to talk, necessarily, but to feel. — Alice Walker

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By Carlos Wallace

So while it is great to celebrate on a day dedicated to moms, I urge each of you, to ALWAYS be good to the woman who is so good to you. Honor your mothers EVERY DAY by letting her know she is the real MVP in your life. — Carlos Wallace

Dedicated Mothers Quotes By Mary Blakely

However diligent she may be, however dedicated, no mother can escape the larger influences of culture, biology, fate ... until we can actually live in a society where mothers and children genuinely matter, ours is an essentially powerless responsibility. Mothers carry out most of the work orders, but most of the rules governing our lives are shaped by outside influences. — Mary Blakely