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Top Useta Quotes

Useta Quotes By John Kennedy Toole

Remember I'm from Dauphine Street. We useta put the kitchen chairs out on the banquette and set there till midnight sometimes waiting for the house to cool off. And the things the people down here say! Lord. — John Kennedy Toole

Useta Quotes By Embee

Jayden stood facing me, his arms crossed, looking like he couldn't decide if he wanted to kiss me or punch me. — Embee

Useta Quotes By Jeremy Piven

The reality is that I'm an actor from the Midwest and I was 40 movies into it before I started 'Entourage'. — Jeremy Piven

Useta Quotes By John Jewel

To maintain a fault known is a double fault. — John Jewel

Useta Quotes By Mercy Cortez

The honeymoon phase was over. He still called me his girl, still held me like I meant everything and I really wanted to believe he was still completely here with me. I looked over his body and at his sleeping face. I slowly moved out of his bed, and tip toed to the bathroom where I fell to the tiled floor and sobbed. — Mercy Cortez

Useta Quotes By Yovanny Alfonso

You and I have been created with a DNA that drives us to want to live a life with good experiences, forces us to human growth and leads us to the contribution of something beyond our understanding. — Yovanny Alfonso

Useta Quotes By Lee Priest

I had a guy come up to me once in the gym when I'm training arms and tell me that I should do curls this way. I looked at his arms and they were about fifteen inches. That would be like me walking up to Tom Platz and telling him how to squat! — Lee Priest

Useta Quotes By Joe Hill

Christmas was almost four months in the rearview mirror, and there was something awful about Christmas music when it was nearly summer. It was like a clown in the rain, with his makeup running. — Joe Hill

Useta Quotes By Tim Gunn

It was very challenging to mentor the mentors, and yes, you do see more sides of my personality. — Tim Gunn

Useta Quotes By James M. Barrie

I've sometimes thought ... that the difference between us and the English is that the Scotch are hard in all other respects but soft with women, and the English are hard with women but soft in all other respects. — James M. Barrie

Useta Quotes By Richard Price

Indians, man, they were so tough they useta eat steak with a spoon." "I hate steak," said Tyrone. — Richard Price

Useta Quotes By Huntley Fitzpatrick

I return to the sprinklers and sit down. George plunks down next to me. "Did you know that a bird-eating tarantula is as big as your hand?"
"Jase doesn't have one of those, does he?"
George gives me his sunniest smile. "No. He useta have a reg'lar tarantula named Agnes, but she" - his voice drops mournfully - "died."
"I'm sure she's in tarantula heaven now," I assure him hastily, shuddering to think what that might look like.
Mrs. Garret's van pulls in behind the motorcycle, disgorging what I assume are Duff and Andy, both red-faced and windblown. Judging by their life jackets, they've been at sailing camp.
George and Harry, my loyal fans, rave to their mother about my accomplishments, while Patsy immediately bursts into tears, points an accusing finger at her mother, and wails, "Boob."
"It was her first word." Mrs. Garret takes her from me, heedless of Patsy's damp swimsuit. "There's one for the baby book. — Huntley Fitzpatrick

Useta Quotes By Jeffrey Fry

I am pushed by those who believe in me, but motivated by those who don't. — Jeffrey Fry

Useta Quotes By William MacAskill

We should certainly feel outrage and horror at the conditions sweatshop laborers toil under. The correct response, however, is not to give up sweatshop-produced goods in favor of domestically produced goods. The correct response is to try to end the extreme poverty that makes sweatshops desirable places to work in the first place. — William MacAskill