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Top Unicorns Funny Quotes

Unicorns Funny Quotes By G.G. Silverman

I felt bad for the girls in my school, who flocked to prom like it was the second coming of Christ, complete with double-rainbows and unicorns. — G.G. Silverman

Unicorns Funny Quotes By Elle Fanning

In a funny way, acting, to me, is all make-believe, even if the film has unicorns in it or is a normal movie that can be set in real-life time. I'm still imagining that I'm a different character, so it's all, in a funny way, like fantasy. — Elle Fanning

Unicorns Funny Quotes By Ash Gray

:I am Topaz,: the unicorn on the hill haughtily announced, :and this is my vale.:
:I was not aware unicorns could own vales,: Wareska linked.
The unicorn stiffened, and even from this distance, Wareska could see her bright, golden eyes narrow dangerously. :Now you know,: she said with quiet menace. — Ash Gray

Unicorns Funny Quotes By T.H. White

A lot of brainless unicorns swaggering about and calling themselves educated just because they can push each other off a horse with a bit of a stick! It makes me tired. — T.H. White

Unicorns Funny Quotes By Ash Gray

Shadowmane sighed as well. :We had better do what this Topaz commands. Unicorns are jerks when they don't get their way.: — Ash Gray

Unicorns Funny Quotes By Gemma Halliday

I had to admit it was adorable. You know, in a unicorns-farting-out-rainbows kind of way that made me want to hurl. — Gemma Halliday