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Top Twitter Best Movie Quotes

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By Alessandra Torre

You bagged a movie star. You should be throwing a fucking party and bragging on Twitter. What you shouldn't be doing is moping, not when you threw him out of your house like a baller. — Alessandra Torre

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By Salman Rushdie

OK, publishing a book and releasing a movie is all very well, but Tottenham beating Man. U. 3-2 ... priceless. — Salman Rushdie

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By James Ponsoldt

I cannot control what you bring into the theater when you see the film. I can't control what my parents bring in. I can't control what some random person on Twitter brings in to the theater. All I can control is the hour and 50 minutes that the movie lasts, and try to give it absolutely everything I can. — James Ponsoldt

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By Stephen Colbert

Summer movie idea: take all the sequels that are out right now, and make movies about their backstories. — Stephen Colbert

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By Nick Offerman

It was on a van ride home from the movie set that everything came together. I realized I had to get off Twitter. It just struck me that I couldn't stop everyone else from doing it, but I could certainly stop myself. — Nick Offerman

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By James Wolcott

What's happening to movie critics is no different from what has been meted out to book, dance, theater, and fine-arts reviewers and reporters in the cultural deforestation that has driven refugees into the diffuse clatter of the Internet and Twitter, where some adapt and thrive - such as Roger Ebert - while others disappear without a twinkle. — James Wolcott

Twitter Best Movie Quotes By Rebecca MacKinnon

The 'Shawshank Redemption' has nothing to do with China, but that hasn't kept social media censors from blocking the movie's title from searches on the country's most popular Twitter-like microblogging service, Weibo. — Rebecca MacKinnon