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Treated Special Quotes By Alice Sebold

He was beginning to understand: You were treated special and, later, something horrible would be told to you. — Alice Sebold

Treated Special Quotes By C.S. Lewis

When equality is treated not as a medicine or a safety-gadget but as an ideal we begin to breed that stunted and envious sort of mind which hates all superiority. That mind is the special disease of democracy, as cruelty and servility are the special diseases of privileged societies. It will kill us all if it grows unchecked. The — C.S. Lewis

Treated Special Quotes By Joann Kinlaw

Each children is unique and have special personality. Comparing one child with other is a painful process. No one on this planet is same. Like two fingers of one hand is differ with each other same with children. They can't be same. They have some qualities in common but not all.
We made mistake or sometimes make their life hell by comparing them with others.
Children should be treated as they are in actual or real. If necessary, we can teach them to improve it but not scold them by comparing with others
For the healthy life of child , one should keep this in mind. — Joann Kinlaw

Treated Special Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

If every lover was treated like they matter - everyday; valentine's day wouldn't be so 'special. — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Treated Special Quotes By Jack London

Mercedes nursed a special grievance - the grievance of sex. She was pretty and soft, and had been chivalrously treated all her days. But the present treatment by her husband and brother was everything save chivalrous. It was her custom to be helpless. They complained. Upon which impeachment of what to her was her most essential sex pregorative, she made their lives unendurable. — Jack London

Treated Special Quotes By Kirsty Dallas

I know she's a special girl, Decker, she deserves to be treated like one. Your father managed to keep me completely wrapped up in his heart because he never stopped for one moment trying to show me how much he loves me. To be honest, he doesn't need to show me, I know he loves me, but women like to see, we like to feel. It's nice to know you are the center of someone's universe, and in return, he'll always be the center of mine. — Kirsty Dallas

Treated Special Quotes By John Knowles

There are special, strange gifted people in the world and they have to be treated with understanding — John Knowles

Treated Special Quotes By Sharleen Spiteri

I'm quite a romantic person - everyone loves being treated a little bit special, no matter how hard you are on the surface. I live in movie land; my head is full of nonsense. — Sharleen Spiteri

Treated Special Quotes By Mokokoma Mokhonoana

If everybody was treated like they matter - everyday; birthdays wouldn't be so *special.* — Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Treated Special Quotes By Lynn Schusterman

We in the Jewish community must ask ourselves what role we are going to play in changing policies and practices that discriminate against LGBT Americans. We have a special responsibility and civic duty to ensure that all Americans are treated with dignity and equality. — Lynn Schusterman

Treated Special Quotes By Michel Foucault

Punishment of a less immediately physical kind, a certain discretion in the art of inflicting pain, a combination of more subtle, more subdued sufferings, deprived of their visible display, should not all this be treated as a special case, an incidental effect of deeper changes? And yet the fact remains that a few decades saw the disappearance of the tortured, dismembered, amputated body, symbolically branded on face or shoulder, exposed alive or dead to public view. The body as the major target of penal repression disappeared. By — Michel Foucault

Treated Special Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

The wife correct " Lorelei prompted. "She makes sure her husband is treated with the proper regard and she is the one who sees after his care just like you would do a treasured pup."
Annabeth frowned. "I suppose that's true."
"Thank you " Lorelei said. "Now if you wish to train a man to listen to you you never shout you whisper. They take extra special care to listen to a quiet tone while they automatically shut out loud ones. And just like you would a dog when he comes at your bidding you reward him. That way he'll always come instead of ignoring you or putting
you off. — Kinley MacGregor

Treated Special Quotes By Bert Holldobler

Ants offer special advantages for some important kinds of basic biological research. The colony is a superorganism. It can be analyzed as a coherent unit and compared with the organism in the design of experiments, with the individuals treated as the rough analogues of cells. — Bert Holldobler

Treated Special Quotes By A.C. Grayling

People should be left to believe what they like, so long as they harm no one else. Apart from normal expectations of politeness, it is not however clear why people should require their personal beliefs to be treated with special sensitivity by others, to the point that if others fail to tip-toe respectfully around them they will start throwing bombs. — A.C. Grayling

Treated Special Quotes By Marcella Purnama

Our Peter Pan generation is unhappy. All our lives, we want to grow up -
to be treated like adults, to have freedom to choose. Then we get here and
it turns out being an adult sucks. We pay the bills and taxes, watching others succeed while we are forever waiting for our turn.

We believe we are special, but nothing special has come our way. — Marcella Purnama

Treated Special Quotes By Michael Cunningham

You know what I am?" he says.
"I'm an ordinary person."
"Come on."
"I know. Who isn't an ordinary person? How horribly presumptuous to want to be anything else. But I have to tell you. I've been treated as something special for so long and I've tried my hardest to be something special but I'm not, I'm not exceptional, I'm smart enough, but I'm not brilliant and I'm not spiritual or even all that focused. I think I can stand that, but I'm not sure if the people around me can. — Michael Cunningham

Treated Special Quotes By Jane Leavy

Mantle didn't want to stick out, but he did. He didn't wish to be treated as special, but he was. He was uncomfortable being the center of attention, but he was the centerfielder for the most famous franchise in sports. — Jane Leavy

Treated Special Quotes By Ken Follett

Over the fireplace was the portrait of his father's first wife, Robert's mother, Olive. Jay hated that painting. There she was, solemn and saintly, looking down her long nose at all who came after her. When she caught a fever and died suddenly at the age of twenty-nine his father had remarried, but he never forgot his first love. He treated Jay's mother, Alicia, like a mistress, a plaything with no status and no rights; and he made Jay feel almost like an illegitimate son. Robert was the firstborn, the heir, the special one. Jay sometimes wanted to ask whether it had been an immaculate conception and a virgin birth. — Ken Follett

Treated Special Quotes By Catherine Gayle

For me, it's all or nothing. I can't half-ass this. If we do this, I will pursue you like no man has ever pursued you before. And even after I've caught you, I plan to continue pursuing you like my life depends on it. If you're not prepared for that, if you're not ready to be treated as something special and treasured and precious, then I need you to roll over, go back to sleep, and pretend none of this ever happened. — Catherine Gayle

Treated Special Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

Feminists want to be treated as equals, but at the same time they want special treatment. — Rush Limbaugh

Treated Special Quotes By Amy Grant

I feel a part of the congregation. I've never had to do special music. The kids sing in the choir. It's just normal. We're treated like everybody else. — Amy Grant

Treated Special Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

With our close friends, family members, and lovers, we hope to create a special world, one in which we can expect to be treated fairly, with care, tenderness, and compassion. — Sharon Salzberg

Treated Special Quotes By Anderson Cooper

The world reacts very strangely to people they see on TV, and I can begin to understand how anchor monsters are made. If you're not careful, you can become used to being treated as though you're special and begin to expect it. For a reporter, that's the kiss of death. — Anderson Cooper

Treated Special Quotes By Anderson Cooper

I can begin to understand how anchor monsters are made. If you're not careful, you can become used to being treated as though you're special and begin to expect it. — Anderson Cooper

Treated Special Quotes By Howie Carr

As an American citizen, I'm not asking for any special treatment - the only thing I ask and want is to be treated just like an Illegal Alien. — Howie Carr

Treated Special Quotes By Pierre Alex Jeanty

You deserve more of their attention than their phone does.
You deserve quality time, not just time.
You deserve effort, not just routines.
You deserve to be treated as if you are a priority, not the last thing on their checklist.
You are special and you deserve to be the only option.
If that is too much to ask, you are asking it from the wrong person.
If begging ever becomes your last approach to receive those things which ought to be freely given, it's safe to say, you are out of your dang mind.
Begging to be loved is suicide.
It's like going sky diving from the Eiffel Tower naked of proper equipment, and expecting gravity to overturn the outcome. — Pierre Alex Jeanty

Treated Special Quotes By Betty Friedan

In almost every professional field, in business and in the arts and sciences, women are still treated as second-class citizens. It would be a great service to tell girls who plan to work in society to expect this subtle, uncomfortable discrimination
tell them not to be quiet, and hope it will go away, but fight it. A girl should not expect special privileges because of her sex, but neither should she "adjust" to prejudice and discrimination — Betty Friedan

Treated Special Quotes By Robert Bringhurst

Logograms pose a more difficult question. An increasing number of persons and institutions, from archy and mehitabel to PostScript and TrueType, come to the typographer in search of special treatment.In earlier days it was kings and deities whose agents demanded that their names be written in a larger size or set in a specially ornate typeface; not it is business firms and mass-market products demanding an extra helping of capitals, or a proprietary face, and poets pleading, by contrast, to be left entirely in the vernacular lower case. But type is visible speech, in which gods and men, saints and sinners, poets and business executives are treated fundamentally alike . Typographers, in keeping with the virtue of their trade, honor the stewardship of texts and implicitly oppose private ownership of words. — Robert Bringhurst

Treated Special Quotes By Carl Yastrzemski

I was lucky enough to have the talent to play baseball. That's how I treated my career. I didn't think I was anybody special, anybody different. — Carl Yastrzemski

Treated Special Quotes By Jack Nicklaus

I understand golf is a game, and I've never treated it as anything else. Family is something that's very special, and so they all contributed to the room. They all contributed to what my life was, my career was. — Jack Nicklaus

Treated Special Quotes By C.S. Lewis

When equality is treated ... as an ideal, we begin to breed that stunted and envious sort of mind which hates all superiority. That mind is the special disease of democracy, as cruelty and servility are the special diseases of privileged societies. It will kill us all if it grows unchecked. — C.S. Lewis

Treated Special Quotes By Lev Grossman

As much as it was like anything, magic was like a language. And like a language, textbooks and teachers treated it as an orderly system for the purposes of teaching it, but in reality it was complex and chaotic and organic. It obeyed rules only to the extent that it felt like it, and there were almost as many special cases and one-time variations as there were rules. These Exceptions were indicated by rows of asterisks and daggers and other more obscure typographical fauna which invited the reader to peruse the many footnotes that cluttered up the margins of magical reference books like Talmudic commentary. — Lev Grossman

Treated Special Quotes By Darlene Ballard

You are unique. You are the only one in all of God's creation with your set of fingerprints--and your set of pain and experiences. You are special, and you are rare. The way the people in your life have treated you is absolutely no reflection of your value. It is only a reflection of their own pain and misery.

Remember, it doesn't matter where you've been--only where you're going. Because life isn't what you get--it's what you give!! — Darlene Ballard

Treated Special Quotes By Thomas Sowell

To believe in personal responsibility would be to destroy the whole special role of the anointed, whose vision casts them in the role of rescuers of people treated unfairly by "society". — Thomas Sowell