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Try Harder Quotes By Tim Tharp

This looks interesting, I say, but what I'm really thinking is, Wow, Aimee, science fiction? Really, could you try any harder to brand yourself with the mark of the nerd herd? What's next, anime? — Tim Tharp

Try Harder Quotes By Nick Clegg

I think it is a simple statement of principle that in a democracy you should make your MPs work harder for your vote and try and get at least majority support in their local area, and that in a nutshell is what AV does. — Nick Clegg

Try Harder Quotes By Mark O'Flynn

Ava realises she has no idea what a mother might think if you took to her child with a machete, irrespective of the moral righteousness of it. Surely as a writer she should have a greater understanding of what goes on in the minds of others. She must try harder. — Mark O'Flynn

Try Harder Quotes By Lauren Dane

A laugh burst from Nina's lips. Not as awkward as it must be for you. Honey, please. If you bent around any harder trying to let me know you fucked Lex to try and make me feel bad, you'd be a pretzel. Although you're about as smart as one. — Lauren Dane

Try Harder Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Yeah, but I kill myself training. It's just about all I do. I get up and train, and run and I split my hands on the punching bag, and I train for hours into the night, and I have to, because there is nothing else special about me and nothing else that matters. All there is, is training and finding out who killed my parents. Because they were the ones who thought I was special, and whoever took them away from me...What I have is trying. I can try harder than anyone else in the world. I can make revenge the only thing I have in my life. I can do that, because I have to. But it means it's all I have. — Cassandra Clare

Try Harder Quotes By Holly Black

We are, largely, who we remember ourselves to be. That's why habits are so hard to break. If we know ourselves to be liars, we expect not to tell the truth. If we think of ourselves as honest, we try harder. — Holly Black

Try Harder Quotes By Amie Kaufman

She smiles, lightning quick, then squeezes my hand harder, holding on like she's afraid someone will come and pull us apart.
"You'll face it all with me?" The world narrows, the sounds of the oncoming search party fading, the lights blurring around us until it's just her and me, our breath condensing and mingling in the cold air. She's stolen my voice, this girl in my arms, and for a moment I can't answer. I have to gather my wits, try to remember how to breathe.
"Always." Her smile is like the sun coming out.
"Then you ought to kiss me while you can, Major Merendsen. It may be a while before your next opportunity. — Amie Kaufman

Try Harder Quotes By Becca Fitzpatrick

She looked up, her face pink as a Christmas ham. "You ever try chasing down a car?" she gasped. "I'll one-up you. I gave Scott my hot dog and asked if he'd go to Summer Solstice with me." "What does the hot dog have to do with anything?" "I said he'd be a wiener if he didn't go with me." Vee wheezed laughter. "I'd have run harder had I known I'd get to see you call him a wiener. — Becca Fitzpatrick

Try Harder Quotes By Mary Wells

Strange Love

Strange love, I'm experiencing a strange love
And all those funny funny things you do
They only drive me closer
And closer to you, yeah

Strange romance, they say I'll never ever ever ever have a chance
But every time I close my eyes
And try to realize it I find it harder
And harder to do

I wonder, I wonder if he ever thinks about me
And if it's so, I wanna know 'cause
Every day I love him more and more

Strange, strange affair, keep hoping that someday, one day you'll care
Enough to come into my arms so that I can give you
All my and all my, all my love, all my love, all my love, all my love
All my love, oh I just wanna give you all my love — Mary Wells

Try Harder Quotes By Jay Asher

Page 148- But I did , Hannah. And I wanted to. I could have helped you. But when I tried, you pushed me away. I can almost hear Hannah's voice speaking my next thought for me. "Then why didn't you try harder?"
- I think this quote is so powerful. This entire book is based on the effort of trying for a loved one and I feel as if clay is feeling the entire impact of hannah's suicide. However, I feel like he's placing all the blame on himself rather than seeing that other people had faults in not trying hard enough for Hannah. I think that later on in the book this quote will be acted out in a sense that the mistake of him not trying hard enough for hannah will be acted on someone else.. maybe he'll try harder for someone else? Maybe Hannah made the tape, not to necessarily blame him for her suicide, but so in the future he will help someone rather than them killing themselves. — Jay Asher

Try Harder Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

I think it's because you're frightened and you feel helpless, and even though you're trying, things continue to get harder and harder - for the both of you. And the more you try, the more hopeless things seem." "Is there any way to stop feeling this way? — Nicholas Sparks

Try Harder Quotes By Carrie Jones

Oh." I touch my cheeks. "You licked me."
He laughs and leans over, giving a tiny tongue swipe to my hand. "You're very lickable."
I try to hit him. He laughs harder and grabs my hands.
"No fair! Mere mortal against werewolf," I complain.
He lets go, but first he kisses my fingers, each of them. I sigh happily. — Carrie Jones

Try Harder Quotes By Margo MacDonald

If you have to rely on yourself, you try harder, and when you try harder, you feel bigger. — Margo MacDonald

Try Harder Quotes By Paul McCartney

I should be able to look at my accolades and go, "Come on, Paul. That's enough." But there's still this little voice in the back of my brain that goes, "No, no, no. You could do better. This person over here is excelling. Try harder!" It still can be a little bit intimidating. — Paul McCartney

Try Harder Quotes By Donna Tartt

How were you supposed to explain this kind of thing? It seemed stupid to try. Even the memory was starting to seem vague and starry with unreality, like a dream where the details get fainter the harder you try to grasp them. What mattered more was the feeling, a rich sweet undertow so commanding that in class, on the school bus, lying in bed trying to think of something safe or pleasant, some environment or configuration where my chest wasn't tight with anxiety, all I had to do was sink into the blood-warm current and let myself spin away to the secret place where everything was all right. — Donna Tartt

Try Harder Quotes By Charles Colson

The Bible has, amazingly- no doubt with supernatural grace-survived its critics. The harder tyrants try to eliminate it and skeptics dismiss it, the better read it becomes. — Charles Colson

Try Harder Quotes By Ivan E. Coyote

I realize that the English language is sadly devoid of names for people like me. I try to cut the world some slack for this every day. All day. And the day after that, too. But the truth is that every time I am misgendered, a tiny little sliver of me disappears, A tiny little sliver of me is reminded that I do not fit ... I remember that the truth of me is invisible, and a tiny little sliver of me disappears. Just a sliver, razored from the surface of my very thick skin most days, but other times right from my soul, sometimes felt so deep and other days simply shrugged off, but still. All those slivers add up to something much harder to pretend around. — Ivan E. Coyote

Try Harder Quotes By Siobhan Fahey

I'm a hopeless mother; a hopeless wife; I have to try harder. I'm just a pathetic case history, really. — Siobhan Fahey

Try Harder Quotes By S.E. Hall

All my instincts tell me to cover and cherish you fiercely, with each breath, and work harder to make you mine. Each and every time you try and push me away, to put that guard of yours back up, I need to hold on tighter, chase faster. Until my arms are the ones you want to run into. — S.E. Hall

Try Harder Quotes By K. Hari Kumar

I can very well understand your frustration, but you must stick to your dreams. Try Harder! — K. Hari Kumar

Try Harder Quotes By Hollow Ryan

But I learned something from it. From losing him. Even though I found my soulmate, that doesn't mean that I'm incapable of falling in love with someone else. It just means they're going to have to try harder for my attention. — Hollow Ryan

Try Harder Quotes By Frank Thomas

As you get older, it gets harder to get rid of that belly but I do a lot of cardio to try to stay in shape. — Frank Thomas

Try Harder Quotes By Catherine Ryan Hyde

Ethan tries not to look back on that night. At least, as much as human nature allows. But it's a funny thing about your darkest moments. They have a life of their own. They come around because they've got you pinned. Because they can. The harder you try to push them back into the shadows, the stronger they grow. They draw power from your resistance. — Catherine Ryan Hyde

Try Harder Quotes By Arianna Huffington

The harder you try to suppress the truth, the more inevitable it is that it will find a way to come out. — Arianna Huffington

Try Harder Quotes By P.J. Sullivan

When he won, it proved that God was on his side. When he didn't win, it meant that God wanted him to try harder. — P.J. Sullivan

Try Harder Quotes By Sarah Morgan

If I don't read at least one bad thing about myself every day I take a long look at my behaviour and try harder to be shocking. — Sarah Morgan

Try Harder Quotes By Chris Brown

I can say that I am only human and I have made mistakes. I can say that I try to live my life in the most true, honest way that I can. I am not perfect, no one is. No one is harder on me than me. No one can please everyone. No one can live in the past and expect to grow. I have been moving forward and hope that I am not defined by just a few moments in my life but all of the moments that will make up my life. — Chris Brown

Try Harder Quotes By Mira Grant

It's a hard world these days, and no matter how hard we try, it just keeps on getting harder. — Mira Grant

Try Harder Quotes By Barack Obama

I know starting careers in troubled times is a challenge, but it is also a privilege. Because it's moments like these that force us to try harder, dig deeper and to discover gifts we never knew we had. To find the greatness that lies within each of us. So don't ever shy away from that endeavor. Don't stop adding to your body of work. I can promise that you will be the better for that continued effort as will be this nation that we all love. — Barack Obama

Try Harder Quotes By Tyler Knott Gregson

I promise you
I will try harder
to be better.
have battled with things
inside me
for longer than you know;
I do not know
what they are
or why they are there,
I only know
that they feel
when I
am around
You. — Tyler Knott Gregson

Try Harder Quotes By Rajneesh

Try to relax, and you will find out that you feel more tense than ever. Try harder and you will feel more tense and more tense. Relaxation is not a consequence, is not a result of some activity; it is the glow of understanding. This is the first thing I would like to relate to you: life is purposeless. It is very hard to accept it. And why is it so hard to accept that life is purposeless? It is hard because without purpose the ego cannot exist. It is hard to conceive that life has no goal because without any goal being there, there is no point in having a mind, in having an ego. — Rajneesh

Try Harder Quotes By Judith McNaught

You can't live your life to suit other people. The harder you try, the more restrictions they'll put on you just for the fun of seeing you jump through their hoops. — Judith McNaught

Try Harder Quotes By Rick Pitino

The more you lose, the more positive you have to become. When you're winning, you can ride players harder because their self-esteem is high. If you are losing and you try to be tough, you're asking for dissension. — Rick Pitino

Try Harder Quotes By Helen Fisher

When you can't have someone but you're not willing to accept that, you try harder and become more extreme about it. Either you win the person back or you drive him away. — Helen Fisher

Try Harder Quotes By Lac Su

Striving to meet my father's expectations is like climbing out of quicksand: the harder I try to get to the top, the more I'm sucked back down by his unrelenting criticism. — Lac Su

Try Harder Quotes By Hillary Clinton

The most important thing that each of us can do is to try even harder to see the world through our neighbor's eyes. — Hillary Clinton

Try Harder Quotes By Princess Diana

I think like any marriage, especially when you've had divorced parents like myself; you want to try even harder to make it work. — Princess Diana

Try Harder Quotes By Sly Stone

You can make it if you try, push a little harder, think a little deeper. — Sly Stone

Try Harder Quotes By Lily Tomlin

If trying harder doesn't work, try softer. — Lily Tomlin

Try Harder Quotes By Yvon Chouinard

I'm the company philosopher and the burr in the saddle. I'm the one who says we need to try harder, improve the quality of our products, become a part of the political process, help elect people who are good for the environment. — Yvon Chouinard

Try Harder Quotes By Bernhard Langer

Competition is healthy. It makes you work harder and strive for more and try to find that extra one or two percent in your game that you could possibly improve. — Bernhard Langer

Try Harder Quotes By Jack Black

The real challenge is if you don't look super sexy, like a Brad Pitt, you're going to have to try harder. You're going to have to make up for it in other ways. — Jack Black

Try Harder Quotes By Jay McLean

Cam starts laughing, "Oh, I love it when she reads." He turns to Lucy who's face is starting to contort and turn to a bright shade of red, "She reads these smutty books, like full on dirty shit, full of sex and like ... bdsm shit."
"I'm not joking boys, they're like full on pornographic. Talking about silky shafts and veiny dicks and shit," Logan is now on the ground holding his side from the pain of laughing too hard.
"Sometimes she'll be reading, then all of sudden she'll put her book down and look at me like she wants to eat me, literally eat me!" he yells, laughing harder, still swatting away her hands that are trying to shut him up, "I mean I don't mind it, not at all. It's hot as fuck. And she wants to try everything she reads in these books. Like ... everything. She learns everything from these books ... so I don't give a shit when, of how much she reads, I get rewards. — Jay McLean

Try Harder Quotes By Penelope Ward

I see through you. The harder you try to be good, the more you're starving to be bad. — Penelope Ward

Try Harder Quotes By Henry Cloud

Active people make lots of mistakes, and wise ones grow from them (Hebrews 5:14). They try something, experience a limit, and adapt. They experience the depth of God's forgiveness because they do things for which they need to be forgiven. Passive people have trouble learning because they are afraid to take risks. Because of this, they also have a harder time taking charge of their lives and boundaries. God is not pleased with those who "shrink back" in passivity (Hebrews 10:38). He wants his people to participate in life with him, not wait on the sidelines. — Henry Cloud

Try Harder Quotes By Mike Carey

You know, I'm like Avis rent-a-car: Because I'm insignificant, I try harder. — Mike Carey

Try Harder Quotes By Daisy Whitney

She expected a lot of me. When I was in fourth grade working on a book report, she made me start the whole thing over when she read it and said it was barely even legible. "What's wrong with it?" I asked her. "It's not good enough yet. You have to try harder," she said, her voice gentle. "You have to try hard at everything you do. That's all I ask." I rolled my eyes and revised it, and over time her approach wore off on me and I became like her too - wanting to do my best, expecting my best. — Daisy Whitney

Try Harder Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Weakness drives us to set goals, to try harder, to put forth more effort, to dream and wish and hope, to reach out further and down deeper, to pray earnestly, to cry mightily, to understand and empathize with valid sincerity. In truth, weakness is a catalyst for greater strength. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Try Harder Quotes By Vilmos Zsigmond

I think all cinematographers, at least most of them, would love to do everything on location because you cannot cheat on location. It's there, it's part of the story usually. You have to deal with the elements. You have the sunshine, you have rain, you have fog - it really makes you work harder to try to match things during the day to make it look like it was shot within five minutes, movie time. — Vilmos Zsigmond

Try Harder Quotes By Eleanor Roosevelt

Do the things that interest you and do them with all your heart. Don't be concerned about whether people are watching you or criticizing you. The chances are that they aren't paying any attention to you. It's your attention to yourself that is so stultifying. But you have to disregard yourself as completely as possible. If you fail the first time then you'll just have to try harder the second time. After all, there's no real reason why you should fail. Just stop thinking about yourself. — Eleanor Roosevelt

Try Harder Quotes By Lee Pearson

We have the can-do factor, and us doing what we do I think inspires people to just try that little bit harder, whether they are able-bodied or disabled. — Lee Pearson

Try Harder Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

Try a little harder to be a little better. — Gordon B. Hinckley

Try Harder Quotes By Euginia Herlihy

Disappointments will come, rejection will come, and failures will come in the midst of the fulfilment of your dream. Don't give up, don't give in, try to push little harder; I know it won't be easy to give that push but keep pushing my friend be persistent and you'll see great results. — Euginia Herlihy

Try Harder Quotes By Thomas Boswell

Born to an age where horror has become commonplace, where tragedy has, by its monotonous repetition, become a parody of sorrow, we need to fence off a few parks where humans try to be fair, where skill has some hope of reward, where absurdity has a harder time than usual getting a ticket. — Thomas Boswell

Try Harder Quotes By Emeril Lagasse

I'm working harder than ever now, and I'm putting on my pants the same as I always have. I just get up every day and try to do a little better than the day before, and that is to run a great restaurant with great food, great wine, and great service. That's my philosophy. — Emeril Lagasse

Try Harder Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

You take insult where none is intended, but if you will find insult where none is meant, then perhaps I should try harder to insult on purpose. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Try Harder Quotes By Jason Fried

Not only is this workaholism unnecessary, it's stupid. Working more doesn't mean you care more or get more done. It just means you work more. Workaholics wind up creating more problems than they solve. First off, working like that just isn't sustainable over time. When the burnout crash comes - and it will - it'll hit that much harder. Workaholics miss the point, too. They try to fix problems by throwing sheer hours at them. They try to make up for intellectual laziness with brute force. This results in inelegant solutions. — Jason Fried

Try Harder Quotes By Taryn Simon

I do seem to try to make things harder and harder for myself. In some perverse way, obstacles interest me and I'm drawn to projects that end up being incredibly laborious. — Taryn Simon

Try Harder Quotes By Tom DeLonge

I don't believe that I'm better than anybody, but I do believe that I'll try harder than most and I hope that people just join me for a little bit of a ride. — Tom DeLonge

Try Harder Quotes By D.R. Graham

Don't make this harder than it already is. I like her so much it's killing me, but I don't know how to be the guy she wants me to be."

"Yes, you do. Real relationships are just like bull riding. You have to be willing to risk getting hurt, and you have to hang it all out, and never give up no matter how scary or hard it gets. You know how to do it. You're just too much of a coward to try. — D.R. Graham

Try Harder Quotes By Donny Osmond

I am not going to condemn anybody. That's where religion gets a bad name, when people get holier than thou. We are all human. If my children make a mistake, I want them to know it is all right and they should try harder next time. — Donny Osmond

Try Harder Quotes By Leonard Sax

When Aaron came home from the tryout, why didn't he take up the coach's challenge to return, to try harder? When Julia discovered that she wasn't as smart as she thought, why did she collapse? The answer in both cases is that these kids are fragile. It doesn't take much for them to give up and retreat, as Aaron did, or to fall apart, as Julia did. Fragility has become a characteristic of American children and teenagers to an extent unknown 25 years ago. That — Leonard Sax

Try Harder Quotes By Barbara R. Duguid

Joy blossoms in our hearts not as we try harder and harder to grow, but as we see more clearly the depth of our sin and understand more fully our helplessness. — Barbara R. Duguid

Try Harder Quotes By Jasper Fforde

Librarying is a harder profession than the public realizes, he said. People think it's all rubber stamps, knowing that Dewey 521 is celestial mechanics and saying 'Try looking under fiction' sixty eight times a day. — Jasper Fforde

Try Harder Quotes By Mariska Hargitay

But trust can take you a long way. And my faith takes me a long way. And I think that our pains, our vulnerabilities, and our insecurities can fuel us to be better. To try harder. To dig deeper. — Mariska Hargitay

Try Harder Quotes By Jeanne Phillips

The harder you try to control your girlfriend the further you'll drive her away, so stop acting like a dumbbell. — Jeanne Phillips

Try Harder Quotes By Joanna Faber

Big brotherhood is a burden. The first message he needs to hear from you is that you understand. It isn't easy having to share your parents with a smelly baby or a two-year-old pest! The more we try to convince our kids that it's not so bad, the harder they'll work to convince us that it is indeed that bad. — Joanna Faber

Try Harder Quotes By Henry David Thoreau

Yet we must try the harder, the less the prospect of success. — Henry David Thoreau

Try Harder Quotes By Cora Seton

She's my wife. Back off, jarhead," he tossed back over his shoulder. Jared laughed, and it wasn't a mean laugh. Cassie bit back a grin as he stepped back, giving Mitch room to turn around before stepping right back into his personal space. His smile was knowing and totally awesome. "Actually, she's Cassie. She's nobody's wife, because the loser she was married to wasn't smart enough to know just how awesome his wife was when he had her. So if that's you, I'm sorry, bud. And I'm guessing it is, because only a moron who's never served in uniform would call someone a jarhead. You gotta be a Marine to use that term, and only to another Marine. You fail on both points, but try harder next time. — Cora Seton

Try Harder Quotes By S.M. Boyce

Sometimes, impossible just means you have to try harder. -Kara — S.M. Boyce

Try Harder Quotes By Heenashree Khandelwal

Try or cry. Choose! — Heenashree Khandelwal

Try Harder Quotes By Simon Sinek

Champions are not the ones who always win races - champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. 'Champion' is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes. — Simon Sinek

Try Harder Quotes By Richard Wright

I have found that to tell the truth is the hardest thing on earth. Harder than fighting in a war, harder than taking part in a revolution.
"If you try it, you will find that at times sweat will break upon you. You will find that even if you succeed in discounting the attitudes of others to you and your life, you must wrestle with yourself most of all. Fight with yourself. Because there will surge up in you a strong desire to alter facts, to dress up your feelings.
"You'll find that there are many things you don't want to admit about yourself and others.
"As your record shapes itself, an awed wonder haunts you. And yet there is no more exciting an adventure than trying to be honest in this way. The clean, strong feeling that sweeps you when you've done it makes you know that. — Richard Wright

Try Harder Quotes By Rainn Wilson

I think Dwight loves being number two. I don't think he has any desire to be number one. He wants to be number two no matter where he goes. It's like Avis. 'We try harder.' That's Dwight. — Rainn Wilson

Try Harder Quotes By Alane Adams

Writing is like trying to escape quicksand. The harder you try the faster you sink. — Alane Adams

Try Harder Quotes By Jennifer Lynch

If I am a better person, and if I try harder every day, perhaps all of this will work out. — Jennifer Lynch

Try Harder Quotes By J. Richard Clarke

Continue to invest in your personal development. Expand your occupational horizons by constant study ... look to your present job as a stepping-stone along your career path. Take time to think. The dimensions of most jobs are constrained only by the mind of the uncreative worker. I like what one business man counseled: If at first you do succeed, try something harder!!! — J. Richard Clarke

Try Harder Quotes By Jeremy Holmes

Try to prise a limpet away from its rock and it will cling all the harder. — Jeremy Holmes

Try Harder Quotes By John Marsden

The only real enemy humans have is death. Every other enemy like a kid who slags you off at school or a cop who pulls you over you think they're enemies but they're not really. They're just I don't know irritations. But death that's the serious one because you know he'll win eventually. And that makes you like you've got to try to beat him. The bigger the challenge the harder you try. That's true of anything. In a way our enemies aren't these soldiers themselves our enemy is death and the soldiers are just his little local representatives. -Homer — John Marsden

Try Harder Quotes By Kate Perry

If you're able to think, then I'm not doing this right."
"You're doing okay, but you can always try harder."
"Harder I can do," he murmured against her neck, and he did just that. — Kate Perry

Try Harder Quotes By Geneen Roth

When you believe without knowing you believe that you are damaged at your core, you also believe that you need to hide that damage for anyone to love you. You walk around ashamed of being yourself. You try hard to make up for the way you look, walk, feel. Decisions are agonizing because if you, the person who makes the decision, is damaged, then how can you trust what you decide? You doubt your own impulses so you become masterful at looking outside yourself for comfort. You become an expert at finding experts and programs, at striving and trying hard and then harder to change yourself, but this process only reaffirms what you already believe about yourself
that your needs and choices cannot be trusted, and left to your own devices you are out of control (p.82-83) — Geneen Roth

Try Harder Quotes By Allen Wheelis

In a condition of struggle and of failure we must be able to say "I must try harder" or "I must try differently." Both views are essential ... A change in either makes for a change in outcome.
When we say "I must try harder" we mean that the most relevant variable is something within us - intention, will, determination, "meaning it" .
When we say "I must try differently" we mean that the most relevant variable lies in the situation within which intention is being exerted, that we should look to the environment, to the ways it pushes and pulls at us, and in this study find the means to alter that interaction. — Allen Wheelis

Try Harder Quotes By Dillon Burroughs

The solution to our human frailty is not to try harder, but to turn Godward. — Dillon Burroughs

Try Harder Quotes By Kenneth Oppel

The baby was warm against my chest. I knew I was broken too. I wasn't like other people. I was scared and weird and anxious and sad lots of the time, and I didn't know why. My parents thought I was abnormal, I was pretty sure. They said I wasn't, but you don't get sent to a therapist if you're normal.
Sometimes we really aren't supposed to be the way we are. It's not good for us. And people don't like it. You've got to change. You've got to try harder and do deep breathing and maybe one day take pills and learn tricks so you can pretend to be more like other people. Normal people. But maybe Vanessa was right, and all those other people were broken too in their own ways. Maybe we all spent too much time pretending we weren't. — Kenneth Oppel

Try Harder Quotes By Paulo Coelho

Try and travel alone, or - if you are married - with your spouse. It will be harder work, no one will be looking after you, but this is the only way of truly leaving your country. Group travel is just a disguised way of pretending to go abroad, where you speak your own language, obey the leader of the pack, and concern yourself more with the internal gossip of the group than with the place you are visiting. — Paulo Coelho

Try Harder Quotes By Jay Leno

If I have one advantage, it's that I will try to work harder than the next guy. — Jay Leno

Try Harder Quotes By Edgar Cayce

This is harder than it first appears: Try in thine own experience, each; that ye speak not for one whole day unkindly of any; that ye say not a harsh word to any, about any; and see what [such] a day would bring to you ... — Edgar Cayce

Try Harder Quotes By Alaya Dawn Johnson

A good rival is almost like a friend, isn't she? You make me try harder. — Alaya Dawn Johnson

Try Harder Quotes By Criss Jami

The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal. — Criss Jami

Try Harder Quotes By Cheon Eunbi

I just want to do musicals. it's hard enough just to do musicals. No matter how hard I try, I think it's only getting harder. Even If I try harder, there are problems that I just can't deal with. I don't know why it's become like this. — Cheon Eunbi

Try Harder Quotes By Ward Cunningham

Over and over, people try to design systems that make tomorrow's work easy. But when tomorrow comes it turns out they didn't quite understand tomorrow's work, and they actually made it harder. — Ward Cunningham

Try Harder Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Try a little harder, and meditation comes. You do not feel the body or anything else. When you come out of it after the hour, you have had the most beautiful rest you ever had in your life. That is the only way you ever give rest to your system. Not even the deepest sleep will give you such a rest as that. — Swami Vivekananda

Try Harder Quotes By Olena Kalytiak Davis

You should bury more than the dead.
You should try harder.
You should give up. — Olena Kalytiak Davis

Try Harder Quotes By Ramona Ausubel

She did not try to explain aging or love and how much harder it was to keep trusting beauty the later it got. How, though she was only twenty-eight years old, she seemed to have passed into the long slide during which time a woman became less and less valuable, and to keep her around became an act of charity rather than pleasure. — Ramona Ausubel

Try Harder Quotes By John Wooden

Remember this your lifetime through:
Tomorrow there will be more to do.
And failure waits for all who stay
With some success made yesterday.
Tomorrow you must try once more,
And even harder than before. — John Wooden

Try Harder Quotes By Evan L. Katz

Asking an angry man to change his ways is like asking a blind man to try harder to see. — Evan L. Katz

Try Harder Quotes By Suzanne Roberts

I watched him skip down the trail and felt annoyed by all this joy; then I wondered why I couldn't be that joyful. Maybe everything really was attitude. I had mastered self-pity and realized maybe it was time to work on joy. Doesn't the Dalai Lama say happiness is a decision? Pain is inevitable, suffering a choice. Could it be that I simply suffered from a bad attitude? Maybe I needed to try harder to enjoy all of it even if it wasn't exactly fun. — Suzanne Roberts

Try Harder Quotes By Brad Stone

Any process can be improved. Defects that are invisible to the knowledgeable may be obvious to newcomers. The simplest solutions are the best. Repeating all these anecdotes isn't rote monotony - it's calculated strategy. "The rest of us try to muddle around with complicated contradictory goals and it makes it harder for people to help us," says his friend Danny Hillis. "Jeff is very clear and simple about his goals, and the way he articulates them makes it easy for others, because it's consistent. — Brad Stone

Try Harder Quotes By Karl Schroeder

She herself had told him that you can never hold onto anything. The harder you try, the more precious things slip through your fingers. The secret to life, she had said, was to find the little things, the unimportant ones that would nonetheless always remind you of the precious things they accompanied - and hold onto them. Like the fine furniture her husband had carved for her, seemingly centuries ago. — Karl Schroeder

Try Harder Quotes By Debbie Macomber

Don't be a quitter.
Try harder.
Don't be so picky.
Be willing to start at the bottom.
Prove yourself. — Debbie Macomber