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Unicycle Quotes By Jay Duplass

I do own a unicycle, which I use for workout purposes as opposed to doing tricks. — Jay Duplass

Unicycle Quotes By Michael Hedges

I wonder if Harley-Davidson makes a unicycleMichael Hedges

Unicycle Quotes By John Green

Well dress me up in a tutu, put my on a unicycle, and call me Caroline the Dancing Bear. You're a fugging dumper — John Green

Unicycle Quotes By David Hammons

Owned a unicycle with one pedal and a missing seat. It was stolen by a one-legged man, with no butt, and an incredible sense of balance. — David Hammons

Unicycle Quotes By Clive James

Murray sounds like a blindfolded man riding a unicycle on the rim of the pit of doom, the men actually facing the danger are all so taciturn that you might as well try interviewing the cars themselves. — Clive James

Unicycle Quotes By Matt Groening

If something is too hard to do, then it's not worth doing. You just stick that guitar in the closet next to your shortwave radio, your karate outfit and your unicycle and we'll go inside and watch TV. — Matt Groening

Unicycle Quotes By Demetri Martin

I love motor learning because it's very basic and primal. A lot of what I like to learn correlates with the opposite of what gets you laid. I can ride a unicycle and I can juggle. These are unimpressive things to know. — Demetri Martin

Unicycle Quotes By Stephen King

Beware the dark stranger! He rides a unicycle! — Stephen King

Unicycle Quotes By Todd Rose

Evaluate the demands in your child's life (at home and at school) - and find at least one "cognitive unicycle" that may be sabotaging him or her. Then, if you can, get rid of it. — Todd Rose

Unicycle Quotes By Chloe Thurlow

Squirting isn't easy, it has to be said. Then, neither is riding a unicycle. Just as some people sweat more than others, or eat more than others, some girls erupt in surging geysers of vaginal fluids with greater facility and in more generous quantities than others. — Chloe Thurlow

Unicycle Quotes By Woody Allen

Raining. Oh, brother, a scratch on the fender. Damn rabbi on his unicycle.
Wait a minute, where are my car keys? Could have sworn I left them in this pocket. No, just some loose change and ticket stubs from the all-black version of Elaine Stritch' s one-woman show.
Did I check my desk? Better go back inside. What's in the top drawer here? Hmm. Envelopes, my paper clips, a loaded revolver in case the tenant in 2A begins yodelling again. — Woody Allen

Unicycle Quotes By J.G. Ballard

A lifetime's experience urges me to utter a warning cry: do anything else, take someone's golden retriever for a walk, run away with a saxophone player. Perhaps what's wrong with being a writer is that one can't even say 'good luck'
luck plays no part in the writing of a novel. No happy accidents as with the paint pot or chisel. I don't think you can say anything, really. I've always wanted to juggle and ride a unicycle, but I dare say if I ever asked the advice of an acrobat he would say, 'All you do is get on and start pedaling'. — J.G. Ballard

Unicycle Quotes By Demetri Martin

Yes, okay, it's cool to be quirky, maybe, on the side. Do some puzzles, make puzzles, whatever, learn how to ride a unicycle. That's cool when it's on the side and you have a plan. What happens when you remove the plan? What you're left with is a guy who likes to do anagrams. And doesn't have a job ... Sweet, that's a catch. — Demetri Martin

Unicycle Quotes By Tobias Segal

I used to entertain myself - I taught myself to use stilts and juggle and ride a unicycle. But I was never immediately interested in theatre. — Tobias Segal

Unicycle Quotes By Ted Alexandro

A person riding a unicycle on a tightrope doesn't worry about being likeable; they're doing something amazing that very few people can do. — Ted Alexandro

Unicycle Quotes By Natalie Standiford

The students adore your father,' a perfumed woman said to me. 'Aren't you lucky to live with such a charming man!'
'He's even more charming at home,' Mom said. 'Isn't he, Bea? He rides a unicycle through the house -'
'- even up and down the stairs,' I added.
'He juggles eggs as he makes breakfast every morning -'
'- which he serves to us in bed of course,' I said.
'- and pulls fragrant bouquets out of his ass,' Mom finished.
'He's just a joy. — Natalie Standiford

Unicycle Quotes By Joe Hill

But Jakob had the gift of confession, could talk about how he wanted to touch her and be with her, with all the daring and athletic skill he brought to riding a unicycle or walking on a tightrope. He was small and compact and muscular, and also intellectually muscular, mentally something of an acrobat. Sometimes she felt that those intellectual acrobatics were a bit tiring; at those times she felt less as if they were feeling everything together, more as if she were simply his audience, someone to applaud his latest leap through the burning hoop of existentialism and his backflip onto the trampoline of nonconformity. But — Joe Hill

Unicycle Quotes By Charles Petzold

In 1948, while working for Bell Telephone Laboratories, he published a paper in the Bell System Technical Journal entitled "A Mathematical Theory of Communication" that not only introduced the word bit in print but established a field of study today known as information theory. Information theory is concerned with transmitting digital information in the presence of noise (which usually prevents all the information from getting through) and how to compensate for that. In 1949, he wrote the first article about programming a computer to play chess, and in 1952 he designed a mechanical mouse controlled by relays that could learn its way around a maze. Shannon was also well known at Bell Labs for riding a unicycle and juggling simultaneously. — Charles Petzold

Unicycle Quotes By Shon Hyneman

Marriage is a bike, not a unicycleShon Hyneman

Unicycle Quotes By Kimberly Willis Holt

Everyone stops for a giant on a unicycle. — Kimberly Willis Holt