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Friedrich Kellner Quotes 757018

The butchering may continue as it will, it shall remain the historical guilt of the Western powers that they did not promptly provide the sharpest preventative measures against the continued attack-politics Germany undertook. Possibilities existed for this, but no measures were seized upon. — Friedrich Kellner

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The craziest of all political systems, the unique dictatorship, found its earned end. History will note for eternity that the German people were not able on their own initiative to shake off the yoke of the National Socialists. The victory of the Americans, English and Russians was a necessary occurrence to disrupt the National Socialists' delusions and plans for world domination. — Friedrich Kellner

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We can bear up under everything, if we have only the certainty that the monster Hitler with his insatiable bloodletting and plundering will have committed soon his last shameful deed. — Friedrich Kellner

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I could not fight the Nazis in the present, as they had the power to still my voice, so I decided to fight them in the future. I would give the coming generations a weapon against any resurgence of such evil. My eyewitness account would record the barbarous acts, and also show the way to stop them. — Friedrich Kellner

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The children are designated as "Air Force aides of the Hitler youth" and wear military uniforms and become used to handling the anti-aircraft artillery flak guns. 15 and 16 year old children as warriors! If the war still continues to last for a long time, perhaps the babies will be also employed. Total war!! — Friedrich Kellner

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Gutenberg, your printing press has been violated by this evil book, Mein Kampf! — Friedrich Kellner

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If now, after the collapse, should any of these lackeys of Adolf Hitler have the insolence to claim they were merely harmless onlookers, let them feel the scourge of avenging mankind ... Whoever cries about having lost the Nazi system or wants to resurrect National Socialism is to be treated as a lunatic. — Friedrich Kellner

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The world will rightfully be upset over so much inhumanity, and a hate will burn that can never be extinguished. How long will this reign of terror continue? — Friedrich Kellner

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Why only hate? Where does love remain? Or at least a little decency toward other people? Exactly the same as we behaved against the Jews, we now wish to do against all other people who are in our way, to smash, crush - yes, even exterminate. — Friedrich Kellner

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Terror is trump. Common, brutal suppression methods are considered as sanctified laws. "Old Fighters" are holy ones. From the district leader upwards there are only Gods! — Friedrich Kellner

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Spineless politics do not change the mind of a tyrant. — Friedrich Kellner

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Every person has the choice between Good and Evil. Choose Good, and stand against those who would choose Evil. — Friedrich Kellner