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Famous Quotes By Eytan Fox

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We have to learn how to stop being afraid of people who are different than us, who are supposedly our enemies. We are taught that our enemies are there, not that people want to live in peace. They don't want to fight. They just want to live and enjoy life and accomplish things. — Eytan Fox

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In Israel, it always meant - and a lot of that is still true - there was only one kind of man you could be, there were no alternatives, no options. If you were from a good family, you were supposed to be a successful soldier at 18 and be strong, and prepared to protect your wife and family, or family and children, and be prepared to die for your country. — Eytan Fox

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I think that what happened is that we grew up with the Holocaust within us. It turned us into harsh, emotionally incapable people who have become blind to what they are doing to other people. A lot of times, Holocaust abuse justifies terrible things done to the Palestinians. And you have to realize that what is going on is terrible, and that we are responsible, and we have to take responsibility - even if we are not completely responsible. — Eytan Fox

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What is important, what isn't important, and how do you clean yourself from all of the unimportant things. And then you can be content, and feel good with life, which is metaphorically speaking, "walking on water." — Eytan Fox

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It is so sad how hatred is a seed we planted in the hearts of kids. We are going to be working for years and years to try and fix this. — Eytan Fox