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Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Elif Shafak

In everything we do, it is our hearts that make the difference, not our outer appearances ... keep both eyes closed and instead open a third eye
the eye that sees the inner realm. — Elif Shafak

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Jon Daniels

Keep your eyes open, take risks, and whenever possible, don't think of things the way everyone else does. — Jon Daniels

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By John D'Agata

I would ask the people who were generous toward my own work. After class one day a poetry professor said to me, "Hey, there's this guy Basho you would find interesting," and so I found Basho. A fiction teacher told me, "You ought to read Clarice Lispector if you're interested in that sort of in-between stuff," and then Lispector appeared. It's not magic. You just keep your eyes open. — John D'Agata

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett

May every young scientist remember and not fail to keep his eyes open for the possibility that an irritating failure of his apparatus to give consistent results may once or twice in a lifetime conceal an important discovery. — Patrick Blackett, Baron Blackett

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Sri Yukteswar Giri

Many teachers will tell you to believe; then they put out your eyes of reason and instruct you to follow only their logic. But I want you to keep your eyes of reason open; in addition, I will open in you another eye, the eye of wisdom. — Sri Yukteswar Giri

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Horst Faas

A Leica camera is a camera we can keep both eyes open. You can look for the free eye that doesn't look to viewfinder and in all directions. It's like backwards - and sometimes also backwards, and you can look for the viewfinder and see your picture. — Horst Faas

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Paul Auster

People say you have to travel to see the world. Sometimes I think that if you just stay in one place and keep your eyes open, you're going to see just about all that you can handle. — Paul Auster

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Donna Karan

You have to keep your eyes and heart open
there are always new things to discover, new problems to solve. — Donna Karan

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By P.C. Cast

Okay, well, let's do a little reenactment. I'm the gay-looking DiCaprio and you're Rose. You have to keep your eyes open and on my face, or you'll have to let me go and I'll turn into a huge gay Popsicle. — P.C. Cast

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Tina Modotti

I don't believe in marriage. I think at worst it's a hostile political act, a way for small-minded men to keep women in the house and out of the way, wrapped up in the guise of tradition and conservative religious nonsense. At best, it's a happy delusion - these two people who truly love each other and have no idea how truly miserable they're about to make each other. But, but, when two people know that, and they decide with eyes wide open to face each other and get married anyway, then I don't think it's conservative or delusional. I think it's radical and courageous and very romantic. — Tina Modotti

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Samuel Palmer

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. — Samuel Palmer

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nature has her own best mode of doing each thing, and she has somewhere told it plainly, if we will keep our eyes and ears open. If not, she will not be slow in undeceiving us, when we prefer our own way to hers. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Vivek Wadhwa

The most important skill of the future will be the ability to learn and adapt. You need to be resourceful, keep your eyes open for advances coming out of nowhere, and embrace the new opportunities as they emerge. You need to be able to collaborate with others and build relationships. You need to be able to share ideas, inspire, and motivate. — Vivek Wadhwa

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Rachael Yamagata

So for those of you falling in love,
Keep it kind, keep it good, keep it right.
Throw yourself in the midst of danger,
But keep one eye open at night. — Rachael Yamagata

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

Some of us are born more than once. Some of us recreate ourselves many times. Ryodan says adaptability is survivability. Ryodan says a lot of stuff. Sometimes I listen, All I know is, every time I open my eyes, my brian kicks on. Something wakes up deep in my belly, and I know I'll do anything it takes ... To. Just. Keep. Breathing. — Karen Marie Moning

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Grace Coddington

Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you can see can inspire you. — Grace Coddington

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By David O. Selznick

This dame keeps dragging me into the bushes. Keep your eye open, you may have to rescue me. — David O. Selznick

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By J.K. Rowling

Harry -
I'm flying north immediately. This news about your scar is the latest in a series of strange rumors that have reached me here. If it hurts again, go straight to Dumbledore - they're saying he's got Mad-Eye out of retirement, which means he's reading the signs, even if no one else is.
I'll be in touch soon. My best to Ron and Hermione. Keep your eyes open,Harry.
Dear Sirius,
I reckon I just imagined my scar hurting, I was half asleep when I wrote to you last time. There's no point coming back, everything's fine here. Don't worry about me, my head feels completely normal.
Nice try, Harry.
I'm back in the country and well hidden. I want you to keep me posted on
everything that's going on at Hogwarts. Don't use Hedwig, keep changing owls,and don't worry about me, just watch out for yourself Don't forget what I said about your scar.
Sirius — J.K. Rowling

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Carmine Savastano

Keep an open mind but a skeptical eye. — Carmine Savastano

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Annie Dillard

What I aim to do is not so much learn the names of the shreds of creation that flourish in this valley, but to keep myself open to their meanings, which is to try to impress myself at all times with the fullest possible force of their very reality. I want to have things as multiply and intricately as possible present and visible in my mind. Then I might be able to sit on the hill by the burnt books where the starlings fly over, and see not only the starlings, the grass field, the quarried rock, the viney woods, Hollins pond, and the mountains beyond, but also, and simultaneously, feathers' barbs, springtails in the soil, crystal in rock, chloroplasts streaming, rotifers pulsing, and the shape of the air in the pines. And, if I try to keep my eye on quantum physics, if I try to keep up with astronomy and cosmology, and really believe it all, I might ultimately be able to make out the landscape of the universe. Why not? — Annie Dillard

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

I count him a great man who inhabits a higher sphere of thought, into which other men rise with labor and difficulty; he has but to open his eyes to see things in a true light, and in large relations; whilst they must make painful corrections, and keep a vigilant eye on many sources of error. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Gordie Howe

I always tell kids, you have two eyes and one mouth. Keep two open and one closed. You never learn anything if you're the one talking. — Gordie Howe

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Haruki Murakami

Math is like water. It has a lot of difficult theories, of course, but its basic logic is very simple. Just as water flows from high to low over the shortest possible distance, figures can only flow in one direction. You just have to keep your eye on them for the route to reveal itself. That's all it takes. You don't have to do a thing. Just concentrate your attention and keep your eyes open, and the figures make everything clear to you. In this whole, wide world, the only thing that treats me so kindly is math. — Haruki Murakami

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Think boldly. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Don't miss small details, keep your eyes open and be modest in everything except your aims. — Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Michael Almereyda

I've always been fond of the advice I once heard from Robert Frank, "Keep your eyes open." — Michael Almereyda

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Madeleine De Scudery

Men should keep their eyes wide open before marriage, and half-shut afterwards. — Madeleine De Scudery

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By David Nicholls

They ended up in a amusement arcade on Old Compton Street, where Nora insisted Stephen join her on one of those dance-step machines, and as he stood next to her, stomping out a dance routine on the illuminated dance floor, he had a sudden anxiety that Nora might be one of those kooky, free-spirit types, the kind of irreverent life-force who, in the imaginary romantic comedy currently playing in his head, turns the hero's narrow life upside down, etc., etc. The acid test for free-spirited kookiness is to show the subject a field of fresh snow; if they flop on their backs and make snow-angels, then the test is positive. In the absence of snow, Stephan resolved to keep an eye open for other tell-tale kookiness indicators: a propensity for wacky hats, zany mismatched socks, leaf-kicking, a disproportionate enthusiasm for karaoke, kite - flying and light-hearted shoplifting, the whole Holly Golightly act. — David Nicholls

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Jacob Braude

The bad things you can see with one eye closed. But keep both eyes wide open for the little things. Little things mark the great dividing line between success and failure. — Jacob Braude

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Ge Fei

Do you mind if I contribute my thoughts to this one? If you could just stop nitpicking and dissecting every little thing, if you could learn to keep one eye closed and one eye open, and quit worrying about everything, you might discover life is pretty fucking beautiful. Am I right? — Ge Fei

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Robert Morse

I think you always have to keep your eye open and take advantage of anything that may come your way. — Robert Morse

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Annie Dillard

I still try to keep my eyes open. I'm always on the lookout for antlion traps in sandy soil, monarch pupae near milkweed, skipper larvae in locust leaves. These things are utterly common, and I've not seen one — Annie Dillard

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

What if stars were the glimmering tears of a giant, welling in his cheeks, waiting to fall at the first tender stroke of emotion? What if the moon were a wide-open eye gazing down on our tiny, little world and its tiny, little inhabitants as they rush to and fro in pursuit of tiny, little dreams? What if the sun were the glowing heart of a great beast, pumping hot blood to keep him alive while providing warmth for our pitiful world? Ahhh, imagination; it is a wondrous thing! — Richelle E. Goodrich

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By John Green

Gus flipped open the egg carton and handed Isaac an egg. Isaac tossed it, missing the car by a solid forty feet.
"A little to the left," Gus said.
"My throw was a little to the left or I need to aim a little to the left?"
"Aim left." Isaac swiveled his shoulders.
"Lefter," Gus said. Isaac swiveled again.
"Yes. Excellent. And throw hard."
Gus handed him another egg, and Isaac hurled it, the egg arcing over the car and smashing against the slow-sloping roof of the house. "Bull's-eye!" Gus said.
"Really?" Isaac asked excitedly.
"No, you threw it like twenty feet over the car. Just, throw hard, but keep it low. And a little right of where you were last time."
Isaac reached over and found an egg himself from the carton Gus cradled. He tossed it, hitting a tailing.
"Yes!" Gus said. "Yes! TAILLIGHT! — John Green

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Lucy Larcom

The beauty of work depends upon the way we meet it, whether we arm ourselves each morning to attack it as an enemy that must be vanquished before night comes-or whether we open our eyes with the sunrise to welcome it as an approaching friend who will keep us delightful company and who will make us feel at evening that the day was well worth its fatigue. — Lucy Larcom

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Peter Turnley

I continue to hope and believe that the best stories and photographs are yet to occur. My quest for them will certainly require that I keep my head up and my eyes and heart open as I walk down the street. — Peter Turnley

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By CM Punk

The best thing you can probably do is keep a low profile, keep your eyes and ears open, your mouth shut, and you will learn a ton. — CM Punk

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By J.R. Ward

The King's hand shot out so fast the eye could barely track it, and somehow, even without sight, he got the trajectory right, clamping a hold on the throat of his fighter. He didn't even look in Vishous's direction, his focus remaining on Xcor.
In response, Vishous didn't defend himself, even as he was forced to gasp for breath, his goateed jaw dropping open.
"Don't you love it when people know their places," Wrath said to Xcor tightly. "When they understand those moments when they need to keep their fucking mouths shut."
Xcor had to smile. Wrath and he were kin in some ways, weren't they.
"Aye, my Lord," he murmured. — J.R. Ward

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

Please open your eyes now, but keep attention in the inner energy field of the body as you look around the room. The inner body lies at the threshold between your form identity and your essence identity, your true nature. Never lose touch with it. — Eckhart Tolle

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Iyanla Vanzant

Abundance is a direct reflection of your preparation to live abundantly. People who are ready for abundance keep their heads up, their eyes open and give thanks for everything they get. — Iyanla Vanzant

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Pema Chodron

When you open yourself to the continually changing, impermanent, dynamic nature of your own being and of reality, you increase your capacity to love and care about other people and your capacity to not be afraid. You're able to keep your eyes open, your heart open, and your mind open. And you notice when you get caught up in prejudice, bias, and aggression. You develop an enthusiasm for no longer watering those negative seeds, from now until the day you die. And, you begin to think of your life as offering endless opportunities to start to do things differently. — Pema Chodron

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Looking up at Max he asked, "Do you recommend anything?" He kept his eyes low and to the table, trying but failing to keep his eyes open against the bright sun light.
"You okay?" Max asked, watching as Landon struggled to meet her eyes.
"I'm trying not to look at you," he replied.
"I'm sorry, what?"
"I mean I'm trying not to hurt my eyes."
Max crossed her arms over her chest and raised a wicked brow.
Landon shielded the sun with his hand and finally made eye contact with her. "That came out wrong," he said apologetically.
"It sure did," she said with a chuckle. — Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Margaret George

Mary watched the sunset from her carriage window, realizing that such beauty could never last. Life was a golden glory that faded in the wink of an eye. Life was a village fair that only lasted for a single day. As the carriage rattled along, rocking her like a babe in arms, Mary felt very old and wise. She found that she didn't mind being taken back to the castle, to a caring captivity that was filled with comforts and kindness. And she also found that she couldn't keep her eyes open. — Margaret George

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By William Shakespeare

Is it thy will, thy image should keep open
My heavy eyelids to the weary night?
Dost thou desire my slumbers should be broken,
While shadows like to thee do mock my sight?
Is it thy spirit that thou send'st from thee
So far from home into my deeds to pry,
To find out shames and idle hours in me,
The scope and tenor of thy jealousy?
O, no! thy love, though much, is not so great:
It is my love that keeps mine eye awake:
Mine own true love that doth my rest defeat,
To play the watchman ever for thy sake:
For thee watch I, whilst thou dost wake elsewhere,
From me far off, with others all too near. — William Shakespeare

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Tupac Shakur

Keep your head up, Legs closed, Eyes open. — Tupac Shakur

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Debra Holland

The tiny body was slippery, and he held her tightly, afraid she'd slither out of his grip. He rotated the infant face-up, holding her about ten inches away from his face. The top of her head had a slight cone shape. Her blue-tinged hands pinked. The baby's eyes were open, alert and seemingly amazed.
They connected with his.
A jolt of intense feeling, of recognition, flowed between them. As he gazed on the scrunched features of the infant, love surged through him. He'd never felt such a feeling before, and his chest ached with the joyful pressure. Caleb wanted to curl her to his chest and keep her safe. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, inhaling a scent that surprised him with its sweetness.
"My baby?" Maggie asked.
The infant broke eye contact with Caleb and turned her face toward the sound of her mother's voice. He blinked back moisture from his eyes and grinned. "You have a beautiful daughter. — Debra Holland

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Dr. Seuss

Young cat! If you keep Your eyes open enough, Oh, the stuff you will learn! The most wonderful stuff! — Dr. Seuss

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Rajneesh

The whole existence is surrounded by a divine energy that protects you, cares for you, is always available. If you go on missing it, it is only because of you. If you keep your doors closed, the sun may be outside but you will live in darkness. Even if the doors are open and the sun is there, you can keep your eyes closed and you will still live in darkness. So is the case with god: his love is always there but our hearts are not open, our hearts are closed. — Rajneesh

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Gregory Colbert

The stars you see at night are the unblinking eyes of sleeping elephants, who sleep with one eye open to best keep watch over us. — Gregory Colbert

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Ed Seykota

Pyramiding instructions appear on dollar bills. Add smaller and smaller amounts on the way up. Keep your eye open at the top. — Ed Seykota

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Shang Rinpoche

How should we manage our mind, which is inherently just like the open sky? It's actually very simple. Let it do as it wishes, just as you would let go of a naughty child struggling to get free from your arms. As long as you know you can keep your eye on him at all times, you certainly shouldn't try to tie him up or confine him. You also shouldn't try to get his attention with candy, biscuits, or toys because, as with all naughty children, it's only natural that he will eventually return to his mother's embrace. When mother and child are united, that is similar to when your mind has returned again to its proper place. — Shang Rinpoche

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Lincoln Hall

Keep your eyes wide open in the darkest of times. Only then you can rely on shooting stars. — Lincoln Hall

Keep One Eye Open Quotes By Paula Deen

If you've got a good idea and you're willing to do whatever it takes to pursue it, keep your head up and eyes open because you don't know when opportunity will come knocking. — Paula Deen