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We Are Skateboarders Quotes & Sayings

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Top We Are Skateboarders Quotes

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Mark Gonzales

Skateboarders are envied by people because they just glide so free. Any time something moves like water, they'll make a dam. Every time something moves in nature, they want to stop it. — Mark Gonzales

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Jason Lee

I grew up skateboarding; it was fun. I didn't think about money, I didn't know how much professional skateboarders made. I just knew that if I became a professional skateboarder, I would achieve a lot and get to travel and do these great things. — Jason Lee

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Tom DeLonge

We don't want to act like adults. Anybody who can stay in a state of adolescence will be much better off later on. Look at people who are working nine-to-five jobs out of college, and look at professional skateboarders or guys in punk bands. See who's having more fun. — Tom DeLonge

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Emile Hirsch

I had the misfortune of getting what skateboarders call hippers. It's when you fall on your hip again and again and again, just the same spot. It turns into like a blue purple bruise and it's just torture because I had to keep on doing the same move, going around in the pool again. — Emile Hirsch

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Tobin Bell

'Saw' is a particularly popular film with 14-30 year olds, so I'll be at a playground and meet six or 10 skateboarders who just wanna talk about 'Saw.' — Tobin Bell

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Gabrielle Bell

My yoga teacher says to think of your thoughts like skateboarders passing through our line of vision; just watch them go by, don't try to follow them down the street. — Gabrielle Bell

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By William Gibson

I would like to design what people generally call streetwear. I'd like to dress skateboarders, or whatever the older equivalent of skateboarders are. I pay more attention to that stuff than anyone would ever imagine because I'm watching what the designers do. — William Gibson

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Bret Anthony Johnston

Like skateboarders, writers live by rejection; like writers, any skater worth his salt must have the single-minded tenacity of a wiener dog. — Bret Anthony Johnston

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Elle Fanning

I like necklaces that are short, the way skateboarders used to wear them in the seventies. — Elle Fanning

We Are Skateboarders Quotes By Yelawolf

Skateboarding is a part of Hip-Hop culture. I think it's the fifth element of Hip-Hop - emceeing, deejaying, b-boying, graffiti, and skateboarding. Skateboarders live and die on the streets. It's expression - it's everything that Hip-Hop is. — Yelawolf