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Top Five Quotes By Mahendra Ramsinghani

A good portfolio manager knows which companies to keep and which ones to let go. Many a GP has struggled with portfolio companies that cannot meet their value-creation milestones, or raise additional follow-on rounds of capital, or generate target returns in a time span of, say, five to seven years. The faster you recognize those losses, the better it is."
"As David Cowan says, "Just focus on your top five - the rest is distraction." The harder part of the investor's discipline is to know when to quit."
"You have to constantly scan all of those things and be willing to adjust your own sense of what's a reasonable outcome and move the company into a position where it has the maximum chance to succeed. "
"Time is your enemy: Portfolio companies always take twice as much capital and twice as long to exit. Early-stage companies rarely meet milestones as planned and always burn cash faster than anticipated. — Mahendra Ramsinghani

Top Five Quotes By Hans Christian Andersen

And the Top spoke no more of his old love; for that dies away when the beloved objects has lain for five years in a roof gutter and got wet through; yes, one does not know her again when one meets her in the dust box. — Hans Christian Andersen

Top Five Quotes By Kimora Lee Simmons

I can't stand when girls come to me and say they want to be a model, but they can't tell me who the top three photographers are in the world. They can't tell me who the top five biggest models are or name three cosmetics companies. They can't even name the top fashion magazines! You have to get it together and know your stuff. — Kimora Lee Simmons

Top Five Quotes By Andrew Lo

If you rank the top 50 one-day moves in the S&P 500, a fair number of those happened within the last five or 10 years. That tells you that we're in a different, riskier market now. — Andrew Lo

Top Five Quotes By Bat For Lashes

I had Hallowe'en parties every year, as it was my birthday five days before. My parents would actually put prosthetic noses on, and my dad would wear a top-hat and tails, put on a fake curly moustache, and hold a pipe. — Bat For Lashes

Top Five Quotes By Mark Duplass

'Somewhere in Time' is in the top-five cheesiest movies ever made. It's super melodrama. — Mark Duplass

Top Five Quotes By Bill Nighy

If you ask any actor "What single thing would make you really, really happy?" Among the top five things they'd say is not having to audition anymore. — Bill Nighy

Top Five Quotes By Sean Kingston

Number one on my top five is Beyonce. — Sean Kingston

Top Five Quotes By Amy Kuivalainen

Can I have a final request in case I don't make it?"
"I haven't been kissed in five years, kiss me Trajan," she whispered. "I am so afraid." Trajan slowly pushed his glasses onto the top of his head and brought his lips softly to hers. — Amy Kuivalainen

Top Five Quotes By J. C. Watts

I'm not driven to get back into politics. It's not on my top five things to do before I die, but saying that, I may be in politics in the next year or the next ten years. I've been on the front line for 12 years, four in state government, eight on the national level. — J. C. Watts

Top Five Quotes By Richard Castle

As Toppers rose from her seat on a sofa to meet him, Storm realized that he was looking at an architectural marvel. She weighed less than a hundred pounds and was under five feet tall, but she was so top-heavy that Storm wondered how she kept herself from tumbling facedown when she reached out to shake his hand. — Richard Castle

Top Five Quotes By Anonymous

The issue - which is about 95 percent political and five percent scientific - won't go away. The Left will use it as a battering ram to force more taxes, more regulation, more control of every kind over the economy and over Americans' personal behavior. This issue, on top of ObamaGovernmentCare, could finish the job of Sovietizing what's left of a once free America. — Anonymous

Top Five Quotes By Sebastian Coe

I'm not sure there are enough coaches in the system that can take young talent and consistently get them into the top five in the world. — Sebastian Coe

Top Five Quotes By Suzy Kline

984; 85; 3; 63;, 1,000,000
The Eiffel Tower is nine hundred eighty-four feet high. On a clear day, you can see eighty-five miles from the top. It has three elevators. Each elevator can carry sixty-three people. It cost about one million dollars to build Eiffel Tower. — Suzy Kline

Top Five Quotes By Saddam Hussein

I like to call a spade a spade in politics and in everything else.
That's why the zionists and the americans ...
The top officials hate Saddam Hussein.
The White House is lying once again. He's a liar.
He's the world's number one liar.
He said there were chemical weapons in Iraq, and that Iraq is connected with terrorism.
Later he declared: 'We didn't find any of this in Iraq.'
What I want to say is that he also declared that what Saddam Hussein says is not true ...
This is defamation of your president of thirty five years. — Saddam Hussein

Top Five Quotes By Sri Dattatreya

[Note: Brahma originally had five heads. He and Vishnu were once contesting each other's superiority. Just then a huge column of light appeared in front of them and they wondered what it was. They agreed that he who found either end of the column earlier would be the greater of the two. Vishnu became a boar and sought the bottom; Brahma became a swan and flew up towards the top. Vishnu returned disappointed. Brahma at the point of despair came across a falling screwpine flower. He stopped its descent and asked from where it was coming. All that it knew was that it was falling from space and nothing more. Brahma persuaded it to bear false witness and claimed superiority over his rival. Siva was enraged, snipped off that head which spoke the lie, and declared himself as the column of light.] — Sri Dattatreya

Top Five Quotes By Mark McCormack

There are five top superstars in golf, 20 great stars, and 30 good ones. The rest should go and get jobs. — Mark McCormack

Top Five Quotes By Ndamukong Suh

I was a defensive lineman coming out of high school who was considered amongst the top ... maybe the top six guys, top five guys, and wanted to prove to my team that I was going to be a top guy going into college. — Ndamukong Suh

Top Five Quotes By Sarah Ockler

After half an hour of forced family fun, in which I score fifty points and take out at least seventy-five percent of my anger trying to blast Frankie with the ball, our game is cut short. Princess gets stung on the top of her foot by a teeny-tiny newborn baby of a jelly-fish and carries on like some shark just swam away with her torso. For one brief moment I wonder if it's the ghost of my journal, reincarnated after its watery death to claim vengeance by stabbing her with its thin metal spiral. The thought makes me smile on the inside, just a little bit. — Sarah Ockler

Top Five Quotes By Joe Kinnear

We're in the top six, we've got five points and I've told the lads we need another 80 to win the League. — Joe Kinnear

Top Five Quotes By Earl Nightingale

One hour per day of study in your chosen field is all it takes. One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you'll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do. — Earl Nightingale

Top Five Quotes By W.C. Fields

The low-ceiling price bazaar for sexual relief was a street called Middie Alley. You could barely get a pushcart through this avenue. Top price-twenty-five cents. — W.C. Fields

Top Five Quotes By L. Ron Hubbard

Of all the ills of man which can be successfully processed by Scientology, arthritis ranks near the top. In skilled hands, this ailment, though misunderstood and dreaded in the past, already has begun to become history. Twenty-five hours of Scientology by an auditor who fairly understands how to process arthritis can be said to produce an invariable alleviation of the condition. Some cases, even severe ones, have responded in as little as two hours of processing, according to reports from auditors in the field. — L. Ron Hubbard

Top Five Quotes By R.S. Grey

I didn't plan to be this dysfunctional at 27, but dysfunctionality has a way of creeping up on you. One second, you're 22, wrapping up your undergraduate degree from a top business school, and then suddenly, you're sitting alone in your car at 27, wondering how five years slipped trough your fingers without so much as a blink. — R.S. Grey

Top Five Quotes By John Wood

Singapore is now in the top five. Its income per person even tops oil-rich and scarcely populated Kuwait. Having realized that the country had no natural resources, the government of founding father Lee Kuan Yew directed massive investment in human capital. Kids who were eight or ten or thirteen several decades ago are now some of the most productive citizens of today's economy.

A tiny nation-state with no natural resources and a large number of people living in a relatively small physical space has managed to outearn a country with some of the largest oil deposits ever found. That is the power of investing in and nurturing young brains.

Education alone may not be enough to guarantee economic success. There are other success factors that matter, like good governance, rule of law, and access to trading routes and partners. But if you were challenged to assemble a prosperous society from scratch, education would be the first building block you'd want to develop. — John Wood

Top Five Quotes By Dale Earnhardt

That strategy of racing for the top five and racing for the win is where everybody wants to be. — Dale Earnhardt

Top Five Quotes By Jeffrey Archer

The solicitor he selected, a Mr Makepeace, had demanded five thousand pounds up front, even before he took the top off his fountain pen, and then another five once he'd briefed Alex Redmayne, the barrister who would represent him in Court. Danny couldn't understand why he needed two lawyers to do the same job. — Jeffrey Archer

Top Five Quotes By Jason Sudeikis

I didn't really want to be an actor when I was growing up - I wanted to be whatever I was reading about or seeing at the time. When I read The Firm I wanted to be a lawyer; when I saw Top Gun, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. So that's why acting probably turned out to be a good thing for me because I get to be people for five minutes or 90 minutes. I'd be curious to see if I had the attention span to be like those guys on 30 Rock and play the same character season after season, — Jason Sudeikis

Top Five Quotes By Ben Shapiro

And here's what Barack Obama and his surrogates said about Mitt Romney: Mitt Romney is the worst guy since Mussolini. Mitt Romney is the guy who straps dogs to the top of cars. Mitt Romney is the kind of guy who wants to "put y'all back in chains." Mitt Romney is leading a "war on women" and, in fact, has compiled a binder full of women that he can then use to prosecute his war. Mitt Romney is the type of guy who would specifically fire an employee so that five years later his wife would die of cancer thanks to lack of health insurance. Mitt Romney would take his money and put it in an overseas bank account specifically to deprive the American people of money. The Obama campaign slogan: "Romney: Rich, Sexist, Racist Jackass. — Ben Shapiro

Top Five Quotes By Nicholas Drayson

Is it an endearing quirk among European explorers to imagine that every geographical feature they clap eyes on for the first time is in need of a new name, or is if just a plain silly one? As far as I understand, humans have been knocking around this part of Africa for - give or take a birthday candle- three million years. The existence of a large wet patch smack in the middle of them had not gone unnoticed. How large? Bigger than Lake Michigan, bigger than Tasmania, bigger than Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Rhode Island all rolled into one. It is so big that people on one side gave it one name, people on the other side gave it another, and people in between gave it several more. But that didn't matter to Dr Livingstone. Along he came and he didn't ask the locals what they called this large lake at the top end of the Nile. He gave it yet another name, in honour of the elder of a tribe of white people on a small island five thousand miles away. — Nicholas Drayson

Top Five Quotes By Jim Breyer

The innovation industries are rapidly going global. In five years, more than 50% of venture capital returns will come from markets outside the United States, including China, India, Brazil, and Australia, and AlwaysOn events are on top of these trends. — Jim Breyer

Top Five Quotes By David Freed

Another five grand on top of the twenty-five large from Carlisle. I vowed not to tell Kiddiot. Knowing him, he would definitely demand I buy him more cat toys. The — David Freed

Top Five Quotes By Henry Jackman

To spend any time with someone who is among the top five film composers of the last 50 years is pure gold dust. I mean, not necessarily stylistically, because everyone is different in what their music sounds like, but the approach and how to look at a film, how to think about a film, how to decide what you want to do, how to think about characters, how to think about art, how to think about narrative, how to liaise with producers, how to liaise with directors. — Henry Jackman

Top Five Quotes By Jurgen Klinsmann

Once the World Cup preparations begin there will hardly be an opportunity to do so, since we'll have to put all our energy into the team. We coaches have a list of priorities and dealing with the media isn't in the top five. — Jurgen Klinsmann

Top Five Quotes By Monica Murphy

Lesson learned? Don't have sex on the top bunk in a dorm room. It doesn't matter if the girl weighs a buck-oh-five and you know you plan on only lasting for ten minutes tops. Those bunk beds are made out of sticks. — Monica Murphy

Top Five Quotes By David Mitchell

It's cold and clammy in the alley like White Scar Cave in the Yorkshire Dales. Dad took me when I was ten. I find a dead cat lying on the ground at the first corner. It's gray like dust on the moon. I know it's dead because it's as still as a dropped bag, and because big flies are drinking from its eyes. How did it die? There's no bullet wound or fang marks, though its head's at a slumped angle so maybe it was strangled by a cat-strangler. It goes straight into the Top Five of the Most Beautiful Things I've Ever Seen. Maybe there's a tribe in Papua New Guinea who think the droning of flies is music. Maybe I'd fit in with them. "Come along, Nathan." Mum's tugging my sleeve. — David Mitchell

Top Five Quotes By Adam Dunn

Cincinnati needs to take notes from Houston. Houston fans are among the top five fans in the game. — Adam Dunn

Top Five Quotes By Wilbur Smith

I work on my novels wherever I have a PC, and I have four or five places around the world where I do have a PC. These days you can just slip a little flash drive into your top pocket, fly for 12 hours, come to another place, plug it into a computer and you are away again. — Wilbur Smith

Top Five Quotes By Suzanne Collins

a Quarter Quell. They occur every twenty-five years, marking the anniversary of the districts' defeat with over-the-top celebrations and, for extra fun, some miserable twist for the tributes. I've — Suzanne Collins

Top Five Quotes By Lydia Netzer

They were probably fifty feet away from each other. How far is fifty feet? To the top of the tallest tree? From one lip of a volcano to the other? As far as a man can go in ten seconds, striding briskly? As far as a man can go in five seconds, falling over himself in enthusiasm? — Lydia Netzer

Top Five Quotes By Mary Blakely

A "snapshot" feature in USA Today listed the five greatest concerns parents and teachers had about children in the '50s: talking out of turn, chewing gum in class, doing homework, stepping out of line, cleaning their rooms. Then it listed the five top concerns of parents today: drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, suicide and homicide, gang violence, anorexia and bulimia. We can also add AIDS, poverty, and homelessness ... Between my own childhood and the advent of my motherhood
one short generation
the culture had gone completely mad. — Mary Blakely

Top Five Quotes By Marc Cushman

It's easy to underestimate how profound and holistic Roddenberry's vision of the techscape of the future was. By today's standards, the available technology of 1964 was downright primitive. Doors did not open automatically when we approached them. The first handheld calculator was still in the future, as were microwave ovens and cell phones. 1964 was a year before most Americans had even heard of a place called Vietnam, five years before man walked on the moon, 25 years before anyone ever surfed the Internet. Your phone had a curly cord, and the new innovation of "touchtone" dialing was merely a year old. Even the television sets that viewers watched would be considered positively prehistoric today. Most TVs were black-and-white models, and the majority of those sets had no remote control. There was no cable or satellite; rabbit ears and roof-top antennas were the norm. The world looked, and was, different. — Marc Cushman

Top Five Quotes By Kevin Smith

GAY OR NOT. — Kevin Smith

Top Five Quotes By Shauna Niequist

TAKE A minute to list the top five or six things you feel called and committed to in this season of life. Seeing them written on paper, in order, can help us orient ourselves and make decisions that spring from those priorities. — Shauna Niequist

Top Five Quotes By RZA

Wayne is definitely one of the top five MCs to ever come out of the South. — RZA

Top Five Quotes By Eden Hazard

I'm not a top-five player yet, — Eden Hazard

Top Five Quotes By Seth Shostak

The longtime standard for American TV was 525 lines from top to bottom of the image. As a practical matter, that was roughly equivalent to 350 thousand pixels - pretty crude, given that photos made with your iPhone boast five million pixels. — Seth Shostak

Top Five Quotes By Robin McKinley

I went to bed wearing my oldest, most faded flannel shirt, the bra that had looked all right in the catalog but was obviously an escapee from a downmarket nursing home when it arrived, white cotton panties that had had pansies on them about seven hundred washings ago and were now a kind of mottled gray, and the jeans I usually wore for housecleaning or raking Yolande's garden because they were too shabby for work even if I never came out of the bakery. Food inspector arrest-on-sight jeans. Oh, and fuzzy green plaid socks. It was a cool night for summer. Relatively. I lay down on top of the bedspread. And slept through till the alarm at three-forty-five. He hadn't come. T — Robin McKinley

Top Five Quotes By Frances Mayes

Stone houses, terrace walls, city walls, streets. Plant any rose and you hit four or five big ones. All the Etruscan sarcophagi with likenesses of the dead carved on top in realistic, living poses must have come out of the most natural transference into death they could imagine. After lifetimes of dealing with stone, why not, in death, turn into it? — Frances Mayes

Top Five Quotes By Taylor Kitsch

People hate cardio. I hate cardio. But pick the five top songs that you love. Do your cardio during these songs, and you're done. I'd say 95 percent of the time you don't even know you just did it. — Taylor Kitsch

Top Five Quotes By Andrew Keen

In early 2014, the global economy's top five companies' gross cash holdings - those of Apple, Google, Microsoft, as well as the US telecom giant Verizon and the Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung - came to $387 billion, the equivalent of the 2013 GDP of the United Arab Emirates.78 This capital imbalance puts the fate of the world economy in the hands of the few cash hoarders like Apple and Google, whose profits are mostly kept offshore to avoid paying US tax. "Apple, Google and Facebook are latter-day scrooges," worries the Financial Times columnist John Plender about a corporate miserliness that is undermining the growth of the world economy. — Andrew Keen

Top Five Quotes By Sebastian Vettel

I remember my first test in F1. After five laps, I came back to the pits and tried to play it cool - 'Oh yeah, I'm fine, I'm on top of this' - but I was completely lost. — Sebastian Vettel

Top Five Quotes By Chris Pratt

I love 'Capote.' Huge fan of Philip Seymour Hoffman; if he's not my all-time favorite actor he's definitely in my top five. I just love him so much. — Chris Pratt

Top Five Quotes By Kevin Durant

I feel as though I've proved myself these last five years that I can be one of the top players in the league. — Kevin Durant

Top Five Quotes By Jon Krakauer

But then suddenly there was no place higher to go. I felt my cracked lips stretch into a painful grin. I was on top of the Devil's Thumb. Fittingly, the summit was a surreal, malevolent place, an improbably slender wedge of rock and rime no wider than a file cabinet. It did not encourage loitering. As I straddled the highest point, the south face fell away beneath my right boot for twenty-five hundred feet; beneath my left boot the north face dropped twice that distance. — Jon Krakauer

Top Five Quotes By Art Alexakis

I think The Police made five great records and then called it a day. They went out on top. — Art Alexakis

Top Five Quotes By Chad Zunker

with the understanding that only a foolish man with a clear death wish would ever even consider trying to break into a property belonging to such a lethal agency with more than one hundred trained killers living onsite. I was going to be that foolish man. It was ridiculous. A twenty-five-year-old law student was going to break into one of the most badass places on the planet and steal top level secrets. — Chad Zunker

Top Five Quotes By Jacob Artist

I started dancing when I was five, and I trained intensively as a competitive dancer up until the end of high school. I did all genres, and later on a did a lot of extra ballet on top of that. I actually got accepted to Julliard for dance during my senior year, but I ultimately turned it down to come to L.A. to act. — Jacob Artist

Top Five Quotes By Andy Roddick

If there were rankings for press conferences, I wouldn't have to worry about dropping out of the top five, I hope. — Andy Roddick

Top Five Quotes By Steve Ballmer

We've grown from 18% of the profits of the top 25 companies in our industry to 23% of the profits of the top 25 companies in our industry over the last five years. Profits are up over 70%, where the industry profit is up about 35%. Pretty good. — Steve Ballmer

Top Five Quotes By John Capecci And Timothy Cage

A recent survey of Top Five Fears places public speaking alongside "identity theft" and "mass shootings." In the 1980s, it completed with "nuclear destruction." In the 1970s, "shark attack. — John Capecci And Timothy Cage

Top Five Quotes By Vincent D'Onofrio

Some scenes you juggle two balls, some scenes you juggle three balls, some scenes you can juggle five balls. The key is always to speak in your own voice. Speak the truth. That's Acting 101. Then you start putting layers on top of that. — Vincent D'Onofrio

Top Five Quotes By Brian Eno

My guitar only has five strings 'cause the top one broke and I decided not to put it back on: when I play chords I only play bar chords, and the top one always used to cut me there. — Brian Eno

Top Five Quotes By Erik Qualman

Twenty-five percent of search results for the world's top 20 largest brands are links to user generated content and thirty-four percent of bloggers post opinions about products and brands. — Erik Qualman

Top Five Quotes By Geoff Colvin

When top-level chess players look at a board, they see words, not letters. Instead of seeing twenty-five pieces, they may see just five or six groups of pieces. That's why it's easy for them to remember where all the pieces are. — Geoff Colvin

Top Five Quotes By Christine Zolendz

There are five levels of the douche hierarchy: douche, douche bag, douche canoe, douche nozzle and right at the top, the king of it all, when the douche is displaying phenomenal amounts of doucheness, is a douche rocket. It's when someone is such a douche, like the KING of douches, they can no longer be described as a douche nozzle, they are ALL the levels of douchery put together, and douche rocked is used. — Christine Zolendz

Top Five Quotes By Tony Earley

The writing is the first thing that goes when I get a little down. Just like ... in terms of how I feel, it's like the writing is in the top five percent, and then that's the first part that gets shaved off, and I start down a little bit. — Tony Earley

Top Five Quotes By Tim Weiner

Under Cheney's direction, the United States moved to restore the powers of secret intelligence that had flourished for fifty-five years under J. Edgar Hoover. In public speeches, the president, the vice president, and the attorney general renewed the spirit of the Red raids. In top secret orders, they revived the techniques of surveillance that the FBI had used in the war on communism. The — Tim Weiner

Top Five Quotes By James Dashner

After washing himself from top to bottom at least five times, he felt reborn. — James Dashner

Top Five Quotes By David Thorne

I was commissioned to write copy for an annual publication produced by Top Tourist Parks of Australia. After a print run of seventy-five thousand and distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand, it was discovered that I had left the letter v out of the word 'dive' and the introduction for a family beach resort activity read, Die with your children. A new world awaits. — David Thorne

Top Five Quotes By Wilton Barnhardt

Emma, you and your poetry, me and my acting--what are we trying to do? We can't top this city. We poor would-be artists can't compete with or improve on the rich density of human experience on any random, average, slow summer night in New York--who are we trying to kid? In the overheard conversation in the elevator, in the five minutes of talk the panhandler gives you before hitting you for the handout, in the brief give-and-take when you are going out and the cleaning lady is coming in--there are the real stories, incredible, heartbreaking and ridiculous, there are the command performances, the Great American Novels but forever unwritten, untoppable, and so beautifully unaware. — Wilton Barnhardt

Top Five Quotes By Tucker Elliot

Big Papi placed among the top five in Most Valuable Player balloting during his first five seasons with the Red Sox. His best finish in that span was second place in 2005, just losing out to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. It was A-Rod, however, who suggested he'd gladly trade his hardware for the ring Ortiz won in 2004. A-Rod got the hardware for MVP again in 2007, but it was Ortiz who got another ring. — Tucker Elliot

Top Five Quotes By Jesse Ventura

In the last recession, 99 percent of us have lost wealth, but did you know that the top 1 percent increased their wealth five times? It tells you they create recessions so they get wealthier. — Jesse Ventura

Top Five Quotes By Anne Lamott

The problem with God - or at any rate, one of the top five most annoying things about God - is that he or she rarely answers right away. — Anne Lamott

Top Five Quotes By Murray Walker

Stewart has two cars in the top five: Magnusson 5th and Barichello 6th. — Murray Walker

Top Five Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

If I went in the cage, I was going to end up eaten alive. That was actually one of my top five ways not to die ... — Laurell K. Hamilton

Top Five Quotes By Robert Crais

Jonathan Green had a firm handshake, clear eyes, and a jawline not dissimilar to Dudley Do-Right's. He was in his early sixties, with graying hair, a beach-club tan, and a voice that was rich and comforting. A minister's voice. He wasn't a handsome man, but there was a sincerity in his eyes that put you at ease. Jonathan Green was reputed to be one of the top five criminal defense attorneys in America, with a success rate in high-profile criminal defense cases of one hundred percent. Like Elliot Truly, Jonathan Green was wearing an impeccably tailored blue Armani suit. So were the lesser attorneys. Maybe they got a bulk discount. I was wearing impeccably tailored black Gap jeans, a linen aloha shirt, and white Reebok sneakers. Green said, Did Elliot explain why we wanted to see you? — Robert Crais

Top Five Quotes By Trisha Goddard

We see the people that have got stars in their eyes, but if you've really got what it takes, you can get from, say the beginnings, to the top in about five years. — Trisha Goddard

Top Five Quotes By Cary Attwell

Dear Aunt Patty,
Thank you for coming to be part of what definitely ranks in the top five worst days of my life. While your generosity is appreciated, I am returning this gift, as forced bachelorhood necessitates total abstinence from bamboo placemats and matching napkin rings in my daily life.
Too much? — Cary Attwell

Top Five Quotes By Adrian Lyne

Well, Brief Encounter is certainly one of my top five favorites of all time. I looked at Brief Encounter very closely, to be honest. — Adrian Lyne

Top Five Quotes By Kasey Van Norman

Have you been infected with the toxin of denial? Here are the top five signs to help you find out: If you think you are above certain things happening to you, you are in denial. Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall. PROVERBS 16:18 If you think you have the power to plan your own future, you are in denial. We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer. PROVERBS 16:1 If you think you are the only one who can get it right, you are in denial. People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives. PROVERBS 16:2 If you think you are never wrong and it's always someone else's fault, you are in denial. Pride ends in humiliation, while humility brings honor. PROVERBS 29:23 If you have a rebuttal to anyone and everything, you are in denial. Too much talk leads to sin. — Kasey Van Norman

Top Five Quotes By Julia Roberts

I think I've always sort of been on the more boyish spectrum of girls. For example, I've never been chosen as 'one of the top-five hottest actresses in a bikini.' And honestly, it's a godsend. When I was younger, I'd think, 'Oh, I'm the prettiest one. It's not Halle Berry. It's not!' But it is, you know? — Julia Roberts

Top Five Quotes By Matthew Gray Gubler

I've taken magic lessons since I was five-years-old. When I was little I would wear a top hat and cape, and I'd get relentlessly beat up by jocks. That's why I don't care for sports. — Matthew Gray Gubler

Top Five Quotes By Renata Adler

The score," the megaphone on the ferry around Manhattan said, from time to time, without further explanation, "is one to nothing." to the foreigners, unaware perhaps that a World Series was in progress, this may have seemed an obscure instruction, or a commentary on the sights. "In the top of the fifth," it said, with some excitement, as we rounded Wall Street, "the score is five to one. — Renata Adler

Top Five Quotes By Arjen Anthony Lucassen

But I always wanted to do a theatrical stuff. But when you're in a metal band of course you're limited because five people in the band, um, you've got no keyboards ... you're limited. And I wanted ... to go over-the-top, you know. Literally. I wanted to make an album that people would either hate or love. — Arjen Anthony Lucassen

Top Five Quotes By Kiera Cass

Neena leaned over. "Now, which of your top five do you think would be the most eager baby maker? Should we put that on a checklist?"
Even my most violent glare did nothing to diminish her giddiness. "Don't forget, I can call in a firing squad at any moment if I like."
"You can call that firing squad whenever you want, but I've got Grandma on my side, so I've got nothing to worry about. — Kiera Cass

Top Five Quotes By Jonathan S. Tobin

By releasing these five top Taliban commanders, the U.S. is demonstrating that it is throwing in the towel in the long struggle against the Taliban and its al-Qaeda allies in Afghanistan. — Jonathan S. Tobin

Top Five Quotes By Ursula K. Le Guin

Let us consider Elfland as a great national park, a vast and beautiful place where a person goes by himself, on foot, to get in touch with reality in a special, private, profound fashion. But what happens when it is considered merely as a place to "get away to"?
Well, you know what has happened to Yosemite. Everybody comes, not with an ax and a box of matches, but in a trailer with a motorbike on the back and a motorboat on top and a butane stove, five aluminum folding chairs, and a transistor radio on the inside. They arrive totally encapsulated in a secondhand reality. And then they move on to Yellowstone, and it's just the same there, all trailers and transistors. They go from park to park, but they never really go anywhere; except when one of them who thinks that even the wildlife isn't real gets chewed up by a genuine, firsthand bear.
The same sort of thing seems to be happening to Elfland, lately. — Ursula K. Le Guin

Top Five Quotes By Helen Oyeyemi

People don't make too much money around here, but what comes with that is a different definition of what it means to be well-off. You're chairman of the board if you need twelve dollars a week and you make twelve dollars a week. If you've also got someone within ten minutes' walk who can make you laugh and someone else within a five-minute walk who can help you mourn, you're a millionaire. If on top of all that you've got a buddy or three who'll feed you delicious things and paint you pictures and dance with you, and another friend who'll watch your kids so you can go out dancing ... that's the billionaire lifestyle. — Helen Oyeyemi

Top Five Quotes By Tim McGraw

Five years ago I figured we were at the top of our game and that was the best it was going to get, but with every album it seems to keep on building on itself. — Tim McGraw

Top Five Quotes By David Stockman

In 1985, the top five percent of the households - the wealthiest five percent - had net worth of $8 trillion - which is a lot. Today, after serial bubble after serial bubble, the top five per cent have net worth of $40 trillion. The top five percent have gained more wealth than the whole human race had created prior to 1980. — David Stockman

Top Five Quotes By Joely Richardson

Everyone knows in the industry that when these great roles come up, every two years, there's a huge number of people up for them. I'm not one of those top five females that can personally finance any film. — Joely Richardson

Top Five Quotes By Christina Lauren

Wow, top five percent of your class at Northwestern. Nice!" Joel said and then looked over at me. "Bet you're glad to have someone so amazing working under you, huh?"
Chloe coughed slightly, bringing her napkin up from her lap to cover her mouth. I smiled as I quickly glanced over to her and then back to Joel. "Yes, its absolutely amazing having Miss Mills under me. She always gets the job done. — Christina Lauren

Top Five Quotes By J.D. Robb

Bullock, Sam, died at the age of one-twelve. They'd been married five years. She was forty-six."
"Isn't that romantic?"
"Heart-tugging. First husband was younger, a callow seventy-three to her twenty-two."
"Was - not Sam Bullock wealthy, but well-stocked. Got eaten by a shark."
"Step off."
"Seriously. Scuba diving out in the Great Barrier Reef. He was eighty-eight. And this shark cruises along and chomp, chomp."
She gave Eve a thoughtful look. "Ending as shark snacks is in my top-ten list of ways I don't want to go out. How about you?"
"It may rank as number one, now that I've considered it a possibility. Any hint of foul play?"
"They weren't able to interview the shark, but it was put down as death by misadventure. — J.D. Robb

Top Five Quotes By Chubby Checker

Do you realize that I have had five albums in the Top 30. Elvis and The Beatles have never done that. I had five singles in the Top 5, I mean, no one's ever done that. — Chubby Checker

Top Five Quotes By Lukas Rosol

I never had goals to be in the top 10 or top five in the world. I just try to find the borders, find what level I can reach. I have a good team around me, so hopefully it's going to get even better. — Lukas Rosol

Top Five Quotes By Susane Colasanti

5. Just when you think they've given up on you, they prove that they never will.
4. They find a way to speak up after staying silent for so long.
3. They defend you when you least expect it.
2. By showing you how life can get better now.
1. By helping you find a place to belong. — Susane Colasanti

Top Five Quotes By Melanie Harlow

Top Five Reasons (Out of 100) I Am NEVER Coming Out Of This Blanket Fort — Melanie Harlow

Top Five Quotes By Matthew Dixon

There's something else about this list that really jumps out. Take another look at the top five attributes listed there - the key characteristics defining a world-class sales experience: Rep offers unique and valuable perspectives on the market. Rep helps me navigate alternatives. Rep provides ongoing advice or consultation. Rep helps me avoid potential land mines. Rep educates me on new issues and outcomes. Each of these attributes speaks directly to an urgent need of the customer not to buy something, but to learn something. They're looking to suppliers to help them identify new opportunities to cut costs, increase revenue, penetrate new markets, and mitigate risk in ways they themselves have not yet recognized. Essentially this is the customer - or 5,000 of them at least, all over the world - saying rather emphatically, "Stop wasting my time. Challenge me. Teach me something new. — Matthew Dixon

Top Five Quotes By Tiny Tim

I remember in '37 when trolley cars were so big in New York. It was five cents for a ride ... There used to be open-air buses, and you could go up a spiral staircase and sit up on top. Those were great, great days. — Tiny Tim