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My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

Only two people knew this side of her - herself, and the one who had created it; the one who made her secretly loathe herself, made her feel used and dirty and broken - like tarnished scraps of silver. These night-time reminders made her too aware that like those silver scraps, even if she were somehow melded into something whole, she would be new - never the same as she once was. Never unbroken. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shona Husk

Do you have to use the gun?"
"It works."
"It lacks class."
"So does dying. — Shona Husk

My Shona Quotes By Petina Gappah

This is one of the consequences of a superior education, you see. In this independent, hundred-per-cent-empowered and fully and totally indigenous blacker-than-black country, a superior education is one that the whites would value, and as whites do not value local languages at the altar of what the whites deem supreme. So it was in colonial times, and so it remains, more than thirty years later. — Petina Gappah

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

Fire curled in the old woman's hand, bright and hungry as though it could already taste its next victim. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

You fail to acknowledge just how amazing you actually are. I would happily spend the rest of my days trying to make you see yourself the way I do. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

Even as the urgency of the task ahead reemerged in thought, her body grappled with the notion, buying into the soothing sweetness - of Nate's embrace, of the darkness - with a naivety her mind would not permit. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shona Perrett

Every hero needs a hero of their own. This is too big for one person. — Shona Perrett

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

The tower loomed above them, growing, casting its cold shadow over them all as they drew closer. Tangled ropes of green ivy blanketed one side of the tower, blackened in places - carved deep into the mottled stone like scars. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shona Patel

Love survives in a bubble. It diffuses outer reality and reflects only what the heart wants to see. — Shona Patel

My Shona Quotes By Jack Croxall

You can't save someone from their own decisions. — Jack Croxall

My Shona Quotes By Diana Wynne Jones

It was only when Shona, in sheer fury, turned the carnivorous sheep among them that they moved. They ran, some of them with charming little white sheep attached to their legs or backsides and the rest shouting about monsters. — Diana Wynne Jones

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

No matter how bleak and black her existence became, the familiar sight of the moon restored something within her, small as it was - like tiny fluttering wings of flame beating back the darkness. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Vonda Sinclair

I should never have allowed you to kiss me."
"Saints, Shona." Could she not see that he cared for her? 'Twas not as if he merely wanted beneath her skirts. She had stolen his heart. — Vonda Sinclair

My Shona Quotes By Vonda Sinclair

The breeze was calm and the sun beamed between the scattering clouds. Glancing across the rolling heather-covered landscape and toward the burn, he didn't see Remy or anyone else. "Twas too bad that the heather was not in bloom for the sight would have been lovely. Glancing up, he noticed something else. A giant double rainbow spanned across the horizon, one slightly dimmer than the other.
"Ah," he halted and turned in the saddle. "Have you ever seen such a bonny rainbow?"
Shona gasped. "Nay. 'Tis very bright."
Even lovelier, at least to Keegan, was Shona's smile as she took in the scenery. She was so beautiful, his chest ached. Yet, he knew not how he was going to keep her in his life so that he might see her smile every day. — Vonda Sinclair

My Shona Quotes By Chantal Zabus

Expressions to designate homosexuality exist in some fifty (Sub-Saharan) African languages - gor-jigeen in Wolof, ngochani in Shona, Hasini in Nandi, 'yan daudu in Hausa, mashoga ("passive" homosexual), mabasha ("virile" partner) in Kiswahili. [They refer] to ancestral practices in "traditional", that is pre-industrial, societies [...]. — Chantal Zabus

My Shona Quotes By Vonda Sinclair

A fire burned in her chest. A fire that both terrified her and compelled her to lean into him and take everything he would give her. She trembled with the force of these strange emotions.
"Shona." He lifted his hand to gently tilt her chin up and caress her cheek. His breath teased her lips and his nose touched hers briefly.
"Aye," she responded.
His masculine scent and that of spices from the mulled wine stole her thoughts. When his lips touched hers like a light brush of silk, she was ensnared and her breath remained trapped in her chest. Some instinct within her surged to the surface and she pressed her lips firmly against his. — Vonda Sinclair

My Shona Quotes By Shona

If you think its impossible just think that the universe has no end — Shona

My Shona Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Your life as an effective person must always have productivity surrounding all your efforts, there must be a sustained forward and upward trajectory in every area of your life. This is where the Shona Shereketa meets the Japanese Kaizen - you are moving and shaking past mediocrity on the basis of small but continuous improvements that will ultimately result in positive quality changes to your life. — Archibald Marwizi

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

It was more real than anything she'd ever imagined, and she clung to that in the same way that the sky clung to the earth. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shona Brown

Managers who extensively plan the future get the timing wrong. — Shona Brown

My Shona Quotes By Lindsey Kelk

I wasn't just crying about Will. I was crying about Seb and Shona and my job and my sister's aggression and my parent's refusal to be proud of me and Lauren's wedding and every last shit little thing that had happened to me from birth, from the big disasters like puberty, to the things that didn't even seem to matter at the time, like when I put milk in my tea last Thursday and then found out it had gone off. — Lindsey Kelk

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

Realisation danced across his face; she saw the hurt in his eyes. And a twisted, darker piece of her almost enjoyed it. The air in the room, stale with blood and sweat, and pure horror, hummed in the aftermath of her words. And finally, Ella knew what had to be done. — Shona Moyce

My Shona Quotes By Shonda Rhimes

I am smart, I am talented, I take advantage of the opportunities that come my way and I work really, really hard.
Don't call me lucky.
Call me a badas. — Shonda Rhimes

My Shona Quotes By Vonda Sinclair

I'll guard the lady's tent."
Dirk nodded. "I'm certain that you'll protect Lady Shona better than anyone else."
Keegan was a bit ashamed that he'd allowed a lass to ensnare his attention so completely that it was obvious to the chief... and likely everyone else. But, what could he do about it? He'd already tried banishing her from his mind. It didn't work. The more he told himself not to think of her, the more he thought of her. — Vonda Sinclair

My Shona Quotes By Shona Moyce

Real people, smart or otherwise, sometimes make stupid choices, and despite judgment, whether from other writers, readers, or haters, books with outwardly stupid characters making stupid choices will continue to sell, because if you dig a little deeper, you'll find a reason for a character's moment of idiocy; and more notably, this moment of idiocy amidst the chaos of life is real and relatable. — Shona Moyce