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Life's most beautiful things are empty without somebody to share them with. — Torre DeRoche

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I think he hoped I'd do something really impressive with my life. He wanted me to be like Scully from The X-Files - you know, an FBI agent who goes around kicking paranormal ass for a living. It's kind of hard to be a kick-ass graphic designer. — Torre DeRoche

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You have come here by sailboat," he continues. "So you have worked very hard to arrive at our island, and it is a great honor for us to welcome you. This rock is symbolic. Once you sit on it, the people of Aitutaki consider you one of us. We will look upon you and treat you as one of our own people. As long as you are here on our island, you are one of us." His — Torre DeRoche

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His introduction throws me. The only time I can envision "Hi, I'm a surgeon" as a fitting introduction is if I were on a gurney in a stark white room and a man wielding a scalpel was standing over me. Plus, it's been a while since we've talked careers with anyone. Jobs are rarely a topic of conversation anymore--they exist in a place and time too far away to seem interesting. "What do you do?" is not a question asked to define someone, because out here we're all working the same jobs: yachties, mechanics, navigators, weather-readers, fishermen, adventure travelers, storytellers. — Torre DeRoche

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I kept my plan simple: leave my comfort zone, work in a foreign city, enjoy some uninhibited fun, and return home in one year. — Torre DeRoche

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That's more like it - a customs and immigration experience that makes me feel at home. We're — Torre DeRoche

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Check it out." I point to the water. "The fish are getting a good feed. But I can't figure out what they're eating." Ivan moves in to investigate and his face screws up. "I just flushed the toilet. They're eating my poo!" For dinner that night, we don't eat barbecued red snapper. In fact, shit-fed red snapper is off the menu for good. — Torre DeRoche

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When I was a kid, afraid of the Boogieman, I would hide motionlessly under my bed covers for hours on end. Not much has changed since then. — Torre DeRoche