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Till Jannah Quotes & Sayings

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Top Till Jannah Quotes

Till Jannah Quotes By Ibn Taymiyyah

What can you do with me? My jannah is in my heart! If you take me to jail, I will make zikr of Allah. If you exile me out of my land, I will make takaffur. If you execute me, I would be a shaheed. What can you do with me? Because I am not limited to this dunya. I am living for al-akhira! — Ibn Taymiyyah

Till Jannah Quotes By Muhammad Nusair

Never underestimate a good deed, you don't know which 'Hasanah' will be your ticket to Jannah. — Muhammad Nusair

Till Jannah Quotes By Zara J.

my goal for us is jannah. If I fail you as a husband, this gift of hajj, in shaa Allah, will stay with you through the hereafte — Zara J.

Till Jannah Quotes By Nouman Ali Khan

Allah says Jannah is awesome, imagine how awesome that is when the All-Knowing is calling it awesome — Nouman Ali Khan

Till Jannah Quotes By Kenneth Eade

ISIS was not particular about how their soldiers made it to Jannah, so long as they inflicted maximum damage.. — Kenneth Eade

Till Jannah Quotes By Abu Hurairah

Allah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge. — Abu Hurairah

Till Jannah Quotes By Boonaa Mohammed

Never underestimate your potential for Jannah — Boonaa Mohammed

Till Jannah Quotes By Nouman Ali Khan

If your parents are alive, be grateful at the opportunity to earn Jannah by serving them — Nouman Ali Khan

Till Jannah Quotes By Muhammad

Every day of Ramadhan Allah beautifies Jannah and says: "Soon my righteous servants will finish their work and will rest in you." On the last night of Ramadan Allah forgives the sins of His servants.' They asked: 'Is the last night Lailatul Qadr?' He said: 'No, but the worker is paid when he finishes his work. — Muhammad

Till Jannah Quotes By Umm Zakiyyah

Latifah says don't stress too much though. She says if I'm patient, inshaaAllah, we'll all be together in Jannah.
I laughed when she said that. I mean, I know it sounds weird, butt i'd never thought of Paradise as something to really look forward to.
But I do now. — Umm Zakiyyah