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Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Anne Ellis

Many people believe in turning the other cheek, especially when it is your cheek. — Anne Ellis

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By John Green

Unfortunately for the Culver Creek Nothings, we weren't playing the deaf-and-blind school. We were playing some Christian school from downtown Birmingham, a team stocked with huge, gargantuan apemen with thick beards and a strong distaste for turning the other cheek. — John Green

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By A.E. Via

He grabbed a handful of God's silky curls and pulled, making him tilt his head back and show his throat. Day's senses snapped, turning feral. Day growled with the animalistic urge to leave a large bite mark on his man. Day bowed forward as his cock's first eruption of a thick, white rope of come hit God's Adam's apple, followed by much more painting his lover's neck and cheek. Day pulled slow, firm strokes up to his head before dragging back down until he was completely emptied. "Mmmhmm. I'm yours, sweetheart," God said, giving him a sexy grin. "Fucking right you are," Day said while he kissed and licked God's face clean. — A.E. Via

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Rick Riordan

I touched the combination lock. I concentrated so hard I felt like I was dead-lifting five hundred pounds. My pulse quickening. A line of sweat trickled down my nose. Finally I felt gears turning. Metal groaned, tumblers clicked, and the bolts popped back. Carefully avoiding the handle, I pried open the door with my fingertips and extracted an unbroken vial of green liquid.
Hal exhaled.
Thalia kissed me on the cheek, which she probably shouldn't haven't done while I was holding a tube of deadly poison.
"You are so good," she said.
Did that make the risk worth? Yeah, pretty much. — Rick Riordan

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Rabindranath Tagore

I am just coming from my visit to Japan, where I exhorted this young nation to take its stand upon the higher ideals of humanity and never to follow the West in its acceptance of the organized selfishness of Nationalism as its religion, never to gloat upon the feebleness of its neighbours, never to be unscrupulous in its behaviour to the weak, where it can be gloriously mean with impunity, while turning its right cheek of brighter humanity for the kiss of admiration to those who have the power to deal it a blow. Some of the newspapers praised my utterances for their poetical qualities, while adding with a leer that it was the poetry of a defeated people. I felt they were right. Japan had been taught in a modern school the lesson how to become powerful. The schooling is done and she must enjoy the fruits of her lessons. — Rabindranath Tagore

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By John C. Maxwell

If you want to help others and become a person of influence, keep smiling, sharing, giving, and turning the other cheek. — John C. Maxwell

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Edward M. Hallowell

Forgiveness is not turning the other cheek. Forgiveness is not running away. Forgiveness does not mean that you condone what the person has done, nor does it mean that you invite them to do it again. It doesn't mean that you forget the offense, nor does it mean that by forgiving you tacitly invite bad things to happen again. It doesn't mean that you won't defend yourself. — Edward M. Hallowell

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Lino Rulli

People sometimes focus on the red button hot topic issues and I'm, like, you know, who cares about priestly celibacy? I'm thinking about how am I forgiving my enemies? How am I turning the other cheek? How am I loving my neighbor as myself? To me that's 10,000 times more difficult than to say should priests be married or not be married? I'm, like, I think we're wasting all out energies on the wrong thing. Let's work on the most difficult stuff. — Lino Rulli

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Sarah Beard

[Love] feels . . ." I paused, turning the highlighter in my hand, "like an awakening of senses you never knew you had, and once they're awakened, you're never the same. The way you see the world is altered. Instead of riding down a road on your bike and thinking how the wind feels good on your face, you think, 'This is how it feels when he kisses my cheek.' You play a piece on the piano, and instead of imagining a crowd applauding, you only see him, sitting in the chair next to the piano, smiling at you. You catch the scent of sage in the air and think, 'This is how he smells.' But it's also kind of like being on a mousetrap ride. Exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. You smile and laugh and feel a thrill inside of you, all the while wondering in the back of your mind if the car will come off the track at the next turn, or if your harness will come open and you will be tossed to the ground to your death. — Sarah Beard

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Richard B. Hays

To use Matthew's own language, turning the other cheek makes sense if and only if it really is true that the meek will inherit the earth, if and only if it really is true that those who act on Jesus' words have built their house on a rock so that it will stand in the day of judgment. Turning the other cheek makes sense if and only if all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus. — Richard B. Hays

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Greg Iles

The South is the home of 'an eye for an eye.' 'Turning the other cheek'? The South can't see that. — Greg Iles

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Flannery O'Connor

I don't deserve any credit for turning the other cheek as my tongue is always in it. — Flannery O'Connor

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Joseph Brodsky

The fact that the world today is what it is suggests, to say the least, that this concept is far from being cherished universally. The reasons for its unpopularity are twofold. First, what is required for this concept to be put into effect is a margin of democracy. This is precisely what 86 percent of the globe lacks. Second, the common sense that tells a victim that his only gain in turning the other cheek and not responding in kind yields, at best, a moral victory, i.e., quite immaterial. The natural reluctance to expose yet another part of your body to a blow is justified by a suspicion that this sort of conduct only agitates and enhances Evil; that moral victory can be mistaken by the adversary for his impunity. — Joseph Brodsky

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Jenny Han

He started to say something, maybe an apology and maybe not, and then he stopped, he leaned over and pulled me toward him - like by gravitational force. He kissed me, hard, and his skin was stubbly and rough against my cheek. My first thought was, I guess he didn't have time to shave this morning, and then - I was kissing him back, my fingers winding through his soft yellow hair and my eyes closed. He kissed like he was drowning and I was air. It was passionate, and desperate, and like nothing I had ever experienced before.
This was what people meant when they said the earth stopped turning. It felt like a world outside of that car, that moment, didn't exist. It was just us. — Jenny Han

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Katie Ruggle

When he leaned in this time, Lou was prepared, turning her face so his lips met her cheek instead of her mouth. She met his glower with a stern look of her own. PDAs required a prior discussion and agreement by both involved parties. He couldn't just go throwing his testosterone around because there were other males lurking nearby. — Katie Ruggle

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Nuh Ha Mim Keller

A familiar example cited by ulama is the law of talion, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", which was obligatory in the religious law of Moses (upon whom be peace), subsequently forbidden by the religious law of Jesus (upon whom be peace) in which "turning the other cheek" was obligatory; and finally both were superseded by the law of Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace), which permits victims to take retaliation (qisas) for purely intentional physical injuries, but in which it is religiously superior not to retaliate but forgive. — Nuh Ha Mim Keller

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Maryann Austin

When searching for justice, what you sometimes find is just more trouble. — Maryann Austin

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Russell D. Moore

Turning the other cheek often leaves you with two broken jaws, but Jesus is still King, and still right. — Russell D. Moore

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Desmond Tutu

Forgiveness does not relieve someone of responsibility for what they have done. Forgiveness does not erase accountability. It is not about turning a blind eye or even turning the other cheek. It is not about letting someone off the hook or saying it is okay to do something monstrous. Forgiveness is simply about understanding that every one of us is both inherently good and inherently flawed. Within every hopeless situation and every seemingly hopeless person lies the possibility of transformation. — Desmond Tutu

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Turning the other cheek is not always the answer. In a certain situation on a certain day for a certain person, it's correct. Sometimes a good roundhouse kick on a certain day in a certain situation for a certain person is correct. — Frederick Lenz

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Anna White

I believe in beauty. I believe in goodness. I believe in the power of turning: the other cheek, time, curve of the earth. — Anna White

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Adam Leith Gollner

When we parted, on the Boulevard du Montparnasse, I leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. 'If you do find paradise,' she said, turning to leave, 'send me a grape. — Adam Leith Gollner

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Gerald Stanley Lee

Turning the other cheek is a kind of moral jiu-jitsu. — Gerald Stanley Lee

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Nora Roberts

It's not right," he repeated, grabbing her again and turning her to face him. "I'm not having it."
"So you said, in clear terms."
"I don't mean that."
"Oh, well, if you've decided you'd like to have sex with me after all, I've changed my mind."
"I haven't decided
" He broke off, staggered. "Changed your mind?"
"I have. Kissing you wasn't altogether what I thought it would be. So you were right and I was wrong." She gave him a deliberately insulting pat on the cheek." And that's the end of it."
"The hell it is." He trapped her against the truck, quickly and firmly enough to have both excitement and annoyance rising inside her. "If I want you, I'll have you, and that's the end of it. — Nora Roberts

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Judith McNaught

Had we been wed in Scotland, we could have spoken the old vows. Do you know what words, what promises we would have spoken had we been there, not here, this morning?" His hand slid up to her cheek, cupping it as if to soften the effect of his tone, and as Elizabeth gazed at his hard, beloved face in the candlelight her shyness and fears slid away. "No," she whispered.
"I would have said to you," he told her quietly and without shame, "'With my body, I thee worship.'"
He spoke the words now, as a vow, and when Elizabeth realized it, the poignancy of it made her eyes sting with tears. Turning her face into his hand, she kissed his palm, covering his hand with hers, and a groan tore from his chest, his mouth descending on hers in a kiss that was both rough and tender as he parted her lips for the demanding invasion of his tongue. — Judith McNaught

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Anonymous

We can recognize that instead of lashing back, the best answer is turning the other cheek. This may be easy for some, but for others - especially those who have been deeply hurt - abandoning the urge to inflict injury will require spiritual strength, prayer, and self-control. — Anonymous

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Jamie McGuire

You should have asked her first, Trav," America said, shaking her head and covering her mouth with her fingers.
"Asked her what? If I could get a tattoo?" he frowned, turning to me. "I love you. I want everyone to know I'm yours.
I shifted nervously. "That's permanent, Travis."
"So are we," he said, touching my cheek. — Jamie McGuire

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Part of you liked him," Jack said, giving her an intent stare. "I could see it in your writing."
She smiled uncomfortably. "Well, in the realm of fantasy, I suppose I did. But certainly not in reality."
The hand behind her neck closed in a gentle but secure grip. "Then here is your birthday present, Amanda. A night of fantasy." He loomed over her, his head and broad shoulders obliterating the firelight as he bent to kiss her.
"Wait," Amanda said in a flash of panic, turning her head as Jack's mouth approached hers. His lips pressed on her cheek, a brush of intimate heat that astonished her. "Wait," she said again, her voice wobbling. Her face was turned full toward the fire, its yellow glow dazzling her eyes as she sought to avoid the stranger's exploring kisses. His mouth moved gently over her cheek and toward her ear, tickling the tiny wisps of hair just above it. — Lisa Kleypas

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By C.A. Harms

You are so beautiful Sam. I feel like I can't get enough of those sweet lips," Wes sucked on my lower lip very lightly. My body was trembling with need. He traced the tip of his nose across my cheek. I felt his tongue run along the side of my neck before he whispered, "You have no idea how much you are turning me on tonight. You are so f$$king sexy. — C.A. Harms

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Yann Martel

The meerkats looked away. They did it like one man, all of them turning in the same direction at exactly the same time. I pulled myself out to see what it was. It was Richard Parker. He confirmed what I had suspected, that these meerkats had gone for so many generations without predators that any notion of flight distance, of flight, of plain fear, had been genetically weeded out of them. He was moving through them, blazing a trail of murder and mayhem, devouring one meerkat after another, blood dripping from his mouth, and they, cheek to jowl with a tiger, were jumping up and down on the spot, as if crying, My turn! My turn! My turn! — Yann Martel

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By James Hervey

I believe in treating others as I want to be treated
but I certainly don't believe in turning the other cheek and the truth is that I never knew any Christians who did either. — James Hervey

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Suzanne Munshower

she must, Anna thought, need to sleep with some kind of pads over them to keep her eyeballs moist. Whatever nose had once sat in the middle of her face had melted into a small, pug-like muzzle, while oversized cheek implants added an almost whimsical touch of chipmunk. Lips too lush for even a twenty-year-old were the finishing touch, ballooning out from her face, turning up at the ends, and making a normal chin look weak and recessive atop a tight, corded neck. The Joker, Anna thought. The thick curls of a platinum wig tumbled about this hodgepodge of readjusted features, undoubtedly hiding a hairline a good five — Suzanne Munshower

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Rodney Stark

Many critics of the Crusades would seem to suppose that after the Muslims had overrun a major portion of Christendom, they should have been ignored or forgiven; suggestions have been made about turning the other cheek. This outlook is certainly unrealistic and probably insincere. Not only had the Byzantines lost most of their empire; the enemy was at their gates. And the loss of Spain, Sicily, and southern Italy, as well as a host of Mediterranean islands, was bitterly resented in Europe. Hence, as British historian Derek Lomax (1933-1992) explained, 'The popes, like most Christians, believed war against the Muslims to be justified partly because the latter had usurped by force lands which once belonged to Christians and partly because they abused the Christians over whom they ruled and such Christian lands as they could raid for slaves, plunder and the joys of destruction.' It was time to strike back. — Rodney Stark

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Chloe Rattray

In the end, there wasn't a right thing to say, only a right thing to do. So I sat further up on the bed and put my hand on Manuelle's cheek and our mouths did the rest, finding each other even though our eyes were closed. I ceased to care about anything that wasn't her body or mine as we wrapped ourselves around each other on the flower patterned quilt and I was closer to her than I'd ever been before. It wasn't that we left the
rest of the world behind; it was the opposite. I could feel the world turning underneath us, I could hear birds outside and people laughing, and I felt that I was
part of it at last. With no part of my skin not touching Manuelle's, I was part of the world at last. Or maybe I'm romanticizing, and we were just two kids doing everything two kids can do in a cramped room at the back of a caravan. — Chloe Rattray

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Alice McDermott

Once more into the breach," he said, turning up his collar. "Wish me luck." For an odd second, she thought he might lean down and kiss her cheek. "Good luck," she said. Over her shoulder, she watched him walk away. A slight limp, a favoring, perhaps, of his left leg. A flaw that would, she knew, diminish him in some women's eyes. Even if he'd been wounded in the war, there would be, she knew, for some women, the diminished appeal of a man who had suffered something over which he'd had no control. Who had suffered disappointment. — Alice McDermott

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Ronnie McBrayer

We operate under the notion that America actually belongs to us Christians, and that we belong to it. We believe that the church and the state can make beautiful music together if only they would cooperate. We believe that the preaching of the Kingdom of God and the rallying around the red, white, and blue are always compatible. We believe the lie of the Serpent that we can hold to the sacrificial, life-giving, peace-pursuing, cheek-turning way of Christ and hold to the poisonous, domineering, power-hungry, least-of-these-abusing systems of the Empire. But this is impossible. — Ronnie McBrayer

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Gary North

Nevertheless, this one fact should be apparent: turning the other cheek is a bribe. It is a valid form of action for only so long as the Christian is impotent politically or militarily. — Gary North

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Christina Engela

Turning the other cheek only gets that slapped as well. — Christina Engela

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By J.B. McGee

Turning my head so I can look into his eyes, I strum my fingers across his cheek. You're right. I think we've both had enough darkness. I want to live in light. — J.B. McGee

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Karl Lagerfeld

Forgiveness isn't something I'm preoccupied with - turning the other cheek isn't my trip. — Karl Lagerfeld

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Joseph Brodsky

Ethics based on this faultily quoted verse have changed nothing in post-Gandhi India, save the color of its administration. From a hungry man's point of view, though, it's all the same who makes him hungry. I submit that he may even prefer a white man to be responsible for his sorry state if only because this way social evil may appear to come from elsewhere and may perhaps be less efficient than the suffering at the hand of his own kind. With an alien in charge, there is still room for hope, for fantasy.
Similarly in post-Tolstoy Russia, ethics based on this misquoted verse undermined a great deal of the nation's resolve in confronting the police state. What has followed is known all too well: six decades of turning the other cheek transformed the face of the nation into one big bruise, so that the state today, weary of its violence, simply spits at that face. As well as at the face of the world. — Joseph Brodsky

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Nora Roberts

A scan of the walls had the grin turning to a wince. Blue ribbons, medals, awards were all neatly framed and displayed.There were photographs of her in formal riding gear flying over jumps, smiling from the back of a horse or standing with her cheek pressed to her mount's neck.
And in a thick frame was an Olympic medal. A silver.
"Well hell.We'll make that two portions of crow," he murmured. — Nora Roberts

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By John Shors

She was tired of being afraid, so impossibly weary of her own fears that a part of her wanted to sit on the quite beach forever. If she sat in the sand forever,she wouldn't have to face the troubles that often seemed to define her life. As a tear descended her cheek, she wiped it away, turning toward the sea. — John Shors

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Kit Rocha

Fucking hell." He smoothed her hair back with shaking fingers before turning to kiss her cheek. "All those years wasted, when I could have been loving you."
The answer was easy, obvious. "You were."
He choked on a laugh and coaxed her head back, urging her to meet his eyes. "Fine, then. All those wasted years, I could have been being loved."
"You were that, too. — Kit Rocha

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By E. Stanley Jones

The opponent strikes you on your cheek, and you strike him on the heart by your amazing spiritual audacity in turning the other cheek. You wrest the offensive from him by refusing to take his weapons, by keeping your own, and by striking him in his conscience from a higher level. He hits you physically, and you hit him spiritually. — E. Stanley Jones

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Robert Lawrence Smith

*A leap of faith is required if we are to believe that nonviolence can heal a violent world, that turning the other cheek when struck, instead of striking back, can end a fight. We need faith to believe that by loving our enemy we can eventually transform him into an ally; that even when nonviolence fails to achieve peace, it can succeed in curing hate.** — Robert Lawrence Smith

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Marshall B. Rosenberg

Peace requires something far more difficult than revenge or merely turning the other cheek; it requires empathizing with the fears and unmet needs that provide the impetus for people to attack each other. Being aware of these feelings and needs, people lose their desire to attack back because they can see the human ignorance leading to these attacks; instead, their goal becomes providing the empathic connection and education that will enable them to transcend their violence and engage in cooperative relationships. — Marshall B. Rosenberg

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Abigail Roux

Once the kiss finally broke he dropped his head to Ty's shoulder, turning his face into Ty's neck, and he clutched him tightly, unwilling to let go. Not just yet. Not until the lonely ache that had been building the past four months faded.
Ty gave a little whuff of surprise when Zane clung to him, but he slowly slid his arms around him and hugged him, resting his chin against Zane's cheek. "You okay?" he asked in a whisper.
Zane slowly nodded, waiting a few heartbeats before admitting, "I am now. — Abigail Roux

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By John Thackway

The speaker calls for a careful examination of Christ's principle of turning the other cheek before we use it as a demand or excuse for total personal pacifism. After all, when literally struck on the cheek, Jesus did question the legitimacy of the authority by which this was done. — John Thackway

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Joan Z. Borysenko

Forgiveness is not the misguided act of condoning irresponsible, hurtful behavior. Nor is it a superficial turning of the other cheek that leaves us feeling victimized and martyred. Rather, it is the finishing of old business that allows us to experience the present, free of contamination from the past. — Joan Z. Borysenko

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Richelle Mead

That's smart. Once Sonya's able to talk, we'll need to move." He smiled. "Sydney's turning into a battle mastermind."
"Hey, she's not in charge here," I teased. "She's just a soldier."
"Right." He lightly brushed his fingers against my cheek. "Sorry, Captain."
"General," I corrected, catching my breath at that brief touch. — Richelle Mead

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Clifford Riley

Hi!" she said, a bit louder than she meant to. Ian raised one eyebrow and Amy felt the beginnings of a blush. She started to give Ian a hug, but he had already bent forward to kiss her on the cheek. Her sudden movement three him off, and they ended up bumping foreheads.
"Sorry," Amy said, turning away so Ian wouldn't see that her face had turned bright red.
"Quite all right. I had forgotten you do things differently across the pond." He took a step back to look at Amy. "I take it jeans are the latest in evening wear here in the wild west?" He made an exaggerated show of narrowing her eyes. "Is that a juice stain on your blouse? How fetching. — Clifford Riley

Turning The Other Cheek Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

I talk to you as I talk to my own soul," he said, turning me to face him. He reached up and cupped my cheek, fingers light on my temple. "And Sassenach," he whispered, "Your face is my heart. — Diana Gabaldon