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Tighter Than Quotes By Missy Lyons

She seemed to enjoy the control and picked out some stretch blue jeans that hugged his ass tighter than a pair of kissing Proulahs. On his world, once mated, the blue crustaceans shared a shell for the rest of their life in an eternal kiss. — Missy Lyons

Tighter Than Quotes By Eve Langlais

Really? Then why is it my memories from that time are locked up tighter than a virgin in an iron maiden chastity belt that's been welded shut? I had always had a way with words. — Eve Langlais

Tighter Than Quotes By Belle Aurora

Tighter than Fort Knox, baby. — Belle Aurora

Tighter Than Quotes By Jonathan Tropper

It's hard to know where to start. Things have been a mess for so many years that trying to pin down a starting point is like trying to figure out where your skin starts. All you can ever really know is that it's wrapped around you, sometimes a little tighter than you'd like.
But clearly there have been some mistakes. Bad ones. You can tell that just by looking at him. — Jonathan Tropper

Tighter Than Quotes By William Faulkner

When I look back at my mule it was like he was one of these here spy-glasses and I could look at him standing there and see all the broad land and my house sweated outen it like it was the more the sweat, the broader the land; the more the sweat, the tighter the house because it would take a tight house for Cora, to hold Cora like a jar of milk in the spring: you've got to have a tight jar or you'll need a powerful spring, so if you have a big spring, why then you have the incentive to have tight, wellmade jars, because it is your milk, sour or not, because you would rather have milk that will sour than to have milk that wont, because you are a man. — William Faulkner

Tighter Than Quotes By Dave Eggers

It seemed the whole world knew this person named Diana, and if the world knew her, the connection between the peoples of the earth was tighter than I had imagined. I wondered if the people of England would mourn if Mike and Grace died. At that time, confused as I was, I imagined that they would. — Dave Eggers

Tighter Than Quotes By Dan Rather

The Michigan Republican primary apparently is tighter than Willie Nelson's headband. — Dan Rather

Tighter Than Quotes By Beth Morey

imagine the desert
mothers, with hair tangled
tighter than their theology
and breasts that flowed milk
and mystic wisdom. they
knew how to draw the singing
sigils in the sand, how to dig
rough and bitten fingers
into desiccated dirt for water
to wet the lips of their young.

women of hips and heft, who
learned how to burn
beneath the wild and searing
sun, who made loud love
against the star-flecked threat
of night, who knew that strength
is not always a matter of muscle.

imagine your ancestresses,
the prophetesses of the arid
lands, before these starched
traditions and pews too hard
to pray from, who bled true
ritual and birthed their own fierce
souls at creation's crowning -- — Beth Morey

Tighter Than Quotes By Kim Harrison

Tighter than a straight man's butt cheeks in prison — Kim Harrison

Tighter Than Quotes By Alan Vega

Marty and I are playing with the same intensity. That's the beautiful thing, man, we're actually better now than ever, probably more intense now than ever, tighter now than ever. — Alan Vega

Tighter Than Quotes By Edith Wharton

I wonder, among all the tangles of this mortal coil, which one contains tighter knots to undo, and consequently suggests more tugging, and pain, and diversified elements of misery, than the marriage tie. — Edith Wharton

Tighter Than Quotes By Leisa Rayven

The whole weekend turned out to be one giant round of excruciating foreplay, and if he doesn't stop stalling and give me some relief pretty damn pronto, there's going to be a girl-parts rebellion the likes of which he's never seen. I'm wound tighter than Jane Fonda's latest facelift, goddammit. — Leisa Rayven

Tighter Than Quotes By James Ellroy

I got an alibi, just in case you think I did it. Tighter than a crab's ass, and that is air tight. — James Ellroy

Tighter Than Quotes By Charlaine Harris

It was a little blue cotton-knit dress with tiny daisies all over it, and it was tighter than Gran liked and shorter than Jason deemed proper in his sister. — Charlaine Harris

Tighter Than Quotes By Denise Hunter

Talk to me." She shrugged. "Nothing to say." "You're strung tighter'n these wires." "You scared me, is all." He hooked a finger under her jaw, turning her face. "It's more'n that." She pulled away. "You haven't exactly been Mr. Easygoing lately either, you know." He was quiet so long she almost looked at him. Almost. In the quiet, she could feel her pulse throbbing in her neck. "Reckon you're right," he said. She could count on one hand the times she'd heard that from a man. One finger. "It's harder than I thought." "What is?" she asked, then pressed her lips together, suddenly sure she didn't want to know. "Loving you. — Denise Hunter

Tighter Than Quotes By George R R Martin

In the Citadel, it was simply called the strangler. Dissolved in wine, it would make the muscles of a man's throat clench tighter than any fist, shutting off his windpipe. They said a victim's face turned as purple as the little crystal seed from which his death was grown, but so too did a man choking on a morsel of food. — George R R Martin

Tighter Than Quotes By Tijan

Because we are. Heather Jax. Me." I linked my hands and showed her my entwined fingers. "Like this. Tighter than your vagina ever was. — Tijan

Tighter Than Quotes By L.D. Davis

You love me, but you don't want me," he said with such sadness, I burst into tears.
While crying, I had the biggest orgasm of my life as Luke held me tighter than ever and rocked into me and climaxed with me. He wiped at my tears.
"I didn't mean to make you cry," he said. — L.D. Davis

Tighter Than Quotes By Christopher Paolini

He bent his gaze sternly on them. "First, let no one rule your mind or body. Take special care that your thoughts remain unfettered. One may be a free man and yet be bound tighter than a slave. Give men your ear, but not your heart. Show respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Judge with logic and reason, but comment not.
"Consider none your superior, whatever their rank or station in life. Treat all fairly or they will seek revenge. Be careful with your money. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will listen." He continued at a slower pace, "Of the affairs of love ... my only advice is to be honest. That's your most powerful took to unlock a heart or gain forgiveness. That's all I have to say." He seemed slightly self-conscious of his speech. — Christopher Paolini

Tighter Than Quotes By Jay Leno

Inauguration Security was tighter than Kirstie Alley in a pair of spandex pants. — Jay Leno

Tighter Than Quotes By John Flanagan

WILL PUSHED HIS EMPTY PLATE AWAY AND LEANED BACK IN HIS chair, feeling that delightfully uncomfortable sensation that comes when you eat just a little too much of something really delicious. Lady Pauline smiled fondly at the young man. "Would you like extras, Will? There's plenty left." He patted his stomach, surprised to find that it seemed to actually feel tighter than normal, as if it were straining at his clothes from the inside. "Thank you, no, Pauline," he said. "I've already had seconds." "You've already had fourths," Halt commented. Will frowned at him, then turned back to Pauline, smiling at her. At least she didn't make disparaging comments the way her husband did. — John Flanagan

Tighter Than Quotes By Don Henley

Sharper than a serpents tongue, tighter than a bongo drum, quicker than a one night stand, slicker than a mambo band. — Don Henley

Tighter Than Quotes By Marvin Gaye

Are thing really gettin' better like the newspaper said/What else is new my friend, besides what I read/Can't find no work, can't find no job my friend/Money is tighter than it's ever been/Say man, I just don't understand/What's going on across this land — Marvin Gaye

Tighter Than Quotes By Anne Marie Novark

nub. Tori nearly came unglued and started rocking and trembling so hard, the bed shook beneath her. The fleeting caress of Sam's tongue stretched her body taut, stringing her nerve endings tighter than a barbed-wire fence. "Sam . . . please . . . I need . . . " "I know, babe. I know what you need." "I need it now . . . Please!" Tori thought she'd die if Sam didn't touch her again. She lifted her butt and felt his hands clamp around her hips, and then that wonderful magic feeling of his tongue on her flesh sent her soaring into a maelstrom of sensations too powerful to resist. Sam held on to Tori as he laved her with his tongue, milking her orgasm for several moments before finally moving — Anne Marie Novark

Tighter Than Quotes By Aaron Ozee

The noose around a man's neck is tighter than that of his fists — Aaron Ozee

Tighter Than Quotes By Tracy Anne Warren

In London, she'd overheard more than one matron decrying what they considered Esme Byron's inappropriate eccentricities, aghast that she was allowed so much personal freedom and the ability to voice opinions they considered unsuitable for an unmarried young woman barely out of the schoolroom. But her family always stood by her, proud of her artistic talent and uniformly deaf to the complaints of any critics who might say she needed a firmer hand.
'What must Ned and Mama be thinking now?' Were they regretting that they had not listened to those critics? Wishing they'd kept a tighter rein on her activities rather than letting her venture out as she chose?
But she would have gone mad being constrained and confined the way she knew most girls her age were. She could never have been borne the suffocating restrictions, the smothering tedium of being expected to go everywhere with a chaperone in tow, or worse, being cooped up inside doing embroidery or playing the pianoforte. — Tracy Anne Warren

Tighter Than Quotes By George Augustus Henry Sala

Love in modern times has been the tailor's best friend. Every suitor of the nineteenth century spends more than his spare cash on personal adornment. A faultless fit, a glistening hat, tight gloves, and tighter boots proclaim the imminent peril of his position. — George Augustus Henry Sala

Tighter Than Quotes By Ella Dominguez

He hugs me tighter than before - tighter than anyone has ever hugged me and it soothes me. I can't deny myself this. I wrap my arms around him again and hug him as hard as I can. We just stand there hugging each other for what seems like forever. I don't want to let go. I can hear his heart beating through his chest and it calms me. — Ella Dominguez

Tighter Than Quotes By Wayne Gladstone

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and I guess for some, that's true. After all, pain makes you flinch. Your fingers form a fist, and that fist can become tighter and harder with each indignity suffered. Eventually, that fist might even get strong enough to punch down walls. But if you need your hand for something other than violence, if you want to unfurl those fingers to caress a loved one or comfort someone in need, and can't, well then, you're broken. — Wayne Gladstone

Tighter Than Quotes By Gary Keller

If everyone has the same number of hours in the day, why do some people seem to get so much more done than others? How do they do more, achieve more, earn more, have more? If time is the currency of achievement, then why are some able to cash in their allotment for more chips than others?
The answer is they make getting to the heart of things the heart of their approach. They go small. Going small is ignoring all the things you could do and doing what you should do. It's recognizing that not all things matter equally and finding the things that matter most. It's a tighter way to connect what you do with what you want. It's realizing that extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus. — Gary Keller

Tighter Than Quotes By Bart Millard

I would say that God is much bigger than all of this. I've been through difficult times where it just seems like hope is nowhere to be found, but those are some of the greater moments where we run to Christ a little faster and hang on a little tighter. Through the hardest times in life, I hope people turn to him and realize he's still a sovereign God; he's in control. — Bart Millard

Tighter Than Quotes By Kyle Cooper

Gasoline inventories are tighter than they were a few weeks ago. It's all about perception, because inventories are well above where they have been in previous years. — Kyle Cooper

Tighter Than Quotes By Jon Courtenay Grimwood

No one could tie you tighter than you could tie yourself and it was the ropes you couldn't see that bound you tightest. — Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Tighter Than Quotes By J.R. Ward

Because that's what the Brotherhood and their families were. Close as siblings, tighter than blood because they were chosen. — J.R. Ward

Tighter Than Quotes By Katie Leclerc

I wasn't sold on 3-D until it was in my own home. The images jump out at you, even more so than in the theater, because you're in tighter quarters and you're closer to the TV, so it feels like the depth is very dramatic. — Katie Leclerc

Tighter Than Quotes By Aaron Allston

A green X-wing closed in tighter to the formation. "Yes, sir." Though distorted by the comm system, the voice sounded indulgent rather than military.
"That's 'Yes, Wedge' until we're formally returned to duty." The commander smiled. "Or perhaps, 'Yes, Exalted One.' Or 'Yes, O envy of all Corellia.' Or- — Aaron Allston

Tighter Than Quotes By E.B. White

Children almost always hang onto things tighter than their parents think they will. — E.B. White

Tighter Than Quotes By Jordan Castillo Price

I've got more talent than everyone on their payroll put together," I said. Jacob squeezed me tighter. His eyes never moved from mine. "I'm so far beyond level five it's not even funny. — Jordan Castillo Price

Tighter Than Quotes By Leo Fender

No machine can wind a better sounding or tighter wind than a well trained person, — Leo Fender

Tighter Than Quotes By Michel De Montaigne

We thought we were tying our marriage-knots more tightly by removing all means of undoing them;22 but the tighter we pulled the knot of constraint the looser and slacker became the knot of our will and affection. In Rome, on the contrary, what made marriages honoured and secure for so long a period was freedom to break them at will. Men loved their wives more because they could lose them; and during a period when anyone was quite free to divorce, more than five hundred years went by before a single one did — Michel De Montaigne

Tighter Than Quotes By Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

There is no captive in a worse state than the one who is captivated by his worst enemy (Shaytan) and there is no prison which is tighter than the prison of hawa (desire) and there is no bond/fetter more strong than the bond of desire. How, then, will a heart which is captivated, imprisoned and fettered travel unto Allah and the Home of the Hereafter? — Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

Tighter Than Quotes By Sherry Thomas

There existed something in this world that bound a mage tighter than a blood oath: love. Love was the ultimate chain, the ultimate whip, and the ultimate slave driver. — Sherry Thomas

Tighter Than Quotes By Roy Kesey

Some writers keep a tighter rein on that than others. For short story collections I'm definitely in the loose-rein camp. — Roy Kesey

Tighter Than Quotes By Jenna Morasca

Since my mother passed away, my father and I forged a bond that is so tighter than one could possibly imagine. Keep in mind, I am an only child, so I was always fiercely close with both my parents. The tragedy my father and I endured when my mother passed created a bond between us that no amount of force can break. — Jenna Morasca

Tighter Than Quotes By Nicki Minaj

Got that super soaker pussy pop like cola coka. Plus it's tighter than a choker, got em smilin like the joker. — Nicki Minaj

Tighter Than Quotes By Ros Baxter

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, a sure-fire way to impress this girl, who was as cute as hell but wound tighter than one of his father's antique clocks. — Ros Baxter

Tighter Than Quotes By Bob Larranaga

An audible gasp went up from a nearby clutch of women whose fashion sense bound their thinking tighter than a whalebone corset. — Bob Larranaga

Tighter Than Quotes By Kristin Miller

Veronica," he said through clenched teeth. He went rigid, his thrusts shorter and tighter. "I want you. Longer than one more night..."
Using the rail for balance, Veronica rolled her hips over him. His fingers gouged into her backside as he held her, poised exactly where she needed to be.
"You have me," she said. "I'm yours. — Kristin Miller

Tighter Than Quotes By Renee Ahdieh

I think beauty is rarely worth the trouble." Shahrzad gripped Irsa's hand tighter in sisterly solidarity. "But I am worth a great deal more than what you see. — Renee Ahdieh

Tighter Than Quotes By Daniel H. Pink

So perhaps it's time to switch the focus of some of our workplace policies and use them to unshackle the hardworking majority rather than inhibit the less noble minority. If you think people in your organization are predisposed to rip you off, maybe the solution isn't to build a tighter, more punitive set of rules. Maybe the answer is to hire new people. — Daniel H. Pink

Tighter Than Quotes By Suu Morishita

Kawasumi-kun is holding tighter than I am. — Suu Morishita

Tighter Than Quotes By A.L. Davroe

Every hour of every day spent with him, the slow slope of falling for this boy in more than just a carnal fashion has been like slowly pulling the strings on some great tapestry. Every day the weave becomes tighter, the picture clearer, everything more complete. — A.L. Davroe

Tighter Than Quotes By Walter Mosley

THERE ARE FEW THINGS as beautiful as a glass bottle filled with deep amber whiskey. Liquor shines when the light hits it, reminiscent of precious things like jewels and gold. But whiskey is better than some lifeless bracelet or coronet. Whiskey is a living thing capable of any emotion that you are. It's love and deep laughter and brotherhood of the type that bonds nations together. Whiskey is your friend when nobody else comes around. And whiskey is solace that holds you tighter than most lovers can. I thought all that while looking at my sealed bottle. And I knew for a fact that it was all true. True the way a lover's pillow talk is true. True the way a mother's dreams for her napping infant are true. But the whiskey mind couldn't think its way out of the problems I had. So I took Mr. Seagram's, put him in his box, and placed him up on the shelf where he belonged. — Walter Mosley

Tighter Than Quotes By Kate Sherwood

So he slips his head off of Jeff's shoulder and slides out from under Evan's Armand shuffles down to the bottom of the bed. It doesn't have a lot of dignity this part of their sleeping arrangement. He's complained about this before but Jeff just nodded, and Evan had kissed the back of his neck, and they'd both snuggled in a little tighter, pinning him in the middle even more effectively than before. — Kate Sherwood

Tighter Than Quotes By Raheel Farooq

Ignorance binds people tighter than culture. — Raheel Farooq

Tighter Than Quotes By Nick Pageant

Don't worry, though, I'm sure you're still both tighter than the knots on a tree. — Nick Pageant

Tighter Than Quotes By Donna Augustine

The place was locked up tighter than my fist around a piece of bacon. — Donna Augustine

Tighter Than Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

The grip of vice is tighter than a prison lock. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Tighter Than Quotes By Sydney Somers

The kiss was everything she hadn't dared let herself think about. Slow. Hot. Hungry. His lips molded to hers, drinking up her small, breathless exhale before his tongue skimmed across hers. Bree reached out and gripped his shirt, tugging him until he was flush against her. The man knew how to kiss, and she felt her mind emptying of everything but how incredible his mouth felt working deeper into hers. Every nip, every silky stroke of his tongue, every breath dragged between their mouths made her hold on tighter. The second he stopped, the real world would slide back into place, and more than anything, she wanted this. Wanted Finn with an unexpected yearning that burrowed deeper with each second he continued to kiss her. He cupped the nape of her neck, tipping her head back as he deepened the kiss. She whimpered, catching his bottom lip between hers. His thumb trailed along her jawline, and she shuddered in its wake, wanting his mouth there. Wanting — Sydney Somers

Tighter Than Quotes By Melanie Dickerson

Avelina raised her hand to her face, the one Lord Thornbeck had squeezed a moment ago, and was overcome by his familiar scent - the smell of evergreen trees and mint leaves the servants put in his laundry. Warmth washed over her as she remembered how he had held her tight, much tighter than necessary, sitting on the balcony floor. Surely — Melanie Dickerson

Tighter Than Quotes By Bethanne Snodgrass

Many people have what are called hypermobile joints, which means that there is more "play" in their range of joint motion. These women (and men) are much more susceptible to the effects of gravity and muscle-overloading imbalances than are people with tighter joint structures. Physical therapists are very familiar with this problem and know that these patients are a particular challenge. A large-breasted woman with hypermobile joints is much more likely to be symptomatic from her breast weight than is a woman with "normal" joint range of motion. — Bethanne Snodgrass

Tighter Than Quotes By Katie Hopkins

Nothing makes my buttocks clench tighter and my teeth itch more than 'Full Time Mummy'. Full time mummy is not a job title. It is a biological status. — Katie Hopkins

Tighter Than Quotes By Daisy Fuentes

And right away as soon as I started doing Pilates, about 2 to 3 weeks into it I could tell that my clothes were already fitting differently. And I felt stronger than ever. My core felt tighter than ever. — Daisy Fuentes

Tighter Than Quotes By Feather Stone

I talked with the admiral's staff. Military personnel are the worst, no disrespect intended. They clam up tighter than a bullfrog's ass. — Feather Stone

Tighter Than Quotes By Kristan Higgins

I'm eighty-two, can you believe it?" She's actually ageless, given that her purple face is stretched tighter than an eggplant. "So what did you have done?" I ask, unable to help myself. "The whole package," she says. "Got my eyelids done, some Botox, a little filler, chin implant, cheekbones, got my lips done, neck lift, breast implants, tummy tuck, ass lift. — Kristan Higgins

Tighter Than Quotes By Riz Ahmed

I think that with piracy and tighter funds being around, people are realising that the game to play is to try and win people's respect with bold film making and then win a special place in people's collections, rather than just having the biggest opening weekends. — Riz Ahmed

Tighter Than Quotes By Dixie Waters

The bond of sisterly love is much tighter than the bond which binds men. — Dixie Waters

Tighter Than Quotes By Stacey O'Neale

Michael held out his hand, and Kaden squeezed tighter than a typical handshake. The other man wiggled his hand free and then shot him an irritated glare.
So, this was the human trying to steal his Annabelle? He didn't look like much - a bit too skinny. She needed a man who could put his arms around her and make her feel safe.
Annabelle's my friend. I have no right to think of her as mine.
His heart pulsed a second time, and he startled. This wasn't happening. Annabelle couldn't be his? A human mate? He didn't understand. Two heartbeats. It had to mean something. — Stacey O'Neale

Tighter Than Quotes By Kim Karr

River, I love you."
He hugs me tighter than I ever remember being hugged, and after a few moments of just embracing each other, he whispers into my ear, "I love you, too. So much. Please let me take care of this for you." Pulling away, he crosses his finger over his heart. "I promise to pick up all the rest of the pearls off the floor. — Kim Karr

Tighter Than Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Have a father who lived up to his own promise and then found thing after thing to meet and surpass the expectations of his promise in, and didn't seem just a whole hell of a lot happier or tighter wrapped than his own failed father, leaving you yourself in a kind of feral and flux-ridden state with respect to talent. — David Foster Wallace

Tighter Than Quotes By Chelsea Fine

So," Nate attempted conversation for the third time. He seemed to be in a better mood lately. "Do you guys maybe want to talk about how every uncomfortable this is?" He smiled tightly, looking first at Tristan, then at Scarlet. "Because I don't know about you, but I feel awkward. Let's hash it out, shall we? Tristan," Nate said brightly. "We'll start with you. How are you feeling?"
"I like your honesty and openness." Nate turned to Scarlet. "What about you? How are you feeling?"
"Tired," she said. "Nine in the morning is too early for needles."
Tristan said, "Maybe if you hadn't stayed out so late, you wouldn't be so tired."
Scarlet said, "Look who's decided to speak again. Suddenly the silent and dark Tristan has an opinion on my life."
"Oh, I have many opinions."
"See?" Nate said, his smile tighter than before. "Isn't all this openness refreshing? — Chelsea Fine

Tighter Than Quotes By Kyle Adams

I was convinced that there was at least a seventy-three percent chance he was gay. I bumped it up from sixty-eight after our third game. Zack showed up wearing a light pink shirt that was tighter than usual. — Kyle Adams

Tighter Than Quotes By Snoop Dogg

Sometimes if you're lucky, someone comes into your life who'll take up a place in your heart that no one else can fill, someone who's tighter than a twin, more with you than your own shadow, who gets deeper under your skin than your own blood and bones. -SNOOP DOG — Snoop Dogg

Tighter Than Quotes By Dennis Miller

Nervous? He's tighter than Pat Buchanan's sphincter muscle at a 4th of July soiree on Fire Island. — Dennis Miller

Tighter Than Quotes By Keri Arthur

I had to pass a few more tests, and that house is shored up tighter than a straight boy's ass at a gay bar. — Keri Arthur

Tighter Than Quotes By Todd Misura

Jeffrey woke up, tied to the high-backed chair in his bedroom, nude. He could hear his wife giggling in the hallway, the hardwood floors creaking with her footsteps with what must have been someone else too. He was gagged, a tight cloth wrapped around his mouth, hurting his jaw when he tried to call for help. He looked down at his body, seeing that he was tied with an intricate rope pattern - a pentagram - on his chest, the hemp fibers tight. He could breathe fine, and he recognized his wife's rigging skills instantly. They'd practiced Kinbaku, a rope bondage before, on multiple occasions, but this rigging was different. It seemed to be tighter than normal, and he knew that something new was being introduced tonight. — Todd Misura