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Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Robert Reich

The Tea Party grew out of indignation over the Wall Street bailout - an indignation shared by the vast majority of Americans. But the Tea Party ended up directing its ire at government rather than at big business and Wall Street. — Robert Reich

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Walter E. Williams

One third of the $15 trillion of mortgages in existence in 2008 are owned, or securitized by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, the Federal Housing and the Veterans Administration. Wall Street buyers of repackaged loans didn't mind buying risky paper because they assumed that they would be guaranteed by the federal government: read bailout from the taxpayers. Today's housing mess can be laid directly at the feet of Congress and the White House. — Walter E. Williams

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Rick Perry

I got all the respect in the world for the front-runners in this race, but ask yourself: If we replace a Democratic insider with a Republican insider, you think we're really going to change Washington, D.C.? You don't have to settle for Washington and Wall Street insiders who supported the Wall Street bailout and the Obamacare individual mandate. — Rick Perry

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Ted Cruz

On domestic policy, Donald Trump agreed with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Wall Street bailout, the TARP bailout of big bank. I think the government ought to be standing with mainstream, with working men and women. And then you put on top of that the ethical issues, whether it is refusing to release his taxes. And that's a real problem. — Ted Cruz

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Peter Schiff

My mother always taught me that two wrongs don't make a right. We shouldn't bail out Wall Street. We shouldn't bail out Detroit. It will cost the economy more than the cost of the bailout which is more than the politicians think. We'll run into the hundred of millions to prop these companies up. — Peter Schiff

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Mike Pence

I opposed No Child Left Behind, I opposed the Medicare prescription drug bill, I opposed the Wall Street bailout. What the American people are starting to see is that Republican, Republicans on Capitol Hill get it and the Democrats, from the White House to Capitol Hill, just don't get it. — Mike Pence

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Michele Bachmann

Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich supported the Wall Street bailout. — Michele Bachmann

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Bernie Sanders

Your story is for - voting for every disastrous trade agreement, and voting for corporate America. Did I vote against the Wall Street bailout? — Bernie Sanders

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Rick Santorum

I dont know of one group of people thats more disliked than politicians
it may be the folks who gave us the Wall Street bailout. And thats where Mitt Romney comes from. — Rick Santorum

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Sebastian Junger

Joseph Cassano of AIG Financial Products - known as "Mr. Credit-Default Swap" - led a unit that required a $99 billion bailout while simultaneously distributing $1.5 billion in year-end bonuses to his employees - including $34 million to himself. Robert Rubin of Citibank received a $10 million bonus in 2008 while serving on the board of directors of a company that required $63 billion in federal funds to keep from failing. Lower down the pay scale, more than 5,000 Wall Street traders received bonuses of $1 million or more despite working for nine of the financial firms that received the most bailout money from the US goverment. Neither — Sebastian Junger

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Robert Reich

Anyone believing the TPP is good for Americans take note: The foreign subsidiaries of U.S.-based corporations could just as easily challenge any U.S. government regulation they claim unfairly diminishes their profits - say, a regulation protecting American consumers from unsafe products or unhealthy foods, investors from fraudulent securities or predatory lending, workers from unsafe working conditions, taxpayers from another bailout of Wall Street, or the environment from toxic emissions. — Robert Reich

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Rick Santorum

Governor Romney supported the bailout of Wall Street and decided not to support the bailout of Detroit. — Rick Santorum

Wall Street Bailout Quotes By Mike Pence

I opposed the Medicare prescription drug entitlement. I opposed the Wall Street bailout. I opposed the stimulus bill. — Mike Pence