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Top Unity And Solidarity Quotes

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Eugene V. Debs

As long as this great army of workers is scattered among so many craft unions, it will be impossible for them to unite and act in harmony together. Craft unionism is the negation of solidarity. The more unions you have, the less unity. — Eugene V. Debs

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

...History is the key to the unity of a people. Its nostalgia pulls them together. Its gloom separates them further. Its successes make them stronger. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Janvier Chouteu-Chando

...An ethnically heterogeneous society without a unifying hero is bound to be torn apart by internal strife. Only a man capable of bringing about a workable consensus between the diverse people is truly a hero. Such a man has to be a true disciple of peace, unity, solidarity and justice. — Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Ian McDonald

The geek of the Earth are a tribe and they are mighty. — Ian McDonald

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Queen Rania Of Jordan

Today, I join King Abdullah in Paris to stand in solidarity with the people of France in their darkest hour ... To stand in unity against extremism in all its forms and to stand up for our cherished faith, Islam. And so that the lasting image of these terrible events is an unprecedented outpouring of sympathy and support between people of all faiths and cultures. — Queen Rania Of Jordan

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Samora Machel

International solidarity is not an act of charity: It is an act of unity between allies fighting on different terrains toward the same objective. The foremost of these objectives is to aid the development of humanity to the highest level possible. — Samora Machel

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Muhammad Ali Jinnah

In Pakistan lies our deliverance, defence and honour ... In our solidarity, unity and discipline lie the strength, power and sanction behind us to carry on this fight successfully. No sacrifice should be considered too great. We shall never accept any future constitution on the basis of a united India. — Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Sylvia Plath

You can outline the people you've lived with these past years in a few sentences ... yet could you give an account of their lives, their hopes, their dreams? You could try, perhaps, but they would be much the same as yours ... for you are all an inexplicable unity - this family group with its twisted tensions, unreasoning loves and solidarity and loyalty born and bred in blood. These people are the ones most basically responsible for what you are. — Sylvia Plath

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Muhammad Ali Jinnah

My young friends, I look forward to you as the real makers of Pakistan, do not be exploited and do not be misled. Create amongst yourselves complete unity and solidarity. Set an example of what youth can do. Your main occupation should be in fairness to yourself, to your parents, in fairness to the State, to devote your attention to your studies. If you fritter away your energies now, you will always regret. — Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Leslie Feinberg

What is the bedrock on which all of our diverse trans populations can build solidarity? The commitment to be the best fighters against each other's oppression. As our activist network grows into marches and rallies of hundreds of thousands, we will hammer out language that demonstrates the sum total of our movement as well as its component communities.

Unity depends on respect for diversity, no matter what tools of language are ultimately used. This is a very early stage for trans peoples with such diverse histories and blends of cultures to form community. Perhaps we don't have to strive to be one community. In reality, there isn't one women's, or lesbian, gay, bi community. What is realistic is the goal to build a coalition between our many strong communities in order to form a movement capable of defending all our lives. — Leslie Feinberg

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Pope Francis

In a world like this, media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of unity of the human family which can in turn inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all. — Pope Francis

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Guy Gavriel Kay

A hand fought best when it made a fist. — Guy Gavriel Kay

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Lal Bahadur Shastri

Among the major tasks before us none is of greater importance for our strength and stability than the task of building up the unity and solidarity of our people. — Lal Bahadur Shastri

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Jeff Sharlet

The politics of that year [2004] are old now, but the problem remains the same, the real culture clash of American life. It's between the essence of fundamentalism - paternalism, authority, and charity - and the messy imperatives of democracy, "the din of the vox populi" once derided by Abram Vereide. It's the difference between false unity, preached from above, and real solidarity, pledged between brothers and sisters - the kinds who are always bickering. — Jeff Sharlet

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Trevor D. Richardson

We're better together than we are apart. The American Dream has us looking out for ourselves even at the expense of our neighbors. That shit ain't true, man. — Trevor D. Richardson

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By George Gilder

Like the Pentagon, our social science often reduces all phenomena to dollars and body counts. Sexuality, family unity, kinship, masculine solidarity, maternity, motivation, nurturing, all the rituals of personal identity and development, all the bonds of community, seem "sexist," "superstitious," "mystical," "inefficient," "discriminatory." And, of course, they are
and they are also indispensable to a civilized society. — George Gilder

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Monica Spear

One of the most difficult situations on which my country goes through, has to do with the political and economical aspects, but that it's because we have locked up into ourselves and forgot to help everyone else. We have forgotten about unity and solidarity. Sometimes, it's in our differences where we find that strength which compliment us to go forward. — Monica Spear

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Mao Zedong

The exemplary vanguard role of the Communists is of vital importance. Communists in the Eighth Route and New Fourth Armies should set an example in fighting bravely, carrying out orders, observing discipline, doing political work and fostering internal unity and solidarity. — Mao Zedong

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Ramor Ryan

If solidarity is unity of purpose or togetherness, how to span this great divide of inequality, privilege, universal rights, political agency, and even our seeing things completely differently?
In constructing this great bridge of international solidarity across the globe, where do we even begin? — Ramor Ryan

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Pope Francis

Let us remember Paul VI's words: "For the Catholic Church, no one is a stranger, no one is excluded, no one is far away" (Homily for the closing of the Second Vatican Council, 8 December 1965). Indeed, we are a single human family that is journeying on toward unity, making the most of solidarity and dialogue among peoples in the multiplicity of differences. — Pope Francis

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Bryant McGill

Let each of us lead a revolution of support in the lives of others. — Bryant McGill

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Curious George Brigade

We don't need unity in theory, we need solidarity in practice. — Curious George Brigade

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Joseph Fink

We all chose to stand down and hope change would be won for us, and not by us. By someone else, we believed. A hero, we believed.
But belief is only step one. Action is step two. Fighting for what you believe is step two. Solidarity is step two. Unity is step two. — Joseph Fink

Unity And Solidarity Quotes By Curtis Tyrone Jones

Sometimes we find the sweetest solidarity in the midst of solitude. — Curtis Tyrone Jones