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Top Treating Others Kindly Quotes

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By David Mitchell

The night in question, I had put aside my perpetual lavatory read, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, because of all the manuscripts (inedible green tomatoes) submitted to Cavendish-Redux, my new stable of champions. I suppose it was about eleven o'clock when I heard my front door being interfered with. Skinhead munchkins mug-or-treating?
Cherry knockers? The wind?
Next thing I knew, the door flew in off its ruddy hinges! I was thinking al-Queda, I was thinking ball lightning, but no. Down the hallway tramped what seemed like an entire rugby team, though the intruders numbered only three. (You'll notice, I am always attacked in threes.) "Timothy," pronounced the gargoyliest, "Cavendish, I presume. Caught with your cacks down."
"My business hours are eleven to two, gentlemen," Bogart would have said, "with a three-hour break for lunch. Kindly leave." All I could do was blurt, "Oy! My door! My ruddy door! — David Mitchell

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By A.D. Aliwat

Really, the definition of what makes us "human" confuses me. Showing "humanity" is like this synonym for "treating others kindly" or "like you want to be treated" or whatever, when that isn't really human at all. Whoever came up with that definition is a real scammer, and a real genius. More than anything else, humans have been terrible to each other throughout history, and this is still the way it works today and will continue to work. It's how we're wired. I have "human understanding"; that's it. — A.D. Aliwat

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Being generous and kindly in speech, doing a good turn for others, and treating all alike. One like this will be praised. — Gautama Buddha

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By Nhat Hanh

Are we treating our body kindly by the way we eat, by the way we drink, by the way we work? Are we treating ourselves with enough joy and tenderness and peace? Or are we feeding ourselves with toxins that we get from the market - the spiritual, intellectual, entertainment market? — Nhat Hanh

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By George Foreman

Sometimes God gives instructions that go against conventional wisdom, such as treating people kindly when they're hateful. Who really wants to do that? Instructions like that my not always make sense, so that's why I need to trust and obey the One who inspired them. — George Foreman

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By Wendell Berry

People do not become wealthy by treating one another or the world kindly and with respect. — Wendell Berry

Treating Others Kindly Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

If we simply imagined that everyone who crossed our path was living out his or her very last day on Earth, we might treat people as kindly as we ought to each day they lived. — Richelle E. Goodrich